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Environmental protection grade three composition 200 words

Environmental protection my hometown is in Chongqing. According to historical records, hometown used to have beautiful scenery, birds and flowers, and many natural resources. Although people were not rich, they lived a happy life. In recent years, people were happy in their hearts. In the future, they would be better. However, we didn't expect that a demon like hand stretched out to us, and natural disasters such as sandstorm, debris flow and acid rain continued to appear. When you walk on the street, the dust is flying everywhere and people can't open their eyes; the river water has become turbid and pungent because of too much sewage; thousands of trees on the mountain have become bare stumps. The government appeals to people to plant trees, drives factories out of the city, and changes buses and taxis into natural gas Our air has improved. The sky turned blue, the water became clear, and the sound of birds was heard. We should protect nature and protect the environment. Environmental protection starts with me in the summer vacation, the theme of our young eagle team is' environmental protection starts from me '. First of all, we have to make up a question. How to make it up? We got together and talked about it. Some want to know what people think of the extent of environmental damage in the country, some want to know how people deal with waste batteries and how often they buy batteries, some want to know what is the most harmful to the environment around us, and whether people have the habit of turning off lights and taps at will. Around the adults can care about us, they seriously answer questions, but also tell us their different opinions. Finally, I am responsible for the statistics of the survey results. Through this activity, I found that it's better to take care of the environment! I hope our home is more and more beautiful! On the way to school, I found a lot of rubbish. There are plastic bags, batteries, bricks, cement blocks and so on. After school, I asked my father when I went home. My father said, "these garbage are harmful. For example, plastic bags do not degrade. After decades of digging out, they are still the same. They also hinder the growth of plant roots. A small button battery can destroy the soil and make the soil unable to grow for more than 50 years. 'I think if this goes on for a long time, we will live in the garbage. Then the day of the world's demise is not far away. I am determined to start from today, from the little things around me, protect the environment, do not litter, love flowers and trees. It's really uncivilized to protect the environment! One morning, the little fish said to the duckling. That is, people throw food bags and unfinished food into the river, polluting the river! Duckling: it's clear that there's a dustbin by the river, isn't it just a few more steps? Why do human beings throw rubbish into the river in order to walk less. As soon as the duckling finished, there was a weak voice coming: people, human beings, they were washing clothes and bathing by the river. All my friends and I were poisoned! The little fish and the duckling looked to the place where the sound was weak. It turned out to be a tadpole. Fish said: human beings are too uncivilized, we go to another planet where we can live. In this way, there are no fish, ducks and tadpoles on the earth. We must protect the environment! Protecting the environment one day, the kitten felt a little hungry. He wants to go fishing by the river. It walked and met a fawn. "What are you going to do, kitten? "The kitten pointed to a river and said," I feel a little hungry, so I want to go to which River to fish. The deer said: 'the river has been polluted recently. The fish in it can't be eaten. "The kitten said," it's OK. I'm in good health. "When the kitten arrived at the river, she couldn't help saying, 'there are so many fish! It's a lot better for kittens. When I got home, the kitten said: 'there are so many fish for me to eat for a month. 'the kitten lay on the ground satisfied after eating, and suddenly felt some stomachache. After a while, he died. We should protect the environment.