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Green environmental protection composition 800 words

Chapter 1: green environmental protection 'everyone is responsible for protecting the environment'. Everyone can say that, but who has really done it? Now on the road, you can see waste paper, garbage, and some peels, which are all thrown away everywhere. Now the 'global village' is smoky, and the chimneys on the factory rise in the wisps of black smoke, turning the blue and endless sky into a gray; people throw garbage, so that the clothes of 'earth mother' are covered with garbage; there are many places that are short of water, but when we enter the school bathroom, there are so many taps left open, which makes the precious water resources a little bit Drop by drop, even some students are still fighting in the toilet. We are facing the water crisis, let's all take action to protect the green beautiful home! Some people, in order to covet their own selfish desires, add some harmful substances to the food to seek the benefits they should not get, and let their compatriots cause the danger of food poisoning, illness and death. These shameless people, we should despise them, the law should stop these bad behavior. Those who only think about money, don't hurt your own countrymen! In the boundless universe, our earth is just a little dust, but it makes our living home, on which we live, all kinds of life, but we hurt it again and again. Those of us who love environmental protection and love peace, how much they want to see lush trees and a world without war, but what we are facing now is It's desert, wilderness and shrapnel. I think the government should promote environmental protection. Let's protect mother earth together! Animals are good friends of human beings, but some cruel people are carrying out violence against them. They beat the dogs all over the body and cut off the hands and feet of the kittens. I really don't know how they can do it. Why don't they think, if it was them who were beaten? What would happen? Let's fight against those who use violence to treat our good friend, small animals! How common is green in the countryside! When you live in the countryside, you can take a look at our smoky city. What a contrast! There is a green paradise on one side and a dirty big city on the other. Let's protect the 'global village' together!

Chapter 2: green environmental protection. When we talk about the four words' green environmental protection ', we all think of new energy, recycling and other things that we can't do. In fact, green environmental protection is around us. There are many examples of environmental protection: picking up garbage, planting trees and so on. My father and I carefully dug a hole before planting trees, and then we planted trees in a pit, and then we planted trees in a hole with water. It's all within our power. Green in "green environmental protection" refers to greening. Only with more greening, can we have oxygen to breathe and have a suitable environment to survive. On earth, about 70% of the earth's oceans and 30% of the land are green. It is reported that the global forest green area decreased from 3.96 billion hectares in 1990 to 3.8 billion hectares in 2000, and nearly 10 million hectares of forests are lost every year. The forest coverage rate in Asia is 15%. Except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China's forest area is - 1900 ha & middot; Compared with other countries, our forest area is small. Take Russia for example. In 2000, Russia had 850 million hectares of forest, accounting for 20% of the global total. However, we only accounted for a fraction of the global total. We can imagine that our forest green area is really very small. Is there any way to increase our green area? of course! We can plant many kinds of trees. As long as you do not want to plant willows into shade, regardless of how many trees you plant, I believe it will not be long before China's green will increase. After planting a good number of trees, we must protect them from harm. We must regularly fertilize, loosen the soil and water the trees to make them grow healthily. Don't break the branches or cut marks on the trees, which will hurt the trees; if the trees are well maintained, it's not good to save or protect the environment: it's best to use wooden pencils until they can't write (because the pen is too short to write), don't throw away paper after using a little bit, and some materials can be used for crafts; We should also take good care of the environment, do not litter, peel, paper scraps, do not urinate everywhere, do not pollute the river, do not discharge waste water into the river. This is the best way to protect the environment. Green environmental protection seems out of reach, but in fact, it is around us, and each of us can do it.

