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Composition of junior environmental protection guard

The earth, our mother, since the extinction of dinosaurs, has become the ruler of the earth. People used to be very kind and would not create anything. But now, although people are smart, the mother earth will be polluted every day. People are just bacteria. Natural disasters are immune system. People cut down trees more and more The more disasters. But we can do something to protect the environment and prevent the end of the world. We can start with a little bit of small things around us, such as: picking up garbage, sorting recyclable garbage and non recyclable garbage, not trampling on the lawn. If you step on it, everyone will follow suit, and the lawn will die. We should use cloth bags, not plastic bags & hellip; & hellip; Think about what makes global warming, think of, there are many reasons for global warming, now I give a few examples: the gas emitted from the refrigerator destroys the ozone layer, and so on. We need to save water and electricity, flush the toilet with water, wash our face with rice, wash clothes, and recycle waste paper. We must figure out how to save, learn to save, in order to slow down the coming of the end of the world, mother earth fever every day sick, only we can save mother earth. Mother earth is the place we ask for, but now we can't take too much. We should help the earth have more green, many kinds of trees and save more, so that the earth mother's burning down! I like watching science and education channel very much. The advertisement is very short, but there will be an environmental protection advertisement. I have been watching it for a long time, and I want to be an environmental protection guard! I said to my mother, 'Mom, go and buy some energy-saving lamps! "My mother looked at me and said," is my lamp broken? "No, I just think we should do something about environmental protection! 'I said. My mother looked at me and said to me with a smile: 'OK! But don't we have to wait until the one we use is broken! Otherwise, it's a waste to replace it? 'I scratched my head and thought my mother was right. Hellip & hellip; we don't need to use the plastic in my home to recycle more than a bottle of plastic for driving; My family's environmental protection is still in-depth, I also want to do my best for our earth home. On Sunday, my father took me to his factory to play. As soon as I enter the gate of the factory, I have a look! The ground of the factory is full of rubbish. When I look up, there is a black cloud like smoke floating in the sky. I quickly cover my nose with my hand. I also saw the roadside in the dustbin, the garbage is too much to flow. I said to my father in a hurry: 'dad, how can there be so much rubbish here? My father said: 'the uncles who work here throw rubbish and don't pay attention to environmental protection. 'I said to my father,' dad, let's both clean this place. "Dad said," OK! "My father and I started to clean up. We first picked up the garbage, and finally we used a broom to sweep the garbage. Many uncles came to help when they saw it. After a while, it was much cleaner. Uncle workers praised me as a little environmental guard. Although I am very tired today, I am very happy! I am an environmental protection guard. Our community is a beautiful place. There are a lot of flowers, grass, trees and trees, but many people don't care for these beautiful flowers, grass, trees and trees. I remember once we went out to play and saw someone damaging flowers, grass, trees and trees. I quickly went to the man and said, "uncle, don't damage the flowers, grass, trees and wood, OK? "Uncle said: 'I'm sorry, I played the game on my mobile phone, playing and playing, I came to this top. 'I said:' uncle, do you know? Our country's flowers, grass, trees, wood is not much, we do not love them, they will not be good to us! 'uncle is a little embarrassed. The next day, the uncle poured water on the flowers, grass, trees and wood, and the grass that was trampled by the uncle was alive! The flower that was trampled by uncle, also willing to be good partner with uncle! I said to my uncle, 'uncle, you are so hard-working today! "Uncle said," yes! Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment! 'I laugh! I remember another time, I went out for a walk and saw that a lot of grass became very dirty. I quickly went home and took the tonic herb and sprinkled three drops on the lawn! Those little grasses are all growing up, and I'm going back, and so on & hellip; & hellip;? If I go back, what should I do with the grass? I made a sign that said 'don't step on the grass! I think I'm a little green guard! Baiyun Mountain is a scenic spot in Guangzhou, where the trees are luxuriant, the flowers are fragrant, the air is fresh and the environment is very good. Once, my parents and I went to Baiyun Mountain to investigate the sanitation. Shortly after I entered the mountain gate, I saw an aunt eating a banana. After eating, she threw the banana peel away. I almost stepped on it. I picked up the peel, ran after her and said to her, 'auntie, please don't litter. 'My aunt listened to me and immediately threw the banana peel into the garbage can. Halfway up the hill, I saw a little brother eating a lollipop. After he finished eating, he threw the stick to one side. I caught him in a hurry and said to him, 'little brother, it's not good for you to throw sticks around and eat more lollipops. 'so I told him to pick up the stick and take him to the garbage can and throw it away. Finally, I climbed to the lotus grove. I looked around to see if the sanitation was good. I found that a group of people spread newspapers on the grass and sat around to eat. After they went down the mountain, they left a pile of newspapers and garbage. With the help of my parents, I cleaned up all the newspaper rubbish. When we had a rest, we made the picnic mat. Dad had been smoking for a long time. Finally, he opened his cigarette case, took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth. While he was looking for a lighter, I pointed to the "no smoking" sign on the pavilion and said, "Dad, there is no smoking on Baiyun Mountain! 'Dad had to put the cigarette back in again. Baiyun Mountain is a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou. Many people like to climb mountains to exercise and breathe fresh air. However, some people like to litter on the mountain, damaging plants and trees. We should take good care of this beautiful mountain, stop those activities that damage the environment, and be a little environmental protection guard on Baiyun Mountain.