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Environmental protection talent composition

Part 1: low carbon and environmental protection

I have a beautiful home. Because we all take good care of the environment and never destroy it, so flowers bloom in spring, birds sing and flowers everywhere; in summer, trees grow in shade and streams murmur; in autumn, fruits are fragrant and autumn wind is cool; in winter, snow is a piece, and winter plum blossom is cold. All people are intoxicated in this natural embrace and enjoy the joy brought to us by the earth. But with the development of society, road construction, the rise of high-rise buildings, living conditions are good, but we all ignore our environment, that is our home, so there are 'sandstorm' and 'haze' weather, this is the earth to us sounded the alarm, the blue sky is sending a signal to us, calling on everyone to love our home, love the earth. I am a little girl who loves low-carbon and environmental protection. Because many resources in the world are non renewable, we should mobilize everyone around us to cherish all the resources in the world, save every non renewable resource with wisdom, and let everyone start from the side and live a low-carbon and environment-friendly well-off life. Recently, a 'low carbon environmental protection talent competition' is being held in the community, and I also signed up to participate in it. My move has been strongly supported by the whole family, and we all agreed that I can be awarded the honorary title of 'low carbon environmental protection talent'. Because I love low-carbon and environmental protection, in addition to checking information at home, I seldom turn on the computer, and only check the information can I surf the Internet. After washing my hands, I always screw the tap tightly to prevent the water from running out, so as not to waste water. I often use my grandmother's rice washing water to water the flowers, the dishcloth to wash the toilet, and the homework book is all about it After that, I don't leave any white paper. Even the back of the paper sent by the teacher should be used up as a check paper. When I go out, I never take a car, but I go out by bike. I remember that once, we had to go a long way, considering that the distance was not very long. In order to reduce the exhaust emissions, I proposed to go by bike. We all agreed that we had a good time on the road, and we had a long ride to get to the destination, but I was very happy. Low carbon environmental protection is always around us. As long as we carefully find out and do it seriously, I believe everyone is a "small talent of low carbon and environmental protection". For example: 1, turn off the light, switch, pull the plug. 2. Each piece of paper is printed on both sides, equivalent to retaining the second half of the forest that would have been cut down. 3. Do not take the elevator to climb stairs, save everyone's electricity, for their own health. 4. Greening is not only to plant trees in the suburbs, but also to plant some flowers and plants at home, without driving. 5. A plastic bag costs 50 yuan, but it may cause 50 times more pollution than 50 yuan. 6. To avoid driving, cyclists are not worried about rising oil prices or gaining weight. 9. There's no need to turn on all the lighting as soon as you enter the door. It's only 130 years since the invention of electric light by human beings, and the thousands of years before it have been well. 10. Try not to use disposable toothbrushes, disposable plastic bags, disposable water cups, because the oil they use is also disposable & hellip; & hellip; With the efforts of all of us, the environment is getting better and better every day. Although there are many high-rise buildings, there are flowers and trees everywhere. Although the street lamps are still on at night, they are all generated by solar energy. After processing and reusing water, cars now advocate driving battery cars. The air is fresh, and the stinky ditch has become a clear river. We are changing ourselves with wisdom The edge of the environment, let dust storms and haze weather away from us, let the blue sky and white clouds come back to us, let mother earth become more beautiful, and be a low-carbon environmental protection person. Content summary: we are in close contact with the earth all the time. We want to make the blue sky bluer, the forest greener, and the river clearer. We are changing our home with wisdom. Birds sing in the branches in the morning, flowers bloom everywhere when walking on the road, and the river is singing happily. There are green habitats everywhere, and flowers everywhere, as if returning To the embrace of nature. Let's all take action to save every drop of water, every kilowatt hour of electricity, every piece of paper & hellip; & hellip; use more brains and hands to keep the sandstorms and haze away from us, to be a low-carbon and environmental protection talent, and to make the earth more beautiful.

