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Leaves and a painting

'you will never understand me! What mom? "Hum! If you want to go, go! "How nice you think you are? I'm not a bully! 'hellip & hellip; I slammed the door and ran out of the door in an atmosphere, thinking: what mother? Go into the opposite! I don't know when, under the light rain, I hold up an umbrella. Diary fifth grade diary

Walking in the rain, the fallen leaves float down from the trees and fall back to the soil in the air. At this time, the children who are trying to soil grow out of the soil, just like 'falling red is not a merciless thing, but turns into spring mud to protect flowers more. 'a fallen leaf also knows how to fall on the earth to protect her earthy mother.

I went to a house with a picture on the door: a hen spreading her wings to keep her chickens out of the rain. It seemed to me that a hen and a group of chicks pecked on the ground. After a while, it began to rain. In order to protect the chickens, the hens opened their wings. It's heavy rain outside, but the hens bear it. Under their wings are cheerful chickens. After a while, it was sunny, the chickens ran out, and the hen shivered, as if not afraid of the cold. It's very beautiful, as if time stayed in that moment & hellip; & hellip;

I feel as if I was electrified by the electric current. I have mixed feelings in my heart. That scene appears in my mind: when I was a child, I was ill, my mother was anxious when she was around, and she carried me to the hospital recklessly. In the hospital, my mother was always watching me; when I was hungry, my mother would buy me bread and supplement energy, but she did not eat, just looked at me quietly ; I have a problem, no, my mother taught me hand in hand; after beating me, hide in the room and cry & hellip; & hellip;

Tears welled up and I took my umbrella away. No matter how big the rain is, I ran all the way, the rain and tears turned into a piece, I ran upstairs quickly, opened the door, saw the anxious mother, and called out: "Mom, I'm back! 'the tears came down again.