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Botanical Garden

Last year, I went to the botanical garden, where the scenery is beautiful, all the year round.

In spring, the trees grow new leaves, and grass grows on the land, like a piece of green carpet.

In summer, the lotus leaves in the pond are squeezed and squeezed like a big disc. From the big disc, suddenly, the white lotus comes out. Some of them just unfold two or three petals, and some all unfold. The small lotus pods with tender flowers and colors show up, and some of them are just like flowers and bones, which are about to burst when they are full.

In autumn, the leaves turn yellow, floating down from the tree, like a small butterfly flying all over the sky.

In winter, snowflakes float down from the sky and change into pieces of white carpet. One spring Friday, grade one, two, three, five and six of our school went to the botanical garden for spring outing. The scenery there is beautiful.

Although the botanical garden in our school is far away, the students are talking and laughing. At the gate of the botanical garden, some students yelled, China was liberated, others called, Japan surrendered, etc.

I see the plants in the botanical garden are green, full of flowers, full of spring, very beautiful.

You can smell flowers everywhere in the botanical garden. The flowers are green, red, yellow and blue. They are colorful, very beautiful and beautiful.

If you have a chance to visit, there are also some interesting things in the botanical garden.

Fengming primary school in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province five "share a blue sky, build a beautiful home" tree planting activity plan 100 words This activity is sponsored by XXXXXX in Beijing. The tree planting base has convenient transportation, close to Beitai road and Kuangou exit of Beijing Chengde expressway. It is the green belt of Huairou section of 'Jingmi diversion canal' and 'Jingcheng Expressway'. This greening project can effectively protect Beijing People's drinking water resources. The tree planting base has a large scale, with a tree planting area of more than 3000 mu, and can receive thousands of people to plant trees at the same time. 1、 Activity slogan: "share a blue sky, build a beautiful home" 2. Venue: Qiaozi town forestry base, Huairou District 3. Planting tree species: Poplar / cypress / maple tree 4. Activity time: March 1 - May 10, 2013 5. Base commitment: tree planting activity is organized by Huairou Qiaozi Forest Farm, which can ensure the survival of trees, with a survival rate of more than 95%. My favorite plant is Mimosa, of course!

Mimosa is produced in tropical South America. In spring, Mimosa sprouts, small, green, lovely; summer,

Mimosa grow tender green leaves; in autumn, Mimosa flowers, pink, hairy, like a little hedgehog; in winter, Mimosa bearing seeds, like a small soybean, round. Its characteristic is that as long as you touch its leaves, he will look like a little girl shyly bow her head, sweet appearance.

What a lovely Mimosa! He is one of my favorite plants.

Zhenru primary school five botanical garden 100 words our school botanical garden is behind the playground, square, where the scenery is beautiful all the year round.

Spring has come, the earth put on green, botanical garden is not willing to lag behind, a piece of green.

Summer arrived, all kinds of trees are growing very luxuriant, colorful flowers are blooming, groups of bees are buzzing on the flowers

The butterflies are flying.

Autumn is coming, colorful chrysanthemums are blooming, there are yellow, white and purple & hellip; & hellip; it's really beautiful.

Winter arrived, all kinds of flowers and plants are not hidden, only plum blossom open alone.

I love our botanical garden. Full of green Qishan botanical garden, spring is coming, everywhere is green. In particular, Qishan botanical garden, which is full of green, makes people intoxicated.

When you come to Qishan botanical garden, the first thing you can see is the huge, smooth stone. On the front of the stone, there are five big characters of Qishan botanical garden, and on the back is the origin of Qishan botanical garden. The surrounding of the stone is full of flowers, which seems to make a beautiful wreath for this big stone.

Go in again, you can see a lush world, green trees and green grass seem to be linked together, it seems that each side of green has a life beating. Trees have been repaired in a strange shape. Some trees are stacked like several balls, forming a string of green sugar gourd; some have been made into Christmas trees; some are short, but luxuriant, like a big green umbrella. Grass from the ground out of the head, the color is said to be green, but also goose yellow.

