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A matter of shame

Chapter one: a matter of shame

I remember it was a Saturday morning, my kindergarten held a get-together. On that day, everyone was very happy. It's fun to sing and dance again.

But I was ashamed to do it on this day. This day, a classmate brought a beautiful rubber.

Everyone likes this rubber very much, but nobody dares to take it. Because we all know that it is immoral to take other people's things casually. At that time, I had an idea that I shouldn't have thought about. I thought: if I take this rubber home, it will be mine?

So, I took advantage of the student did not pay attention to the time to secretly take away the rubber. After the party, everyone didn't find anything missing, so they went home. When I got home, I thought: after all, this rubber belongs to someone else. I should give it back. It's wrong to take other people's things. On Monday, I put the eraser on the classmate's desk and walked away quietly & hellip; & hellip; although it has been a long time, it is still the most shameful thing for me.

Chapter two: a matter of shame

Today, my mother and I were waiting for the bus at the gate of Hualian Supermarket to go to my aunt's house.

After waiting for a long time, a No. 9 bus finally arrived. As soon as the door opened, I rushed in. There were too many people on the bus. I finally found a seat to sit down. I thought: I'm really lucky today. I can't find a seat like the other day. So I sat down and rested.

One stop after another. To the commodity market, an old man got on the car. His hair was white, his face was wrinkled, he was bent over with a crutch in his hand. After he got on the bus, he looked at the car and saw that there was no seat, so he chose a place to stand. At this time, a voice came from the radio: "please take care of the passengers in need, thank you! 'but the people in the car didn't hear. After listening to it, I thought: Auntie's house is so far away, it must be very tired to stand up! I sat there, too. At this time, a little boy, about five or six years old, who was younger than me, stood up and said, "grandfather, sit here! "The grandfather said gratefully," thank you, thank you! '

At this time, my face suddenly red. Chapter 3: a matter of shame

What a shame to talk about it! I broke Wang Nan's cooked eggs that day!

On Wednesday, it looked like usual. The sun was as bright as ever, and the breeze was still as gentle as ever. But on that day, what should not have happened happened!

At about 7:30, I left home and came to school. After putting down my schoolbag, the first thing I saw was Wang Nan's egg. I suddenly remembered what my father said: "raw eggs can only be crushed to a certain extent.". After that, I went to Wang Nan's seat and gently pinched the egg in my palm. The sound of "Cha" startled me, and all the people looked at me in surprise. However, they all changed their eyes to look at the good play. I immediately realized that the egg had been crushed. Originally wanted to muddle through, the hateful Ding Zhicheng said with unfriendly eyes: 'go and clarify the facts! '

Oh! I blushed and apologized to her and said, "I'm sorry! I've broken your egg! '

Although I plucked up the courage to say it, but my heart is still like a rabbit jumping up and down, but Wang Nan calmly said to me: 'put the eggs in the garbage can! '

I felt really ashamed when I accepted this' peace of mind '!

Chapter 4: a matter of shame

One Sunday, I was supposed to go to a calligraphy class, but I made a big mistake.

When I went to the calligraphy class, I saw the door closed. My mother said, "knock on the door, and someone will open it. 'I want to be smart, because I'm so tired of calligraphy class that I don't want to go at all, so I run out to play all afternoon, and I've left calligraphy class behind.

When I got home, I said to my mother: 'there is no one in the calligraphy class today. "My mother immediately dialed the phone of the calligraphy class teacher. After flipping the phone, my mother walked away disappointed. At this time, I realized that I had made a big mistake. How could I lie to my mother?

I admitted my mistake to my mother, and now I know that lying is a very shameful act. I am extremely ashamed!

Chapter 5: a matter of shame

My family has a pet turtle called little Guizi, all day alone in the fish tank, happened to be after school today, in front of our school there is an old grandfather selling fish, I pestered my mother to let her buy me some to go back to the little noble son for company, my mother couldn't resist me, had to buy 1 yuan of small fish. I was happy to take him home and put him in the fish tank of the little noble son. When I saw a small grass carp circling around the little prince, I was not so happy. The little prince was motionless. With a pair of small eyes staring at the new partner, I think he is also happy.

The good time is not long. After three minutes, the little noble son launched a war. He aimed at the fish in front of him and swallowed three in a twinkling of an eye. My God! I made a big mistake. I gave the poor fish a snack for the little devil.

In order to save the mistake, I immediately fished out the remaining fish and put it in another fish tank. This matter made me very ashamed. It was my ignorance that made the fish lose their precious life and did something wrong with kindness.