Part 2: low carbon environmental protection talents

Once I was walking on the road outside, I found a group of fourth and fifth grade primary school students carrying out propaganda on the street with the slogan "I am a low carbon capable person" and "low carbon life, environmental protection". I couldn't help but be surprised and awed. At this time, an uncle threw the drink bottle away. A child saw it, ran to pick up the drink bottle, and said to his uncle: "uncle, it's not right for you to litter like this. Now the global climate is warming, we should protect the environment and prevent the global climate from warming. We can't & hellip;" go! Children, don't meddle in your business. It's really wordy! "The uncle said impatiently. The child refused to be outdone and retorted: "the global climate is warming now. Although it does not affect us on the surface, it affects our lives all the time. Therefore, more people are needed to participate in the practice of low-carbon lifestyle and contribute to environmental protection. Striving to be a low-carbon talent is the duty and responsibility of every citizen. "The children's words made the uncle who had just thrown garbage speechless, blushed and bowed his head. At the same time, he won the applause of all the people present. At this time, another uncle said contemptuously: "to achieve low-carbon life does not mean to reduce the living standards of urban residents? From the perspective of the requirements of low-carbon life, it will reduce the living standards that people have hardly improved. For example, people want to improve their travel conditions by buying cars with large displacement and better performance, and they want to buy larger houses to improve their living conditions, but these are obviously incompatible with low-carbon life. "No, you're not right!" another child said, "low carbon life is not a backward lifestyle. There is no conflict between fully realizing low-carbon life and maintaining people's living standards. Their common purpose is to better improve people's living environment and conditions. We can take low-carbon technology to solve the problem, such as using renewable energy such as solar energy for lighting and daily use, and using clean energy such as coal-bed methane as vehicle fuel. This not only brings us physical and mental pleasure, but also virtually saves energy resources and reduces carbon emissions, killing two birds with one stone. "After listening to the children's preaching, my uncle, who was still arrogant to the crowd, suddenly became timid and walked away in dismay. I thought to myself: even such a small child knows how to do their best to protect the earth. But shouldn't we, the older children and adults, do our best to prevent the global climate from warming? In the action to stop global warming, not only the government and enterprises need to formulate effective countermeasures, but also every ordinary person plays an important role in cultivating a low-carbon lifestyle 。 This is not only the current social trend, but also the embodiment of individual social responsibility.

Part 3: our environmental protection talents in today's world, the environment is facing a severe test, water shortage, greenhouse effect, ozone hole and other issues are imminent. "Low carbon and environmental protection" has become an indispensable new concept in people's life. There is an environmental protection expert in my family. That's grandfather. Grandfather is a water-saving expert, he has many water-saving tips, such as: washing water used to wipe the floor, wipe the floor and then used to flush the toilet. After washing the vegetables and washing the rice, the water is used to nourish the flowers beloved by my grandfather (my grandfather likes to raise flowers most, and he raises a lot of flowers at home, but Grandma doesn't like them, so he wants to throw them all away). Every time before going to the toilet, my grandfather told me not to flush the toilet, but to wash it with dirty water after wiping the floor (although I always forget it). When we wash our hands, my grandfather always asks us to turn down the water, turn off the tap when making soap, and turn off the tap after washing our hands. My grandfather never wastes electricity. He takes a walk in the seaside square every night. He not only exercises his body, but also saves electricity. Grandfather will not only save water and electricity, but also green and protect the environment. The milk ordered by my grandfather's house will leave a small cup after drinking milk every day. My grandfather saved these small cups and planted some plants in the spring. When the plants were bigger, they would be planted on the mountain. If my grandfather saw a water bottle on the road, he would pick it up and sell it to the waste recycling station, which not only protected the environment, but also made money. As long as we all act together like grandfather, we can certainly make our life more low-carbon and environmental protection, so that our common earth has a better tomorrow

Chapter 4: environmental protection in the 21st century, I look at the rapid progress of science and technology, more and more colorful electronic products; look at the rapid development of economy, we eat and wear more and more good, but I also watch the weather become warmer and warmer, the Arctic Ocean is melting, and the air is getting worse and worse, and sandstorms frequently appear. When I was young, I didn't understand. What caused these changes? Now I, through the news, through the network, know that the progress of society consumes too many resources of the earth, the earth is sick! What should I do? How to do it? My mother told me that we should start from ourselves, from small things, and make our own efforts and contributions to environmental protection bit by bit. Therefore, I collected the discarded books and reused them to make a manuscript; I used the discarded boxes to make a storage box; let my mother collect the rice washing water and water the flowers, so as to recycle them and never waste them. My family praised me for being a green kid. Here I would like to appeal to all of you: environmental protection from the small things, from the side, let us all become environmental protection experts!

Chapter 5: to be an environmental protection expert, the word "environmental protection" can be understood by all middle school students, but the word "low carbon life" may not be familiar to all of us. "Low carbon life" is actually a new term for environmental protection. The low-carbon life advocated in our daily life is very specific, and its implementation is no more than two meanings: protecting the environment and saving energy. I am no stranger to low-carbon life, and I have deep feelings. I remember that last summer vacation, I went with my family to the tourist resort of Fujian Province - Damu mountain. As soon as I get out of the car, I can feel the fresh air there. When I take a deep breath, I feel relaxed and happy immediately. When I open my mouth, it seems that there is a sweet taste in my mouth. That kind of comfort will release people's mind, which I can't forget. I realized that it was really a low-carbon environment. Think of the noise of our living city and the serious emission of automobile exhaust. Global warming, melting glaciers, more abrupt climate changes..... All this really makes us feel the importance of environmental protection. As middle school students, we have the obligation and responsibility to protect nature, promote environmental protection and energy conservation, and maintain low-carbon life. Environmental protection and energy conservation are reflected in our daily life. Every detail should not be ignored. I think so and do it. Usually in our home, the lights in the living room, dining room and room are never turned on at the same time. The energy-saving consciousness has already formed my good habit of turning off the lights at will