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Environmental protection composition 800 words

Part 1: green environmental protection

Green, vibrant color, pure and lovely. I love the green, love the tall trees, love the gentle. Lovely grass, yearning for the vast and boundless African prairie, accompanied by lively deer and babbling streams & hellip; & hellip; my thoughts crossed time and space, and came to a primitive jungle tens of thousands of years ago. It was quiet all around, with the wind blowing leaves' Hula 'from time to time. I closed my eyes and listened quietly. It was as if a musician was playing the piano. How gentle it was, with the wet dew and the fragrance of the earth. I am deeply intoxicated, drunk. Looking up, the warm sun shines down through the dense trees, and you can see the blue sky like gems and the white clouds like marshmallows. I'm breathing the fresh air. Running and singing in the dense jungle & hellip; & hellip; I ran to the end of the jungle, and saw the blue sea, which was constantly beating on the beach, there were countless beautiful shells on the beach, and the strange little life that could not be called the name. I have never seen such a pure and beautiful sea! Here, it's really beautiful and beautiful & hellip; & hellip; 'doodle --' a sound of car horn pulled me home from the primitive jungle. I patted my head, calmed down and found myself in bed. 'Oh, it was a dream. 'I said to myself. Bursts of harsh trumpet sound into my ears, I hate to close the window, covered my ears. What about my gentle wind? I hate the noise! Look up. It's like a haze. Look at the sky. Sunlight into the room, is so dazzling, warm sunshine away from me. My heart was so stuffy that I opened the door and went out for a walk. Walking in the street, the ground is full of garbage, walking a few streets, what I see is high-rise buildings, crowded people, dazzling sunshine, hot air, only a few small trees standing alone in the street. What about my gentle wind? Now, why does the gurgling ditch stink? Oh, it's people. It's the people who cut down trees and litter so that the environment is polluted. There's car exhaust. In recent years, scientists have found many times the earth's umbrella, the dependence of the earth - the gap formed by the pollution of the ozone layer. If we want to keep the umbrella from being polluted, we must protect the green, save the ocean, save the earth mother, let the earth mother reappear its glory and save lives!

Part 2: environmental protection

Our environment is too bad now: garbage is everywhere, people spit and urinate everywhere. Around us, the air is not fresh, the water is not clear, and there are more and more sandstorms. One day, walking in the street, I saw all kinds of people, one by one wearing masks, wrapped in brain eggs in a hurry, from their eyes to see the helplessness of the environment. Why are they all dressed like this? Because these are terrible sandstorms that make people live in layers of packages. The sandstorm is terrible. The strong wind, mixed with dust and gravel, blows recklessly to the land where people live, even if it is a small gap. The dust blows to the farmland, and the dust adheres to the newly born seedlings, which can cause the crops to fail to carry out normal light cooperation. Finally, the production of crops is reduced due to malnutrition. Sand dust is also a disease The dust inhaled into people's mouth can cause many respiratory diseases. Here's a real example. Since ancient times, the Yellow River Basin has been the cradle of our Chinese nation and one of the places where ancient civilization of the world has been carried forward. The Yellow River, as the cradle and mother river of the Chinese nation, not only inherits thousands of years of historical civilization, but also raises 8.1% of the population of the motherland. However, at present, the ecological crisis of the Yellow River Basin is becoming more and more serious, and it is faced with the serious situation of land desertification, water shortage, soil erosion area increasing, water pollution serious, water cut-off aggravating, living environment deterioration and so on. Just one example, it is so terrible. All this is caused by the excessive demand of human beings from nature. If human beings continue to be so stubborn, the environment we depend on will never return. At that time, the world will never see a trace of green except reinforced concrete. Therefore, if we want to make the environment better, we should start from small things. It is the unshirkable responsibility of every citizen to plant trees, conserve water and soil, prevent pollution, advocate and establish a sense of green civilization, and make our own contribution to the ecological environment construction of our country. I believe that in the near future, the earth will become very beautiful, full of towering trees, green grass and fragrant flowers. The climate is warm, humid and fresh. Small fish in the clear river freely swimming, birds in the branches singing a happy song, colorless butterflies flying in the flowers. I think everyone yearns for beautiful things, so I am full of hope for the future of the earth. Let's work together to create a green, environmentally friendly and harmonious human home.

Chapter 3: environmental protection! Environmental protection?

