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450 words in the composition of environmental protection proposal

Part 1: environmental protection proposal dear students: environmental protection refers to all kinds of actions taken by human beings to solve real or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between human beings and the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of economy and society. China has declared environmental protection as a basic national policy. So we should try our best to protect the environment. However, there are many bad phenomena, for example, many people throw rubbish and spit on the street. The exhaust of the car exceeds the standard, etc. In order to protect the environment and protect our homeland, I put forward the following suggestions: 1. This can not only reduce the workload of sanitation workers, but also make better use of waste and reduce pollution. 2. Save resources. It is suggested that adults should use less plastic bags and use bamboo baskets as much as possible when buying vegetables. Use the pen with replaceable core as far as possible to reduce the waste and garbage of ball point pen shell. 3. Try not to eat out of disposable lunch boxes. Green consumption, as far as possible to use disposable goods, more use of durable goods. 4. If human beings want to conquer the terrible nature, they must respect nature, love trees, animals and everything in nature. 5. To start with me, we should first choose a lifestyle that is conducive to protecting the environment. Treat our home and the earth well, and create a beautiful living environment together. Environmental protection is the biggest problem facing human beings in modern life. To solve this problem, we must start from now. For the sake of the earth's tomorrow, we must start from ourselves and protect the environment well! Part 2: environmental protection proposal, uncles and aunts of Environmental Protection Bureau: Hello! I am a primary school student in grade six. I know from TV and books that the environment we live in is very bad. Renewable resources have been destroyed and become non renewable resources. Due to the abuse of chemicals, a series of disasters have been brought to human living environment. Here, I would like to put forward the following suggestions to you: 1. Now that cars emit exhaust gas and pollute the air, we should use green cars. 2. Some factories discharge sewage, which pollutes the river and seriously endangers human health. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the sewage scientifically. 3. Now the garbage can be seen everywhere, affecting people's living environment. Classify the garbage and don't let it run around. 4. Save water, some people turn on the tap, but people do not know where to go, let them lonely tears. 5. Do not use disposable chopsticks, because the material of fast food chopsticks is trees. Some people use disposable chopsticks specially and should not be used in the future. 6. When you buy vegetables, you don't need plastic bags to reduce white garbage. The earth is our living environment. Scientists have proved that if the earth is destroyed, there is no place for us to go. The earth is like our mother. We should treat it like our own mother. Please convey these suggestions to the people. Tell them that saving the earth is saving their own future. We can't destroy the earth any more. Part 3: environmental protection proposal dear director of environmental protection: today, I read the text of "there is only one earth", which makes me realize the importance of protecting the earth. However, it is now seriously polluted. I call on all of you to protect our earth together! Now put forward the following suggestions: 1) every household should not throw garbage at random. ② The trees have been cut and felled by people. If we let them continue to develop, carbon dioxide will be more and more, and the air we need will be very turbid. If we want to have a fresh air, we should not cut and cut indiscriminately. To protect the forest resources, we should start from the side of the body. We hope you can actively participate in the annual tree planting day. ③ Our earth's water resources are also polluted, many rivers are dirty, people throw a lot of rubbish into the river. With the development of economy, more and more factories discharge waste gas into the river. The fish that were free in the river can't escape the bad luck, and the dead fish float on the river. Under the sun, a gust of bad smell came, passers-by all covered their noses, the wrong voice cut off the road & hellip; & hellip; we can no longer see the old Qingqing river. This is the destruction of water resources by human beings. It is hoped that people will be aware of the pollution and will not discharge waste gas into rivers. Because water is the source of our life. Only by protecting water resources can people survive. I hope you will accept the above suggestions. Chapter 4: environmental protection proposal, uncles and aunts of Environmental Protection Bureau: Hello! I am an ordinary primary school student in Puyang oilfield. I usually like to play in Majia River in Xinlei park. In the past, Majia river was clear to the bottom, some people were fishing by the river, some people were boating on the river and so on. However, in recent years, the Majia river has become increasingly depleted: the water has become turbid, the bodies of fish float on the water surface, various plastic bags float on the river surface, and garbage is piled on the bank. Passing by the river, you can smell a pungent smell. I go to Majia River less and less. After several weeks of investigation, I found out the causes of these problems: there is a paper mill in the upper reaches of Majia River, which discharges untreated sewage into Majia River; some people throw garbage and plastic bags into the river; vegetable vendors throw some rotten vegetable leaves directly into the river; and our domestic sewage is also discharged into the river through several large pipes. Through my investigation, I would like to make several suggestions to change the current situation of Majia River: first, let the paper mill discharge the sewage into the river after treatment, including our domestic sewage. 2、 Find a few people to patrol the river and punish those who throw rubbish into the river. 3、 Set up more trash cans by the river. 4、 Set up warning signs and distribute leaflets about protecting Majia river. 5、 Remove the rubbish from the bank and drain some clean water in. These are my suggestions. I hope you can take my advice and let everyone protect the Majia River and make it more beautiful tomorrow! Wuhai Environmental Protection Bureau: the earth is the home for our human beings to live on. Just like a mother, it provides us with living resources and conditions. We are the masters of the earth. We should protect her as well as we treat ourselves. However, with the development of science and technology, high-quality and low-cost raw materials gradually come into people's lives. Pop cans, wrapping paper and disposable lunch boxes have indeed brought convenience to people's lives, but also brought harm to the environment. White pollution has paid a great price for human development, and ecological damage and environmental pollution have posed a great threat to human development. The reason for these bad phenomena is that people's awareness of environmental protection is shallow. Master, you are shallow and lack of sense of urgency for white pollution. Therefore, I would like to give you the following suggestions: 1. Do not litter and throw the garbage into the designated dustbin. 2. Educate the general public not to waste resources, including a piece of paper. 3. Use degradable products, and try not to use disposable products, such as convenient chopsticks, convenient lunch boxes, etc. 4. Strengthen environmental protection publicity to form a good range of environmental protection. It is our responsibility and obligation to be the master of society, improve the earth and save resources. If everyone can protect the environment and protect the environment every day, we can create a beautiful world. We hope you will study and adopt our suggestions. Wish you all the best!