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Blue dream composition 600 words

The blue sky is the paradise of birds, the blue ocean is the home of fish chasing and playing, and blue symbolizes the beauty of the city. However, all of this has been destroyed.

In recent years, PM2. 5 has become a new term in my impression, and has also been widely concerned by people. Now, paying attention to air quality is my daily concern. I often open the air quality software installed in my mother's mobile phone. WOW! what? Beijing's air quality index has reached 341 again, which is extremely poisonous! 'well, why, why does the sky look so sad every day, like a sick child? Why do people go to work with tired faces every day? But it's all PM2. 5.

Traveling with Shanghai and Beijing is a common occurrence during my holiday. However, when I wake up in the morning and open the curtain, I can see such a scene: gray covers the whole sky, the air is filled with sand, dust and the mixture of factory emissions, which makes people feel sleepy and dizzy, so I have to be armed every time I go out, just like the engineers in the documentary. Maybe aliens living in outer space will say, 'eh?! How do earth people dress like this? Or is it not human? And dust is also the biggest allergen in my body. Once my parents hear my "cough, cough" voice, they always sigh: "ah - cough again! 'it's the dirty air again.

When seeing the documentary "beautiful China" describing the magnificent scenery of the motherland, I can't help but imagine how beautiful and clean the blue sky should be; how beautiful it is to see beautiful clouds in the daytime and count the bright stars at night. Today, too many poisonous and harmful gases, floating and sinking, pollute our earth and home every day. Haven't we awakened? If we go on like this, do we really need space immigration? I don't want to live in space!

I dream of becoming a little guard of purifying the air, holding a universal brush and a giant vacuum cleaner in my hand, painting the gray sky blue, and absorbing all the ups and downs, making the air more transparent. I hope, I pray, to make the destroyed home more beautiful; the sky will become more blue and clear! Let my dream fly in the earth! When I was very young, I often heard my mother talk about the sea. The sea was white and the sea was blue like the sky. The water and the sky were the same. They set off each other. They were very beautiful. The golden beach is as dazzling as the sun, and it is also so warm, and there are countless shells, white and transparent & hellip; & hellip; since then, my mother has sown a blue seed in my heart, which makes me have an indescribable good impression on the sea.

That summer, we came to the vast ocean. It was the first time I saw the sea. It shocked me deeply. That kind of beauty is simple and natural; it doesn't need any decoration, like a ink painting, deeply attracted me.

Standing on the beach on the shore, looking into the distance, I saw only a vast expanse of white, which made me a little lost. The sea water and the sky are integrated, and it is not clear whether it is water or sky. The distant sea water in the scorching sun, like pieces of fish scales spread on the sea, so that the calm sea more vitality. The active snow-white waves rolled and fluttered on the soft sand beach, and the beautiful and beautiful sound echoed in my ears for a long time.

Night, just dark. The sea covered with layers of white fog, in the light of the soft moonlight, also became golden. The white spray of the moon on the sea. The sound of spray 'Hua Hua' seems to be playing this sonata. It is graceful and beautiful, deep and beautiful. The beat melody is intoxicating.

The night is getting deeper and deeper. There is always a brightest and brightest star in the deep night sky. It emits pearly light, which is so elegant and dazzling. It took me to a mysterious world, and let my heart drift away with the waves. The serenity and serenity never existed before came to my mind at this time.

I lay down on the beach, looking up at the vast, mysterious sky, the long Milky way, like a silver ribbon, tied in the distant horizon. The sea water in the moonlight comfort, it is particularly comfortable, it gently patted the beach, like a loving mother in pacifying their children.

I love the vast mind of the sea, but also love its beautiful and moving temperament. It is a blue dream in my young heart. Sweet blue wing dream (1) dew opened the window, a piece of spring sprinkled out, this is a beautiful good omen to sprinkle her bedside! Lulu stretched herself and felt that she didn't want to move. Only then did she find that she wanted to do a lot of things. Ah, by the way, the most important thing was to go to the milk tea shop. Today's first day of opening to report for duty, she could not be late! Finish very quickly try on clothes, she is still suitable to wear more delicate clothes, who let her so thin ah. It doesn't matter to be thinner. If you are thin on your face, it's good-looking & hellip; & hellip;

Just arrived at the store, fortunately, there were not many guests. Maybe it was just opened soon. Maybe she was waiting for her late boy. She looked outside the store for a while. "Blue wings" is the name of a very handsome shop, which is also very big and exaggerated. I don't know whether I'm tired or not. After all, Lulu chose this job because she likes to drink milk tea. It's nice to meet your favorite things every day! She snickered.