Chapter 3: green environmental protection and environmental protection is the obligation of every citizen of our society. We should act consciously and insist on protecting the environment around us at any time and anywhere. Protecting the environment is the most precious place for human survival. Man not only comes from nature, but also receives from nature. The material environment is necessary for people's survival and development. In today's society, environmental pollution, ecological damage, ecological balance phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious. In recent years, due to people's weak environmental awareness and serious ecological damage, environmental problems have become more serious. Global warming will cause the changes of precipitation and dry and wet conditions in various regions of the world, and then lead to the changes of economic structure of countries in the world. Due to the influence of human activities, especially the deforestation, grassland reclamation and environmental pollution, the habitat of wild animals and plants has been lost and the living environment has been deteriorated. In addition, many wild animals and plants in the world have been extinct or are on the verge of extinction due to the impact of human activities, especially deforestation of forests, overcultivation of grasslands and environmental pollution. Among the 4500 species of mammals in the world, 24% are facing extinction, while 12% of the 9500 species of birds are about to die out. Among the known 10000 species of woody plants, 6% of them are on the verge of extinction. The rate of extinction of species on the globe is 1 million times faster than the rate of formation!! With the rapid growth of the world population, the increasing water consumption, and the increasingly serious water pollution, many of the freshwater resources that could have been used have been destroyed and many areas have been threatened by water resources. Strong noise can cause damage to hearing organs. If it is interfered by noise for a long time, its hearing is not as good as that of ordinary people; All of these are caused by human beings themselves. This series of consequences is to hit the alarm bell of environmental protection to human beings. There is only one earth for human beings, and self destruction of the earth is the destruction of the homeland for human survival. It has become the common requirement of all the people all over the world to establish the awareness of environmental protection. Once read an article called "today is not the same as it used to be". The author visited the Yuanmingyuan twice, and the scenery was quite different. The author puts forward his own views on the environmental protection of Yuanmingyuan Garden, which also reflects the importance of environmental protection in today's living conditions. The so-called environmental protection is a measure established by the state to protect and improve the living environment, prevent and control pollution and other public hazards, mainly to protect human health and promote national construction and development. With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions and moral cultivation, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection. 'Green Olympics' is a big promise of BOCOG. It is not difficult to find the universality of world environmental protection. What is the appearance of environmental protection in modern society? In today's society, tourism is one of the hot jobs. Many countries and regions regard tourism as the pillar of economic development. One of the most important projects in tourism is environmental protection -- there are not only natural resources, but also human resources. The combination of Western Europe is better: deep shade, charming sunshine, thrilling and exciting, strong classicality, and various natural landscapes; on the premise of preserving its original nature, the classics should appropriately add tourism equipment, and more importantly, keep the environment original, coupled with traditional tourism source, rich and colorful cultural scenery. How can tourists not feel relaxed and happy in this environment? How can we not praise the colorful nature?

Chapter 4: the importance of green environmental protection and environmental protection is known to all. Environmental protection is our bounden duty and obligation. If we are not environmentally friendly, then our world will be pushed to the edge of life and death. I often think: what is environmental protection? What is green? When we see birds flying in the sky, you must think that there are countless animals in the world! Oh, I have to tell you that you are totally wrong. Nowadays, due to the large number of people's hunting and the increasing pollution of the environment, the animal's home has become a gray, their survival has been affected, they are facing crisis and frequent extinction. Animal life is closely related to human life. When people hurt animals, they hurt themselves. Water is the source of life, all living things can not do without it. Now, there are more and more factories. Most rivers are polluted by the sewage they discharge. Many streams are black. The animals suffered a tragic fate. Imagine, if you can only use the polluted water in your life to wash your face, wash your hands, and wash your hair, what should you do? What should you do if you have no water for one day? one month? a year? If you walk in the desert, the blazing sun is baking the earth, at this time you have thirsty mouth, but there is not a drop of water, perhaps we only in this case, will feel the value of water, can know how to cherish water. Trees, the symbol of green, can not only purify the air, but also play a role in photosynthesis. Every day we could hear the buzzing of the electric saw, the groaning of the big trees or the roar of falling down. Originally lush trees, but now only brown trunk. Trees are decreasing frequently, and there are few trees left in the past. This also makes the desert area expand continuously, making animals less habitat, making the nature lack of vitality. The most serious is that when the mountain torrents come, people can't rely on trees to resist, which will make natural disasters more rampant and mercilessly hurt people. Isn't it hard for us to destroy our living environment? Dear friends, the green in our life has been gradually replaced by black, gray, brown and yellow. We are the masters of tomorrow's society, and the fate of the earth is in our hands. Here I call on you: let's plant a tree with our hands; let's stand up to protect wild animals; let's take action to protect our homeland; let's take action to protect our own homeland; Let the trees on the earth be greener, the sky bluer and the water clearer; let our home be full of green flowers of environmental protection.

Chapter 5: green and environment-friendly earth is the home of human beings and the mother of human beings. We rely on it and explore it. How beautiful this blue planet is, but we have to know: there is only one earth! Unfortunately, many people ignore this simple truth and continue to do what they like,