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Shuanghu park four seasons composition 250 words

Jianhu, my hometown, is a pearl inlaid on the shore of the East China Sea. It is beautiful, rich, prosperous and lively. Shuanghu park is like the most beautiful flower in Jianhu garden. I'll tell you the meaning below.

In spring, Shuanghu park has become a sea of China. You see, as soon as you enter the gate, the refreshing portrait of peach blossom comes to you, which makes people crazy. Sister Lihua went down to the world again in white clothes. Rape flowers were all over the mountains and fields, golden and yellow. It seemed that there was a lot of gold in the distance, just like a 'paradise'.

In summer, the lake water of Shuanghu park is very enjoyable for tourists. The waves in the lake are row by row. It is hard to tell where the sky is and where is the water in the distance. Lotus can not wait to show a sweet smile, although the West Lake is not in the Yellow River majestic and powerful momentum, but you can use 'heaven above, there are two lakes' to praise it.

In autumn evening, Shuanghu park is even more beautiful. In the evening, when the sun is setting, it's the best time to watch the music fountain. The rest of the light sprinkles on the fountain like a lot of broken gold.

The snow covered Shuanghu Park in winter is picturesque. At this time, some children who love playing are having snowball fights. Cheers resounded over the park. I love Shuanghu Park in my hometown. After breakfast, my mother and I went to the South Lake Park for a walk. Just arrived at the gate of Nanhu Park, a melodious music came with the wind.

As soon as you enter the gate, you will see a large area of green grassland. Tall palm oil trees stand on the grassland, as if walking into a small 'Forest'. We came to the lake along the path. The water was clear to the bottom, and the water was sparkling with a breeze. There is a small bridge in the middle of the lake, which seems to float on the water like a curved moon. There are many boats by the lake. We sat in the bamboo grove by the bank. Looking at it, the willow tree was like the hair of a beautiful girl. It was very beautiful. The birds in the tree are dancing happily and singing beautiful songs. There are also many models of different shapes made of leaves on the shore. I can't help but sigh at the skill of the gardeners. In the distance, there is a hill. The rocks on the top of the mountain are grotesque. Some are like naughty monkeys, some are like fierce tigers, and some are like & hellip; & hellip;

The autumn scenery of Nanhu Park is really unforgettable. I love the North Lake Park in my hometown. There is a beautiful park called North Lake Park in my hometown. It has beautiful scenery, green water and dense woods, which attracts many tourists.

There is a square called Beihu square at the main gate of Beihu park. When you come to Beihu square, you can see many middle-aged and old people dancing, doing exercises and practicing calligraphy here. They are very leisurely playing here. North Lake Park is called North Lake Park because there is a big lake and a beautiful island in the middle of the lake.

Come to the lake, you can see the clear lake, there are many fish in the free swimming, those golden, white, flower fish, sometimes jump out of the water, sometimes dive into the bottom, as if in a race. There are many cruises by the lake. Every holiday, people are boating here to enjoy the scenery. It's very busy!

The central island and both sides are shaded by willows. In spring, the willows send out tender green shoots, and the branches dance with the wind, as if welcoming tourists; in summer, water lilies open a beautiful smile; in autumn, Osmanthus fragrans fragrance ten miles; in winter, plum blossom Ao Xue frost. The scenery is very pleasant!

This is the North Lake Park in my hometown! I love the North Lake Park in my hometown! I love Shuanghu Park in my hometown. It's a relaxing place.

Enter the gate is the West Lake, green grass to earth mother put on a green military uniform. The flowers are not willing to be outdone. They all smile and pour out their charming fragrance, attracting many colorful butterflies. The lake is as quiet as an uncut bronze mirror, as green as an emerald, and the water is clear to the bottom & hellip; & hellip;

The scenery of the East Lake is more beautiful. Welcome to feel it. My hometown is in Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, where there is a park called 'Wanliu Park'. As soon as you hear this name, you will know that there are many trees in it. It's lively all the year round.