White paper, black letters. I am a piece of paper, a piece of propaganda paper full of words. The word "environmental protection" is particularly conspicuous on my forehead. It seems that many people will come. But -- environmental protection! Finally, some people wake up, when the earth is about to support. They're on the move. Therefore, the streets, everywhere you can see the two familiar words - environmental protection. They are also stepping up publicity. At this point, I came in handy. My white paper is full of words. No doubt, it's all the old cliches of 'environmental protection, environmental protection & hellip;' they seem to have nothing to say and just repeat them again and again. What's the use? I was sent to people with thousands of papers like me, ready to show off the words on their forehead: environmental protection. Environmental protection? Maybe, I'm dirty, or people won't do this to me - I was sent to a young man for the first time in a busy city. He squinted at me and sneered. 'environmental protection? Cut! "So I flew off with his empty drink bottle and fell heavily on the ground. downhearted. I was picked up by a girl about five years old. I couldn't help but feel a burst of joy. I was taken into a house. In one room, a ten year old boy is writing a composition. In his composition book, the same prominent two words: environmental protection. As he scratched, sheets of paper were torn off, rolled into paper balls and thrown into the trash can. On the garbage can, there are still those two words - environmental protection. At this time, the girl would pass me to the boy: "brother, I want to play with the paper plane, you fold it for me! "Don't bother me! Don't see me doing my homework! 'the boy glared at his sister. The girl was frightened and began to cry. Once again, the boy's eyes darted past. Suddenly, it stopped. The boy's eyes rested on my forehead. I understand. He saw the words. 'Oh yes! There is a composition on the propaganda paper! 'the boy was ecstatic. 'good sister, for brother, ah. 'the boy took me away. The girl stopped crying and looked at her brother, not knowing what he was going to do. Only see my brother keep looking at me, the pen in his hand is flying on the paper. I finally came in handy again. But, sad. In today's world, everyone is promoting environmental protection. Everyone is shouting 'environmental protection, environmental protection & hellip; & hellip;' while throwing propaganda paper like me on the ground. But no one will notice. Environmental protection? No & hellip; & hellip;

Chapter 4: environmental protection Tour

I, Feng Yueying, Huang Jiayun, Cai Zhixin, Qin Qiqi, Su Hongyu and Zhou Jiaxing participated in the children's fun Cup 'Eight Immortals crossing the sea' competition. The content of the competition is to show talents and wisdom. The content of the activity is determined by ourselves, and finally a book is prepared and sent. We only had seven, but we also took part in the game. Seven people voted for the content. After the election, we decided to adopt the scheme of environmental protection, which is called 'environmental protection secret service'. After choosing these, we began to choose the team leader for more than an hour. Finally, I was selected. I was really excited at that time. We took our camera, Ben and pen and started an interesting environmental tour. We came to a house, looked left and right, and finally found a stump that had been cut down, so we took a look at the camera and snapped it down; we came to the deserted empty land, where we saw the yellow sand flying, a frightening scene. We quickly took out the camera and photographed it here. An hour later, we have already taken a lot of information, such as' small trees knocked down by cars', 'stinking ditches',' flowers dotted on the road ',' I'm covered with green trees' & hellip; & hellip; wow, so much information, but I think, who caused these environments? Why can the campus be covered with green trees, but the outside is full of garbage? Human beings really need to reflect on hellip & hellip; we talked about it left and right, and then continued to look left and right. Suddenly, Su Hongyu was hit by a banana peel that was thrown on the road, which almost broke his nose. I immediately lifted him up and thought: isn't this a good style to remind people to pay attention to environmental protection? I told you this idea, and everyone applauded, but the team members had a problem - who will step on the banana peel? It can't be su Hongyu. He's already fallen like this! In the end, we decided to let Cai Zhixin do it. She stepped on the banana peel, bent over and pretended to fall. Su Hongyu laughed and pressed the shutter. A 'real picture' was taken. Finally, we took a group photo of the team members in the overpass. Then, Su Hongyu was responsible for drying the photos. Although we didn't give him any money, the team members were responsible for writing the contents of each photo and warning people to pay attention to environmental protection. Of course, Cai Zhixin wrote the article about the "little girl stepping on banana peel". After we finished, we pasted the photo and sent it to the teacher to participate in the selection in Tianhe District. Later, the "environmental protection team" not only won the prize in the District, but also won the title of "characteristic team" in the whole country. When I received the award, my team leader was very excited with the certificate. But I hope people can know the importance of environmental protection awareness. Don't pollute the environment, so that the more old and beautiful mother, the earth, can better benefit our descendants. An interesting and noteworthy tour of environmental protection is over. Dear readers, what do you think and experience after reading it?

Chapter 5: the introduction of civilization and environmental protection into the flower expo is just like walking into the sea of flowers. All kinds of colorful flowers quickly come into my eyes, making me dazzled and dazzled. There are many kinds of flowers, such as common peony, sunflower and hibiscus; there are also unknown Phalaenopsis, longevity flower & hellip; some flowers are in bud; some are just emerging a bone bud; some are opening warmly & hellip; these colorful flowers seem to make this flower expo perfect. However, only those who will pay close attention to it can find that there are still shortcomings in this perfect place - uncivilized. Do people pay attention to the pictures taken by the towering trees in the flowers