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Grade three environmental protection composition 400 words

The green grass, bright flowers and giant trees are all part of nature. Why are the animals on the verge of death and the extinction of living things? Who caused the disaster That's the abominable human being. Now that people are paying attention to the environment, what can we do for nature? To protect the environment, we should do it bit by bit. For example, we should not litter fruit peels, paper scraps, waste batteries, etc., water the flowers and grasslands along the road, do not trample on flowers and trees at will, and do not spill sewage on other people's heads All of these actions are destructive to the environment. We should make contributions to the protection of the environment with practical actions. What I often do is to collect waste batteries, and then send them to the recycling station to prevent environmental pollution. When I find garbage around the community, I pick it up and throw it into the garbage can. One or two, I silently count the number of garbage in my hands. I pick up here and there, and I take a few bags full of garbage to the garbage can Several elder sisters came to me and looked at me and said, "such a small child knows how to protect the environment. She is a good example for us. We should learn from her, and our living environment will certainly become better and better in the future.". After dumping the garbage, I have made a contribution to the protection of the environment. The nature has become clean. I am so wonderful!

I am a little environmental protection guard. After school this afternoon, my good friend Fu Haiyu and I went to the school playground to be a little environmental protection guard.

Come to the playground, ah! What a beautiful playground, the trees around are covered with emerald green leaves, luxuriant, really strong! The flowers and plants on the edge of the flag stand are fresh and tender, so beautiful! But take a closer look, the original beautiful playground also has so much rubbish! I seem to have heard the garbage talking: "we don't want to lie here, we want to go back to our own home."

Fu Haiyu and I picked up the garbage bags in our hands. We're going to take them home. We'll pick up the garbage here and there for a while. While walking, picking up and Thinking: "littering people, you are too uncivilized to make the beautiful playground like this. "After a while, the garbage bag is full of all kinds of garbage, including chewing gum, toilet paper and peel Although we are tired and sweating, but looking at the clean playground, our hearts are sweeter than eating honey.

Today's environmental protection guard let me know the principle of "protecting the environment, starting from me", and how helpful it is to us!

In 2043, I had already become a great environmental protection scientist. And in the field of science has created three magical environmental protection equipment, that is: garbage dog, exhaust bird and clean fish.

People produce a lot of garbage every day, garbage dogs can digest it in one bite, and each garbage dog can eat 3 tons of garbage every day. Some children will feel strange, garbage dog eating garbage will not die of illness? Of course not, because the garbage dog is not a real dog. It is a kind of cleaning equipment. In addition, a fertilizer production and processing device is installed in its body. It can not only eat and digest a large amount of garbage, but also collect and recycle the waste and turn it into treasure. It not only protects our natural environment, but also turns garbage into fertilizer for crops as nutrients! Kill two birds with one stone.

The exhaust bird is even more powerful. I designed and installed an exhaust gas cleaning ball in its body, which can process and clean the exhaust gas by inhalation of a large amount of waste gas, so as to achieve the purpose of turning the waste gas into fresh air and returning a fresh and clean blue sky in nature.

Cleaning fish can eat all the harmful insects, weeds and other things that pollute water resources in the water, clean the water resources, so that we can drink clean and clean tap water.

If there are garbage dogs, waste birds and clean fish, people will no longer have to worry about the destruction and pollution of the environment, air and water quality. Therefore, from now on, I will work hard for my dream in the future and study hard for our beautiful environment!

After we learned the text about environmental protection, my classmates and I set up an investigation and research group to fully investigate the white pollution.

We walk in the street, the crowd is surging, everywhere you can see shopping people carrying black or red disposable plastic bags. Abandoned plastic bags on both sides of the street form a striking artificial "landscape". Once blown by the wind, plastic bags flutter with the wind. Some of them are hung on the wires and some are pasted on the walls, causing the environment to be dirty, messy and poor, and affecting the image of the city. Let's go to the park and find a lot of plastic bags floating on the pond. Merchants in the farmers' market throw plastic bags and rotten food into the river. It seems that there must be a lot of plastic bags sinking at the bottom of the river. People walking in the park put food in plastic bags and throw them away when they finish eating. They let plastic bags settle down in the flowers and plants. People's understanding of the harm of "white pollution" is far from enough, and their awareness of environmental protection is very weak.

In the smoke from the factory, don't we know that the smoke pollutes the atmosphere? Scientists have found that at least 100 kinds of air pollutants are harmful to the environment and directly affect our health. Do we want to live in this environment? Of course not; let's prove it by action! We can start from me, from now on, from around. To be the emissary of environmental protection! Let's take action to protect the environment!