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Composition without complaint or regret

No regrets no regrets composition 1: no regrets, no regrets do you know what will let people have no regrets? Do you understand that the people who have no regrets are around us. They are my favorite mother and father.

My parents are not great or rich, but they are always in the first place in my heart. I often listen to my mother say you are a piece of meat on me, and I, why don't you think so.

Whenever I go home, my mother always smiles at me, which seems to give me motivation to move forward. Said that you do not believe me, I once I am very sad, because my grades are not ideal, I am a crying girl, whenever I cry, my mother is very sad, so I formed a habit, that is, tears never bring into the house, I always dry tears, smile into the house.

Sometimes my mother is very upset because of the dialect she speaks. In primary school, I thought it was very shameless because this mother asked me to teach her Mandarin all day long. Sometimes I was very upset, but my mother came to me to practice Putonghua again, and I said, "are you bored?" After my mother gently closed the door and left, I looked back, saw the back of my mother, it seems that there is a sense of guilt, I think and think, I quietly opened the door to her and said: "sorry, I should not say you." I said and cried again, but my mother said, "nothing."

My heart suddenly cool, parents just for us to decide happy?

I remember when I was a child, my parents beat me, said I lied, said I was disobedient, I was beaten by them, I hate them very much, I think why they must hit me, my tears keep falling, suddenly a: "don't cry." The voice was hard to reach my ears, I cried surprisingly stopped, I even did not dare to make a little voice.

At the end of the night, I secretly cry in the quilt when I sleep. In a moment, I hear a voice. Listen carefully. I hear the dialogue between my father and mother. Although the voice is very small, I still hear it. Mother said, "should we not play good today?" Dad sighed blandly. After that, my mother cried, "why should we beat her?" Dad didn't say anything this time.

Many years later, I found that I was still disobedient, but almost my parents encouraged me to make progress. Every day, my parents always accompanied me behind me. Whether it was early or late, whether my grades were good or not, they still accompanied me - no regrets.

No regrets no regrets composition 2: no regrets bravely go past, throw off the arm to go past, carefree, no regrets.

I went into the mire because I thought it was a meadow, thought it was green, and had dreamed that it would be a childhood paradise for rolling and enjoying. I have gone in, I have no complaint, I have no regret. Fall down on the spot, dip all over the mud, roll out, climb out, grab a vine and drag it out. Looking back at the way they have gone, think about it, smile, wash off the mud, pick up the pen to write out the process of being misled into the mire, which is a good warning article.

I walked into the thorny ground because I saw the charming golden rose. I was fascinated by it and regarded it as the incarnation of a fairy, believing that it would be as glorious as a prince to obtain it. When the golden rose was held in front of her chest in bursts of applause, she was covered with thorns and her legs were red. I have no complaint, I have no regret, and I am happy for my choice. No pay, no sweet harvest. I wrote poems in pursuit of beauty with dripping blood.

When others are singing and dancing, I climb dangerous peaks and see a further prospect; while others are sleeping with their wives and children, I wander all night and examine the eternal universe. The Gobi has its own vastness, although it flies through the sand and gravel; the forest has its own quiet forest, although it is dark and gloomy; the ocean has its vast ocean, although its wind is fierce and the waves are evil; the steep peak has the lofty peak, although it is lofty and steep. If you don't taste the flying sand and gravel, how can you bring the rolling oil; if you don't go through the dark tide, how can you pick up the Ganoderma lucidum; if you don't sneak into the fierce wind and waves, how can you get back the coral pearls; if you don't step on the steep and steep mountains, you can't enjoy the rare treasures.

There are mistakes, damages, blood and sweat, and hardship. It is these that compose the history of my life, proving that I have come to this world, and have bravely done, broken through and fought hard. There are the footsteps of winter and winter, and the echo of rumbling. I have no regrets.

Will you regret it? You look at my eyes very seriously. I did not answer, you and I looked at each other for a long time, the disappointment in my eyes was collected by me bit by bit. You slowly look away, look into the distance, silent. I thought you'd answer, you said softly in my ear before you left. I just laughed it off.

Fiddling with the flowers in front of the body, a bright red flower stretching in the branches, enchanting, spooky beauty stabbed my eyes straight pain. I went into the room and took out the scissors. Without any nostalgia, I gently cut off the flower. You watched all this behind me silently. This flower is very beautiful, you walk beside me and mutter to yourself. I just laughed it off.

Perhaps, when you see this letter, I have left. You ask me, I will regret, I may regret anyone, anything, but for you, I have no regrets. The flower is beautiful, but it makes people feel bad. It's useless to keep it. I saw you, you that in the streets crazy looking for my figure. I just laughed it off.

No regrets no regrets composition 3: once walked through no regrets, life is a prism, reflecting different light, like coffee bitterness mixed with mellow fragrance; life is a string of pearls, blooming brilliant colors; life is an answer sheet, need to be completed with heart. Choose your own sky in life and make it full and beautiful. In the face of a series of opportunities and difficulties in life, we should not simply be obedient, but constantly choose in the experience.

The philosopher said: choose a piece of sky, this piece of sky belongs to you, to constantly enrich it. Yes, the choice of the answer not to modify, to believe in themselves, no regrets. Flowers choose sunshine because it wants to open; birds choose sky because it wants to fly; zebra chooses grassland because it wants to run. They passed by without complaint or regret. Even if you make a mistake for a while, you have to find a breakthrough. Sometimes it is right to make mistakes. If you try hard, you will have no regrets. Because what you get is a harvest and experience, on this basis, you are happy.

If someone says that your choice is stupid, but from the stupidity you realize what others have never had, at least you have no regrets.

Once upon a time, there was a fox who wanted to enter the vineyard, but the hole was too small, so he had to starve his body into the garden. After tasting the delicious grapes, he found that he was too fat to get out. He had to starve for a few more days before he had to leave. In this regard, some people laugh at the folly of the fox: when he goes in hungry and thin, he gets nothing; some people think that the fox has tasted the delicious grape and has the memory of the sweet taste of grape, but in fact, what it gains is an experience and experience.

Think of that fox, you have the eternal memory, not just hunger.

In the days of wind and rain, looking up at the depth of the sky, I think the sky is laughing at myself, so I chose the persistent pursuit. Have you heard such a story? An old man exchanged his only money for a cow, a rooster on his way home, and finally a basket of eggs. After he returned home, his wife did not have a trace of blame, but said with a smile: "I believe in your choice, because you have gone through, no regrets!"

Having an experience and experience is more precious than your temporary happiness, but learning to choose is more courageous than your experience. It is the sublimation of growth in life that you have gone through without complaint and regret! You don't have the right to complain about life, but you can change your life because you have gone through it without complaint or regret.

Even if you fail, but you have gone through, that is the result of your journey.