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Environmental protection proposal composition

Dear president and teacher

Recently, I found that there are more and more garbage in the campus. Sometimes there is garbage on the edge of the garbage can and the nearby roads. In addition, some students don't pay attention to the hygiene, and throw away the waste paper and broken bags. Therefore, the whole campus looks very untidy. There are piles of garbage beside the garbage cans, and swarms of flies are buzzing around. It's really not flattering.

This scene has a great impact on the overall image of our campus, so I suggest that:

(1) set up more garbage cans with different shapes on the roadside and other places of the school, and the best is sorting garbage cans. Because I found that garbage can be divided into "recyclable" and "non recyclable". On the one hand, it can increase income and save energy. On the other hand, we can establish the concept of saving resources among students. Only in this way can our campus be cleaner!

(2) There are a large number of students in the school, and the children have a large amount of activities between classes. They emit a lot of carbon dioxide skipping. Only trees can transform a large amount of carbon dioxide into oxygen and purify the air, so we should plant more trees. In this way, our campus environment can be better!

Dear principal, please take my advice, let the students act quickly, let our only home - the earth become more beautiful!

All the people of Jining City

How do you do! In our life, there are many people who do not pay attention to environmental protection. If we do not pay attention to this aspect, the earth will face a huge disaster, and then human beings will perish. First of all, let's find out the cause of the problem. If you walk on the street, you can see many people carrying white plastic bags in their hands; when you walk into the hotel, it is clear that everyone is using disposable chopsticks; when you get up in the morning and have a look at the central square, there are a lot of waste paper floating in the square, and many people are spitting constantly... So, I would like to make the following suggestions:

1 do not use white plastic bags, try to use homemade cloth bags.

Use disposable items, especially chopsticks in restaurants. Do you know that when you use a pair of chopsticks, you are using a quarter of a tree.

3 waste paper, do not spit everywhere.

Step on the lawn, do not break the flowers and trees.

We are called upon to take action together to protect the earth.

If everyone does like this, I believe that our home will be better tomorrow!

Environmental protection proposal dear director of the Environmental Protection Bureau


A few years ago, when we passed by the Pearl River, we saw the clear and bottomless river water, dotted with golden light. It was the footprints left by the sun. When the wind blows, the fresh water tastes charming. Nowadays, whenever we pass by the Pearl River, we see the black and muddy sewage, which is the mark left by the factory to the river water. Floating on the water are garbage and dead fish, which are the traces left by tourists' irresponsibility and fish's lament.

On behalf of the sixth grade of our primary school, I would like to make the following suggestions to the relevant departments:

(1) To prevent environmental pollution and chemical pollution caused by production and living activities, including the prevention and control of "three wastes" discharged from industrial production.

(2) Visitors are not allowed to litter. If found, appropriate disposal should be given.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to transport pollutants discharged from ships at sea, and to use toxic and harmful chemicals in industrial and agricultural production and people's lives.

Finally, I hope you can adopt the above points. In order to make Guangzhou better, please act together!

Suggestions for environmental protection

How do you do!

Recently, our streets are always "dusty". As soon as the wind blows, the sand floats up and sometimes gets in our eyes. And there are so few plants, only a few big trees standing there! If every street is like this, the consequences will be disastrous!

Once upon a time, when astronauts were flying in the sky, they witnessed the earth and sighed: "our earth is so lovely, and it is too easy to be broken!"

Yeah! To treat the earth well is to treat yourself well, and to save the earth is to save the future! In view of this, I would like to make the following suggestions:

1. In the middle of the road to build a few green belts, a variety of flowers and trees.

2. Stick posters on buses or taxis to tell people to go out close to riding bicycles, taking buses far away, and driving less cars.

3. Recruit some environmental volunteers to clean the streets in time.

4. Let people who live on the street plant plants on the security windows outside the window.

I don't know if my suggestions are OK, but please study and adopt them!

Environmental protection proposal composition 5: environmental protection proposal dear teachers and students

How do you do!