The most striking, of course, is the waterfall. You can see the waterfall as soon as you go through the narrow cave. A bunch of gold under the screen of the sun, along the flowing water, seems to be pouring a bowl of golden pearls on the white curtain of the waterfall. Although the water spring has no special style, it doesn't have its own water bubble style. The water all flowed into a small pool, the water in the small pool was clear to the bottom, and you could see the fish swimming around, playing games!

Green, let Qishan botanical garden full of vitality, it is like a green picture, let people never tire of seeing it! There are many parks I like to go to, such as Yuehe Park, Le'an Park & hellip; & hellip; but my favorite is the botanical garden.

In spring, the grass is sticking out, the flower is shaking and drilling out, the willow is growing green buds, combing her beautiful and fine hair in the breeze, the ice in the river is melting, and the fish come up from the bottom of the water, playing and playing freely on the water surface. Very happy!

In summer, the grass and flowers were bent down like being blown down by a breeze. The willow girl swayed her long braid vigorously. The dog was so hot that she put out her tongue and dropped her ears. The water in the river became warm. The cicada kept calling on the tree: "it's hot, it's hot! 'the fish were swimming with heat, and the earth was scorching hot. The whole summer world.

Autumn, gusts of autumn wind, autumn wind blowing, grass breathing fresh rain, and fresh air. Xiaohua shakes her body and does exercises to keep her figure. Willow girl swayed his long braid and floated back and forth. The water in the river is clear and cool, and the fish swim happily.

In winter, the grass and flowers are frozen to the ground to keep warm. The willow girl's braid is no longer as green as before, full of white snow. The water in the river froze, and the ice was covered with a layer of white snow. The fish sank to the bottom of the sea to warm up, and the swallows flew back to the south. It was a lonely winter, but the White was refreshing.

I love you, botanical garden, more love beautiful botanical garden. At the beginning of summer vacation, my grandfather decided to take me to visit the Sui and Tang botanical garden with a long history.

We took the bus to the entrance of the botanical garden of Sui and Tang Dynasties in the morning. Entering the botanical garden, the magnificent gate makes people very excited. Walking through the high rockery, you will see a large area of green scenery -- all kinds of flowers, plants and trees. The artificial lake has been surrounded by people. The lake is as calm as a mirror and clear as the bottom. As soon as the wind blows, the surface of the water that reflects the sun is sparkling, like countless stars blinking, and like countless glittering gold ingots; the branches are dancing with the wind, just like a beautiful waterscape painting.

Follow the path on the left and walk through the central square to come to the wild water garden in the west of the botanical garden. Wow, a world of water! The pond in the wild scenery is full of fresh water lilies, green lotus leaves and pink white lotus flowers. Some of them bloom slowly, showing a happy smile, like a graceful girl; some are in bud, like a shy little girl. The color of lotus and the green of lotus leaves make visitors linger. Hiding under the lotus leaf, a few small fish suddenly jumped out of the water, and from time to time they circled around the water lily which was basking in the sun. The lotus pond has been surrounded by photographers who have been standing by the lotus pond for a long time with camera.

This beautiful lotus scenery is the most beautiful memory in my life. When I came to the botanical garden, I couldn't help but be stunned. On both sides of the entrance of the botanical garden, tall and big trees were standing, like brave soldiers guarding the door. In the grass, there are many flowers and trees, there are many birds in the trees, chirping, as if to welcome us to come. On the lawn, there are many people who are playing, some are playing football, some are playing diabolo, some are flying kites, and everyone's faces are full of joy. Then we came to the mirror lake. Looking under the bridge, the lake water is clear, there are several dragonflies flying around, some red. Yellow. White. Black, numerous Dragonflies of all kinds. The water can be lively, some shrimp are fighting, some fish are playing, some ducks are eating water bugs. In the afternoon, there are more and more kites in the sky. From a distance, kites are like a bird. They are very beautiful!

Ah! How beautiful the botanical garden is!