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Boys in our class

Hey, students, the boys in our class are coming to us with a smile.

You see, the man in casual clothes, with a pair of bright eyes and a small flat head, is a middle-sized man in our class. His name is Zhou Zheng. Every time after class, other boys rush out of the classroom like a swarm to play basketball and buy things. Only Zhou Zheng, who wants to finish his learning task, goes out to play basketball. Sometimes, students will ask: "Zhou Zheng, why do you like reading so much?" When Zhou Zheng heard this, he always replied with a smile: "there is a golden house in the book, and there is beauty in the book. Reading is learning. It brings fun and good enjoyment to my childhood What he said is really impressive. This is not true. In this midterm exam, he got a double hundred. Of course, he is not a "nerd", he also has a lively and funny side.

"Pa", "pa", "pa", eh? It's like playing basketball. Oh, almost forgot him. He was Zhang Qiang, with a dark face and a tall, thin man. Don't look at him thin, he is our basketball master, and also the captain of our class basketball team, Captain Zhang. His speed in playing basketball can be said to be flowing, and almost all his three-point or half court shots can enter the hoop steadily. Therefore, the title of "basketball master" is not called out, it is really worthy of the name.

"How much is 9999 times 9999?" "It's 9998001." Now let's invite our quick calculation genius Lu Chen to come on stage. You see, he is fat, driving a pair of glasses, is not very learned? Yes, he is very learned. He can tell the answer quickly and accurately by multiplying an eight digit number by a three digit number. He also won the first prize in the international numeral chess competition held by his school, the second place in the "computing master" competition, and the second place in the mathematics competition. Well, it's good enough!

"Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha Who is laughing? It turns out that the funny expert in our class made the students laugh again. The funny expert Chen Yali was born with a funny look, big eyes, long eyelashes (like a little girl) and hedgehog hair. In class, he often teases the students around him not to listen to the teacher; after class, the students are not quiet. Alas, there is no way. In short, where there is him, there is full of laughter.

The boys in our class are tall and short, fat and thin, lively and quiet. I will not introduce them one by one here. They are all "shining stars in the universe.". The boys in our class have their own happiness, anger and sadness. They have distress and joy. Although they don't speak well, their thoughts are positive.

Pang Dun, the object of a class laugh, his fat body, coupled with extremely complex humorous action, can make you laugh stomachache. He loves basketball very much, and he is famous in the school with the title of "3-point king" in the grade competition. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. No one is perfect. He is very talkative in class and has been repeatedly rated as "the core figure" by the head teacher.

A Huang, a super basketball prince, has a special love for basketball. Passing and layup can be ranked second in our school, because the physical education teacher is the first! He's been trying to train his skills, but there are always laughs. Take not long ago, when he was training to stop and turn around, he came to a "flying shoes, buttocks, flat sand and falling swallow style". At that time, it was morning exercise time, so the whole school laughed like thunder, and the momentum was so great that it was more powerful than "linghuchong".

"Man woman" is not a basketball prince, but also a rebounding king. This person's disposition is particularly cheerful, certainly also long handsome, but oneself likes to make some silly dreams. In class, he likes to sleep, or talk to his classmates. His songs are also very good, but they always give people the feeling of female voice. Therefore, he became known as "mother-in-law". He was dissatisfied and rose to resist. However, he was outnumbered and eventually failed.

Saner, he is the first crying knight in our class. No one can beat him. His EQ index is very high. This man looks like a "strip" of flax. His hair is much more handsome than that of the Buddha. The Tathagata can roll two volumes at most. He is really crazy. Once, in the physical education class, heroes from all walks of life were about to show off their skills, but there was a cry. After a closer look, the crying hero came. So we asked him why, and those who were kind handed over toilet paper. Finally, he said, he was accidentally hit by basketball! The crowd burst into laughter.

Although there are not many boys in our class, their personalities are different. Do you want to know more about the male heroes in this class? Then find me! Who am I? I'm a fart man. It can be said that I'm full of bullshit. It stinks! The boys in our class, the boys in my class have their own merits and are handsome and unrestrained. Wen's talent and "Wu" are all-round.