'ah, ah, ah, boss, I didn't mean to be late! "As soon as Lulu entered the store, she lowered her head and explained that she was afraid that she would make a bad impact on others on the first day. She was so timid that she would live a little girl who had just come out of the world to see the world. The boss in front of him was very nice and not angry. He looked very kind, but he thought it was very funny to see the new girl, so he pretended to be angry and said, "mm-hmm, deduction of salary! Ha ha ha ha ha ha & hellip; & hellip; 'it turned out that she was a sister. Lulu laughed as soon as she saw it. It turned out that the store manager's sister was just joking, just bluffing!

"Well, little sister, it's not necessary to be so nervous and relaxed when you come to work in our shop. Since we are destined, we are sisters. There is no difference in identity. All people who share the same goals are brothers! 'and then he gave a hearty smile. She's really a big sister.

They chatted at once. Lulu sat down and said to her, "sister peerless, I also like drinking milk tea, so I come here to work! You've dressed up well here. It's so beautiful! "Lulu took a look at the various costumes here. It was really reasonable. It made people feel warm and sweet, full of the sweet smell of milk tea.

Hearing her praise, Jue Lun chuckled and said, "I've been to this dream, ha ha.". On the road of life, I carry my luggage, mites waddle forward. This road full of thorns is my own, no one can help me go down. But I don't have to be afraid that the darkness of the shadow will swallow up the bright light of the sun. In order to realize my light blue dream, once in my life, facing the sun is also a kind of glory.

Everyone has a dream of soybean oil, which is either big or small, but it is so sacred and abusive. I also have a dream of my own, the dream of an 18-year-old girl. In my dream, I don't have a grand dream like other people. I want to be a famous rich businessman, a popular star, or a famous person who attracts people's attention; However, my dream is also not an ordinary pursuit, just to have a comfortable life, only to have a relaxed job, only to have a happy family & hellip; & hellip;

My dream is to go to the Golden Hall of Vienna to enjoy a passionate concert, to go to Disneyland to have a good time, to go to every corner of the world and enjoy the unique scenery and scenery of various countries. I don't want to tie myself in a place, nor do I want to break myself for a comfortable life. I don't want to hold myself down for an ideal I don't want to realize. My dream is not grand and ordinary. I just want to be a free vagrant, carefree to live my own personality life.

When I woke up, I was pulled back to reality again. I saw the bustling subway, and the expressionless people got off and on again. I heard those children who were much younger than me talking about whose family was richer. I smelled the smell of the city, tobacco, air conditioning, sweat, and I felt everyone's pulse beating. The reality is often cruel. People are busy with their lives. They even forget that the people who are still sending out fragrance regard the success of their career and study as their only pursuit of life, so that they have no time to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way of life.

In fact, I am one of these people, but I have my own light blue dream. In order to realize her, under the premise, I will use my own wisdom, hard-working hands, and I will work hard and unremittingly. Pure crystal, blue dream composition 500 words look up at the sky, is blue, that is her color;

Stretch out both hands, a tear fell in the palm, it is her tears;

What's shining in the distance? That's the crystal she's looking forward to. --Inscription


--There are many colors between heaven and earth. These colors make our world colorful. But I only like blue, like the color of the sky. Some people say that blue represents melancholy. Maybe I am a melancholy girl.

I like to be alone. In this blue sky that belongs to me, I can fly freely, enjoy my own mood, and enjoy my own time.

Blue -- melancholy, quiet.


--Tears. In fact, I am a crying girl. Just like silent tears, just used to cover up with a smile, just do not want to let others know that I am in tears.

When not happy, hide in the corner of silent tears. After that, try to make yourself think about the beauty of sunshine, think about the happiness of giving sunshine to others, and let others walk with sunshine.

Tears -- is the perfect love, no matter who, have the most tacit feeling


--Crystal clear, pure and flawless. I especially like things like crystal, because they always give people the feeling of purity and no pollution. I like this feeling and hope that I can give others such a feeling. However, I am a melancholy girl, and it seems that sentimentality is more suitable for me.

The appearance of a crystal will be the focus of attention, but my appearance can not arouse anyone's awareness. Thought I was a dust. I am eager to be as dazzling as crystal, leaving a bright side for everyone. However, I am a grain of dust, I am not 'brilliant' or 'dazzling', maybe I am not confident enough.

Blue tear crystal

--It is me, a melancholy girl who thinks that she is melancholy and likes to cry in silence and is eager to get more attention from others. I can't give you the specific answer, love is love