As a primary school student, protecting the environment is also what we should do. School is the place where we learn knowledge. We should cherish it and cherish it. It is our common responsibility to create a good learning environment. Therefore, I put forward the following suggestions:

1. Do not litter and spit, and pick up the garbage when you see it;

2. Cherish the learning supplies and cultivate the good quality of thrift and diligence;

3. Plant flowers and plants to clean the air and green the campus environment;

4. Save water and electricity, and make rational use of resources;

5. The classification of domestic waste is advocated, and waste materials are not piled up randomly;

6. Reduce the noise pollution in the campus;

7. Students and teachers should learn green knowledge, improve environmental awareness, and jointly create a green home.

Here are some suggestions I put forward. I hope we can make our campus a better place for us to live together!

Environmental protection proposal composition 6: the uncles and aunts of the neighborhood committee:

How do you do!

The Earth allows us to survive, let us protect. The earth is our home. We are the little masters of the earth. Who doesn't want our home to be better and more beautiful? At this time, the uncles and aunts who sell fruits, snacks and vegetables set up stalls in various places and then leave at night. However, they don't see the garbage around them. In a few days, the garbage will stink on the ground, and flies and mosquitoes will fly around. Passers-by will cover their noses and walk quickly. Have you ever thought that it is you who litter like this and add a little dirty to our beautiful home. Therefore, I hope that the uncles and aunts of the neighborhood committee can let the peddlers who set up stalls take their own garbage when they walk, so that they can learn to take good care of our beautiful home. Here, I would like to make some suggestions for your reference

1. Please take good care of the park. All the flowers and trees on the roadside and other public places.

2. Take good care of the plants and trees around you and take good care of the flowers and plants.

3. I hope that there will be more activities to plant trees and plants in the society. I hope you can take an active part in it.

Every citizen who lives on the earth, let us work together to make our earth more beautiful and beautiful, and make our life better. Everyone strives to be the vanguard of civilization.

Dear uncles and aunts

Today, the environment on the earth is not optimistic, as long as you check the Internet, in the depths of the sea, is there a white thing. Yes, it's plastic bags that people call white pollution. You know, it will take at least 1000 years to decompose such a small plastic bag in the ocean! What an amazing number! Take the small rivers in our city for example! It used to be so clear, but now, it is covered with plastic bags, has become a river of fish and shrimp disappeared.

Most of these are disposable plastic bags that we throw away when we use them when we are shopping. Some of them have been cleaned up by cleaners, but most of them are thrown into the river and sent to the sea by the running water. Caused our earth great pollution!

Therefore, I would like to make the following suggestions:

1. Don't use plastic bags when shopping in shopping malls. You should bring your own cloth bags or bamboo baskets, which is environmentally friendly and economical.

2. When the plastic bag is used up, it should be thrown into the dustbin instead of throwing it away.

3. The used plastic bags can also be put together and sold when there are many.

If we do this, our earth home will become more beautiful and rich!

Environmental protection proposal composition 8: environmental protection proposal dear students

Environmental protection refers to all kinds of actions taken by human beings to solve real or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between human and environment, and ensure the sustainable development of economic society.

China has declared environmental protection as a basic national policy. So we should try our best to protect the environment. However, there are many bad phenomena, for example, many people throw rubbish and spit on the street. The exhaust of the car exceeds the standard, etc. In order to protect the environment and protect our homeland, I put forward the following suggestions:

1. The garbage should be classified. This can not only reduce the workload of sanitation workers, but also make better use of waste and reduce pollution.

2. Save resources. It is suggested that adults should use less plastic bags and use bamboo baskets as much as possible when buying vegetables. Use the pen with replaceable core as far as possible to reduce the waste and garbage of ball point pen shell.

3. Try not to eat out of disposable lunch boxes. Green consumption, as far as possible to use disposable goods, more use of durable goods.

4. If human beings want to conquer the terrible nature, they must respect nature, love trees, animals and everything in nature.

5. To start with me, we should first choose a lifestyle that is conducive to protecting the environment. Treat our home and the earth well, and create a beautiful living environment together.

Environmental protection is the biggest problem facing human beings in modern life. To solve this problem, we must start from now. For the sake of the earth's tomorrow, we must start from ourselves and protect the environment well!