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About environmental protection composition 400 words

Part 1: my environmental footprint this month, our school launched an activity - Green pastoral, energy conservation and environmental protection talents. In fact, our family has already carried out a series of environmental protection actions. There are many mosquitoes in summer, so we can't help using mosquito repellent incense. If every family uses mosquito repellent incense, how much mosquito repellent incense should be used in a summer? In fact, mosquito repellent incense is low toxicity, which seriously pollutes the air quality, so that our safety can not be guaranteed. Therefore, we use mosquito nets at home. In winter, we can't help but use air conditioning and hot stove, and the air conditioner is turned on greatly. In fact, the carbon dioxide emitted by air conditioning and hot stove seriously pollutes the earth's environment and wastes a lot of electric resources. In winter, we never use air conditioning and seldom use hot stove. There is also garbage classification, we always like to litter, also do not pay attention to garbage classification. And our family has always been a good classification of garbage, should throw away, can be recycled fixed recycling. For example, beverage bottles, paper, cartons and so on will be collected and sold together, so that my pocket money can be settled. It's killing two birds with one stone. Low carbon life, in fact, is so simple. Let's make our life more beautiful and let the fresh air cover every corner of the world. Part 2: environmental protection starts with me. I look up and wish the sky is covered with dark clouds. Take a closer look at the original is a gas company exhaust fog. I suddenly felt the end of the earth. If we don't feel the death in the end. We should be green. Several areas have been killed one by one because of environmental damage. Some are smoked to death, some food is not contaminated, eat poisoning death. Whenever I think of these people who have been affected by the environment and died, I can't help but shed tears. I've seen animals die one by one. Remember again. I was moving on the grass when I saw a mouse fall into the sewage ditch. It was the sewage from the factory. The little mouse struggled desperately. But in the end, he was poisoned to death. I shed tears again. I can't help but sigh! Another small animal died in the world. Although I only see one person, one animal a day. But a year is 356 people or small animals. Environmental protection is so important. Since people all fight with the environment and die one by one, since environmental protection is so important to us, let's take action together and exchange our efforts for fresh air. Chapter 3: I want to invent environment-friendly desks and chairs. It is reported that the state buys more tables and chairs for students every year, cutting down many trees and destroying the ecological environment. I think: can we design a kind of table and chair that is light and environmentally friendly and helpful to our study? This kind of table and chair is made of recycled, treated and processed waste. It is not only sterilized by high temperature, but also mixed with some elements beneficial to children's physical and mental health. It sends out bursts of fragrance from time to time, refreshing and purifying the air. The color of the table and chair is green, which can relieve the eye fatigue, calm our mood, concentrate our thinking, and improve our listening efficiency! This kind of table and chair adopts the principle of folding door, which connects the table and chair. There is a fixed box on the left side of each table, which contains some commonly used learning items. In this way, some students will not forget to bring pencil boxes. There is also a small round hole and a small drawer on the right side of the table. This is a small pencil sharpener. It is specially designed for those students who use wooden pencils. The small drawer is used to pick up the pencil crumbs. If the pencil chips are full, pour it out. This kind of table and chair is novel, affordable and low cost. I hope it can enter the market soon. Chapter 4: haze of environmental protection I am a sparrow, I shuttle in the human world. They say human intelligence is the highest of all animals. Higher animals are what humans call themselves. In my opinion, human beings are clearly the stupidest animals on earth. Look at the hillside, the barren land without any green grass and red flowers is so desolate. The source of everything is the chemical plant on the top of the slope. Look at the thick black smoke from its chimney. The ozone layer clothes that are destroying the earth. I flew to the chemical plant. I saw a similar one, and I flew over. I saw it dying to say to me 'go, the smoke is poisonous'. I looked at it and reluctantly flew to the distance. I believe those stupid human beings will be punished. I looked at the chemical plant with hatred. It's a pity that I'm just a sparrow with little strength. A few months later, chemical plants are still running, but humans have paid for what they do. Look at the haze in the city. Does the earth feel that human beings are lost? And then send out haze to remind people? Fortunately, people already know the mistakes, and many people are protecting the environment. But will the spilled water still come? Human beings can only pay the price for their actions. If human beings do not know how to repent, then the day of the earth's demise is also the time of human's extinction. The green river is my cry. The sun father-in-law put on the colorful flower clothes for me, dressed me very beautiful. At night, mother-in-law of the moon covered me with white gauze, which made my dream more sweet. Every day, I am so happy, along the foot of the mountain carefree to run. Bored and grass sister play together, tired to find stone father chat, listen to big tree grandfather story. How happy I am to live in such an environment! I don't know when a group of people came here, in the piercing sound of the electric saw, the trees fell one by one, and the birds flew away. When the rainy season comes, a large amount of sediment flows into my body with the rain, making me turbid. I can't be happy at all. My brothers are still rushing out of the river bed, destroying houses and flooding fields. What's worse, there are still people who come here and set up factories around me. A large amount of exhaust gas floated over me, making me suffocated. They also discharged sewage and garbage on me, making me dirty and smelly and full of disgrace. Little fish and shrimp can't stand torture and die one after another. I lost a beautiful home, lost a lovely friend, I am so innocent and helpless. I changed. I became black, dirty and smelly. I kept crying and shouting, 'help me, help me! '