Chapter 1: shame

Today, I took the book "sell" to school again. I used to take it almost as long as there was PE class. As a result, I was discovered by Mr. Wang today, because the bell rang in class, but I didn't realize it and watched it with interest. Teacher Wang was very angry and said to me sternly, "how many times have you said you can't bring the sailor to school? This will not only affect your study, but also affect other students! 'well, I'll tear my book to pieces. Looking at the incomplete sailor, I feel very ashamed. In the past, Mr. Wang and my mother have warned me more than once that I can't bring the book "sell" to school, but I always disobey advice and stick to my own opinions, and now I'm sorry.

After school, I walked anxiously, thinking, "my mother will hit me if she knows about this. 'when I saw my mother, I cried and told her the whole story, and I admitted my mistake seriously. My mother looked at me in agony and forgave me, but I felt more ashamed.

When I got home, I asked my mother to burn all my books, but my mother said no, she kept them for me to read during the holidays.

I'll never bring book sell to school again. "Once you say it, you can't go back. 'I must do what I say.

I'm so ashamed

In the long river of my memory, there are countless dazzling gems, which often appear in front of me. Shining their own brilliance.

Remember, it was a sunny afternoon, I came to the school in a hurry, sitting in their own position. I began to do my afternoon homework. After a while, I couldn't find my pen. I was so anxious that I left home in a hurry with only a pen. What can I do? I was about to borrow a pen from my deskmate when I came across a pen. This pen is as like as two peas, and I insist that it is my pen. She said she had just bought the pen, not mine.

The two of us had a quarrel. As a result, she cried and said, 'take it! 'I picked up my pen and turned my head. I started my homework. My heart said, "I'm so eloquent that I need my pen back. Otherwise, I'll be criticized by my mother.

We didn't talk to each other all afternoon. I ignored her and she ignored me. Think about the past, we are inseparable good friends, but now, for a pen quarrel like this.

After school, while I was packing my schoolbag, the naughty pen fell out from the edge of my schoolbag. I was stunned. I misunderstood her.

The next day, I took my pen and apologized to her. I said to her: 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Shall we still be friends? 'she nodded. Since then, we have become inseparable friends.

This matter has passed, there are one or two on, but it will always be the most shining gem, the most dazzling gem in the long river of my memory. Chapter 3: a thing that makes me feel ashamed

I'm really ashamed to think of that! I will always remember that.

I remember, it was the first semester of grade five. At that time, our math teacher was a very strict teacher with rich teaching experience. Her surname was Wang, and she was about to retire. However, she was well dressed and dressed in a special spirit, which gave people the feeling that she was still very young.

Once, the teacher left the homework of the day on the blackboard, and then began to grade the homework. I copied the homework and went up. I was at the back of the line. I was in a good position. In the place where the teacher had just written his homework, because the queue was boring, he intentionally or unintentionally erased the horizontal line above the word '7' written by the teacher, and the original '17' changed, When I finished my homework, I packed up my schoolbag and went out to play with my classmates. I had forgotten about the change from '17' to '11'.

The next day, when the teacher judged the homework, he found that many students had written their homework wrong. It turned out that someone had changed the page number of the assignment, so he scolded him fiercely. Sitting below me, I lowered my head and didn't even dare to give out the air. I was afraid that other students would tell me that I did this good thing. So I was scared for a week, and fortunately no one told. But now, when I mention this matter, I will be frightened and ashamed of what I have done.

At that time, I just wanted to relieve my boredom, but I was bored for a whole week. I would definitely not do this kind of thing in the future. I would like to say sorry to Mr. Wang, but the teacher has retired. I feel very ashamed when I think about it.

I'm ashamed of the rules

'no rules, no rules. Since I did that wrong thing, I feel very ashamed.

Once, in the mid-term examination, I studied very well in the class, so I was very proud. When the teacher asked us to review, I saw the students reading books with their heads down and seriously, while I was still eating. Suddenly, Ma Zhengchang stood in front of me, he wanted to ask for advice, so he said very kindly: Wang Wanyun, can you teach me to do this problem. He pointed to me, but I said coldly: it's really the time when the book is used! Ma Zhengchang had no choice but to consult others.

On the day of the examination, when the test paper was sent out, other students were doing the paper very seriously and taking up the pen in no hurry. But I saw this problem in the Chinese book when I finished the fourth question, but I just couldn't remember it. I began to regret that I didn't review well.

When I saw other students writing with a pen, I couldn't do it. Suddenly, I decided to copy the book, but the teacher stipulated that I couldn't make the answer. I copied the answer quickly. It was time for the exam. I took the cheating test paper to a teacher and I went out to play. On Monday, the teacher read the test paper, and I was 99. 5. This is the first time I cheated since the beginning of school, but it's time for him to cheat! So, I carefully open the book Hua Hua Hua, carefully look for, finally