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About environmental protection composition 800 words

The earth is the mother of human beings and the home we live on. With the improvement of living standards, human beings are unconsciously destroying her while enjoying them. Our living environment is deteriorating. Because our home is deteriorating, we have to protect her. Because everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, the wind of environmental protection has sprung up in my family. Water, the dependence of human life. In recent years, due to the serious damage to the environment, there is less and less purified water. This aroused the mother's idea. She accumulates the water after washing vegetables and washing clothes every time, and when it reaches a certain amount, it is used to water the flowers! The days are long, not only save water, but also pay a lot less water charges! It's killing two birds with one stone. Electricity, the most common energy in human life. Power generation not only wastes resources, but also destroys the environment. So, every night, the three of us go out shopping, do not watch TV, do not play computer, do not turn on the lights. What's more, my refrigerator has not been turned on all the time. This is the support for embracing! There are many more. For a long time, whenever I go out to eat, I always bring environmental chopsticks. Many people laugh at us. In their eyes, they don't pay attention to environmental protection at all. You should know that a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks in front of you will consume a lot of trees. It is said that Chinese people 'eat' 25 million big trees a year. All kinds of situations are shocking! Also, don't people think that handkerchief is cleaner than towel? In fact, you are wrong. Handkerchief paper is not only dirtier than towel, but also harmful to the environment. I have to say that my family is doing a good job in this respect. I seldom use handkerchief paper, but use towel. In terms of recycling, my family has done a good job! Whether it's waste paper or batteries, whether it's empty bottles or rotten metal, we'll collect them. After all, if you add up a little, you'll get a lot of income if you sell them again! Environmental protection, no delay! Start with me, start with little by little. We should drive less private cars, use less plastic bags, do not litter waste batteries, do not use disposable chopsticks & hellip; & hellip; a single person's environmental protection action is like a lamp, when it lights up, the surrounding darkness will be less. If everyone lights up their own light, the whole world will be bright. For the future of the earth, for the future of mankind, let's take action! It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment, so that the motherland is full of green water and green mountains! Chapter 2: listen! The sound of the wind is always cold, I walk on the way to school. But I don't know where to send out a weak voice. Listen! You listen to that voice. What is it? It's like moaning, calling for help, more like crying. Who made the sound? I looked around and saw no one. Just when I was full of doubts, the voice rang again. I looked carefully, and it turned out to be a fallen green leaf. I gently picked it up and put it in my hand. The green leaf trembled and said, 'help me, help me! I don't want to fall so early! I don't want to fall like this before I see the world and realize my value. 'I don't understand. I frown a little:'help you? How to save you? Why did you fall? 'the green leaves have some weak voice: 'I, it's from the tree behind you. I just grew up recently. I tried my best to absorb the nutrition of the tree, just to see the world early and breathe the air. However, I & hellip; didn't expect & hellip; 'the little leaf is choking,' I didn't expect that I was just growing up less than three days ago. Before I could see enough of the world, a little boy ignored my pain and tore my body. I fought for my life to resist. However, I was still too weak and finally was torn down. The little boy took me in his hand and played for a while. When he felt bored, he left me here and ran to another place. I keep calling for help, shouting and struggling. But no one came to save me. I'm in pain. "I listened to Xiaoye's story, but I couldn't help but shed tears:" Xiaoye, how can I save you? 'the little leaf is a little weak:'bury & hellip; me & hellip; under that tree! Let me & hellip; turn into soil and nourish trees! I'm almost done with hellip; I don't want anything, I just hope you human beings don't tear my brothers and sisters down mercilessly & hellip; i.. & amp; said, the little leaf stopped and stopped talking. I also want him to finish his speech, keep shouting and shaking it: "little leaf, wake up, don't sleep, get up and finish your words, little leaf, little leaf & hellip; 'but little leaf, there is no response at all. According to the last wish of little leaf, I buried it under the big tree & hellip; 'bell, get up, get up. 'the sound of the alarm clock woke me up from my dream. It was a dream! But it's so real. Cold wind blowing, my classmates and I walked on the way to school, students saw a red leaf, want to reach out to pick. I quickly stopped her: "let it go! It's not easy for him. 