In spring, willows sprout in the park, like the spring girl's hair scattered. There is the smell of spring in the park. In the morning, the grandparents who live nearby come to the park for a walk. It's like a big warm family.

In summer, there are a lot of willows in the park for people to enjoy the cool, not to mention more cool under the trees. The lotus in the pool can be beautiful. The lotus leaves are greatly expanded and the hands embrace the pink flowers, just like a mother embracing her child. There is a swimming pool inside. Don't mention how happy you are when you go down.

In autumn, the leaves in the park are flying in the air like butterflies. A little dog came to the park, running and jumping on the leafy lawn, rolling happily.

In winter, it snows. The park is like a world of ice and snow. When you come to the park, you can see the snowman on both sides of the road. Some people use carrots as their noses, and some people use branches as noses. The snowman is very cute.

The four seasons of the park are full of vitality and incomparably young. Like a very energetic child. This morning, my aunt took me, my grandmother and my sister to Honghu park to play, but I still want to see the beautiful lotus.

As soon as I entered the Honghu Park, a burst of lotus fragrance came to my face. I ran to the side of the lotus pool. I saw that the lotus had unfolded her beautiful and charming smiling face to show us. The lotus flowers had one posture, some were fully unfolded, some were just unfolding two or three petals, some were still budding, some were still green flowers Guduo, waiting for their own opening, there are white, pink, half red, half white, and many can not tell what color is mixed together, the appearance is various, although the color is progressive, but the color is not the same, also very, very beautiful. After looking here and then over there, we can't see enough. I'm thinking, if only time could stop! How wonderful it would be for us to see such a beautiful scene forever! As long as you have seen the lotus here, you will feel relaxed and happy and forget to go back!

Ah! Beautiful Honghu Park, I love you! You are so full of vitality, as beautiful as spring, I love you, beautiful Honghu park! Beautiful North Lake Park in a sunny afternoon, my father and brother came to the North Lake park together. Entering the gate of the North Lake Park, we saw many people who took off their heavy cotton padded jackets and put on their thin spring clothes. They danced happily with the light music in the middle of the square.

We came to the lake. The lake in the North Lake Park is very deep and green. There is a bird island in the middle of the lake. There are luxuriant trees, like being covered by a green protective cover! In the lake, one by one fish all came out of the water and swam back and forth, as free as birds in the sky.

Eh? What's flying in the sky? Oh! A group of children are happy to fly kites. We walked along the path by the lake. The willow trees on the road had already sprouted. The wind blew through the curved willows and danced with the wind. It was like a young girl dancing there. How beautiful! Some unknown flowers in the grass are blooming, red, white, yellow, pink, fragrant.

Spring, this is the spring of North Lake Park!

How beautiful! I love your beautiful North Lake Park. I admire you! Today, the teacher took us to visit the lake in Guishan Park, because we have to learn to write the composition of observing scenery.

As soon as we got to the lake, we saw many willows, big and small, around the lake. Willows were like a girl sitting quietly by the lake, combing their long braids. At this time, many tourists also came to the path by the lake. They were in groups, laughing and laughing, enjoying the beautiful world.

There is an island in the middle of the lake. The teacher said it was the island in the middle of the lake. There is a big banyan tree on the island in the middle of the lake. It stands upright on the island with a majestic look, as if it is the 'master of the island'. There are all kinds of birds resting on the island in the middle of the lake. Egrets are the most beautiful. They are wearing white gauze skirts like fairies.

A thick white cloud floating on the lake. Breeze blowing, occasionally from the roadside trees fall a few yellow leaves, like a few beautiful butterflies in the wind. The lake is very quiet, like a quiet girl. The reflection of the lake is beautiful. The fallen leaves floating on the lake are like a beautiful boat. They are very lovely!

I like the lake in Guishan park very much because it is so beautiful that you can't imagine & hellip; & hellip;