'My classmates looked at me with doubts on their faces. I said nothing but a sentence: 'don't pick leaves in the future, let them live a good life! "I took my classmates away & hellip; & hellip; Chapter 3: environmental protection, where are you? The earth is the mother of human beings, and human beings are the pride of the earth. Throughout the ages, mother earth has raised tens of thousands of descendants with her own body. The original she was dressed by the children, graceful and charming. However, the present human not only did not love her, but also tortured her to the eye. My community, there was a fragrant flowers, butterflies there dancing, happy play. Early in the morning, I hum a happy song to walk in the flowers, white gauze like clouds gently floating in the air. I am sucking the fragrance of flowers and plants, enjoying the sunshine bath, intoxicated in this beautiful and quiet morning; at night, I kiss each delicate flower, and then leave quietly. However, recently, the flowers have become dirty and ugly, covered with colorful plastic bags, and the beautiful butterfly has never been here again. There are deep footprints all over the green grass. At a glance, grass is no longer as energetic as before, but drooping head, a listless look. Why on earth is this? It turns out that people regard the flowers as a garbage dump, and throw all kinds of garbage mercilessly in the flowers. Within a few days, the flowers look like they have changed, and the smell is incomparable. Looking at the dirty flowers, I feel heartache. In the past, the river at the door of my house was clear and bottomless. The sound of water, like a pleasant music, made people intoxicated. The tall and straight trees are reflected in the water, like a landscape painting reflected in the water. It is very beautiful. But now, the river has become smelly and dirty, the river is full of small pieces of garbage, the river has become muddy, small fish have disappeared. Why is that? I carefully observed, it turned out that it was the wastewater treatment plant that discharged the stinky wastewater into the river, which made the originally clear river lose its former glory. I'm really aggrieved by the river. According to the information I have collected, we are mainly faced with air pollution, water pollution, solid waste pollution, noise pollution, indoor air pollution and food pollution. They devour precious human life like demons. They threaten the ecological balance and human health. As long as they exist, we will not be happy. Therefore, I appeal to all people: "as long as we always keep in mind the environmental awareness, protect the plants and trees around us, and do not cut down indiscriminately. The global village will surely become a happy human home. "Let's all take care of the earth. As long as we make unremitting efforts, we can build an environmental protection levee, let us advance towards the ideal of blue sky and green land, beautiful mountains and rivers, build our happy home more beautiful and happy, and leave a green world for our future generations. On Saturday morning, my parents took me to the flower market in front of Gaomiao park to buy flowers. I think I can go to the park and have a good time. As soon as we entered the park square, we saw some white plastic bags scattered on the ground, which was particularly dazzling. 'well, those people who throw things around are really uncivilized! "I was complaining about them in my heart. Suddenly, my eyes lit up: by the way, I am a little environmental protection guard. Can't I pick up garbage for the clean park? Just in time, my mother had a paper bag to use, so I bent down to pick up the plastic bag. My mother gave me two dry branches and said, "how unhygienic to pick them by hand! "So, with a little bit of twig, the plastic bag ran into the paper bag. We picked as we walked. Came to the edge of the lawn. At a glance, I saw many white plastic bags under a stone stool. They looked at me in the shade like a cunning enemy. I was about to rush over when I saw a pair of grandparents sitting on the stool. I thought: if I go to pick them up, will they laugh at me? Hesitated for a moment, I thought: I am protecting the environment, my grandparents will support me. So I walked over and pulled the plastic bags out with the branches. I just picked out a lunch box, and they put out their thumbs and said to me, 'you've done a good job! If all the people who come here to play like you, the park will be more beautiful. 'I was a little embarrassed. I lowered my head and pulled out all the plastic bags under the stool. I laughed at the grandmother and walked forward. In spring, the lawn began to turn green, but after a winter of wind and sun, there were many pieces of paper, garbage bags of various colors, and some bricks thrown up by children, making the former lawn almost a garbage dump. I picked up several big bags, at this time a few small students and I picked up together, soon cleaned up the lawn garbage. Looking at the clean lawn, we were as happy as the soldiers who had won the battle. I think, this grass must feel very comfortable, they will beautify our city healthy and healthy growth. Dad and mom bought flowers in front of the park, and we went home. Although I didn't play in the park, I was very happy. I am a small citizen of environmental protection, and I have the obligation to maintain the environment and urban sanitation. Although only a few of my classmates and I are cleaning up the pollutants today, I believe that people's awareness of environmental protection will be enhanced day by day. More people will be environmental protection guards, and our city will be more beautiful. Nowadays, environmental protection is advocated all over the world. There are some disposable bowls, cups and chopsticks. People say that it is convenient, clean and not troublesome. But how do they know: chopsticks are made of wood, isn't it a waste of wood? Because forest resources are limited, it's a pity to throw away chopsticks once. And disposable bowls and cups. Isn't it also made of wood? We live in nature every day. Live in all this beauty. Mother earth is generous for me