Let's take the sports master Gao Jian for example! He is the mainstay of our class's sports. Take the fourth grade sports meeting as an example. Gao Jian actively signed up and took part in a number of running events. He competed for the first place in 200m and 400m. When the competition started, when the gunshot fell, he saw Gao Jian

Finally, he won the first place easily with the advantage of 30 meters

There is also Cai Guoqing, his younger sister. He was born to be a handsome girl. Even if he clenched his fist, he would slap a hero with a scarf. Although he was usually shy, he would dance when he heard pop music outside the school. So the students gave him a nickname of "king of dancing"

How about the boys in my class? The boys in our class are all different from each other in our class. Hey, who calls us class two? However, if you want to say that it's very unusual, that's to count the boys in our class. If you don't believe it, you can see.

Modern "Jia Baoyu"

In our class, some boys love playing with girls. One day, as soon as I came to the classroom, I saw Peng Kaihang kicking the shuttlecock with the girls. He was very attentive. Unfortunately, the shuttlecock didn't listen to him. Peng Kaihang's feet went east, it went west, let it go left, it went right In short, Peng Kaihang couldn't cure the shuttlecock. The girl next to him laughed at him. He didn't care, but said to the girl, "master, teach me!" I almost laughed at him! Speaking of Jia Baoyu, his mother said to me later

Love the motherland with "hypocrisy"

Speaking of my back desk, I want to laugh because he is too fake. As soon as we finished learning the founding ceremony, he sang the main content with the tune of "Greater China": 54 cannons, 28 rounds, more than 20000 people came to the square The tune is good, but the lyrics are really bad. There's nothing wrong with saying that you love your motherland. Just can you change your expression, or I'll vomit

Smart is also criticized:

Yang Yang in our class is famous for his cleverness, but he is also scolded for being too clever! Once, the physical education teacher asked us to fill in the information, and Yang Yang came to make fun of it: he filled in the school as "not recognized", the class as "unclear", the gender as "half male and half female", the nationality as "grass bag nationality", and the IC number as "defective" The teacher decided to leave the information in his file Oh, my stomach is aching with laughter

How about, the boys in our class have personality?! Have a chance to meet you! The boys in our class talk about the boys in our class. It's really changeable. It's hard for people to say what's good. What's in your arms is hateful

"Laughing star" Wang Hao

Mentioning Wang Hao, he is the laughingstock of our class. When he is free, he always makes up some jokes. This is not true, just today in the social class of the Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor, he immediately recited such a poem; Yellow Emperor invented briefs, Yan Di invented open crotch pants. If it makes everyone laugh. Another time, the English teacher asked us to do the "walk" action, but Wang Hao's posture looked like an adult, and everyone laughed.

"Lady" Lin bin

Lin bin not only looks like a girl, but also doesn't need to say anything in life. He speaks in a soft voice and even eats with a small mouth. He is really a "Lady". However, in the field, but completely cast off the "Lady" image, struggle hard, ha ha.

"Troublemaker" Fang Zhifei

ha-ha! Look, look, Fang Zhifei is making trouble again. The last time Zhang Haixia, a table mate, sat down to answer a question, he was forced to move the stool back, causing a big fall. Now it's not just one of them who's been killed.

"Naughty king" Wang Bing

Hee hee! Hearing this strange laughter, many students went to their seats to see what was abnormal, which was to disturb Wang Bing. He always put the stationery of so and so in the schoolbag of so and so that the two people who were teased were not in harmony, but he laughed at the side.

"Writing king" Shen Chunhua

The best should be introduced at the end! The king of composition in our class looks ordinary, but you will be surprised when you read his composition. He wrote such a good and wonderful composition. Strange! Strange! Strange!!!!

Some of the boys in our class are hateful, but without them, life will be less fun! The boys in our class were bored, opened the paper, picked up a pen and wrote some of our class's treasures. These are not other people, but a few of our class especially eye-catching "male stars.".

Golden master of the star "one" (his self proclaimed)

Speaking of, we are the head of the class. Doing something can be regarded as echoing among the boys, but the biggest defect of this man is that he is too crazy and arrogant. In terms of local language, it means that if you think that you are the invincible, it is actually a... " All day long, he said: Sao lost, Sao smashed. Ah, I'm totally speechless. His signature action is also the object that we girls compete to imitate after class. It's really hard to imagine how active and lacking a person's action is when he takes a set of big head stickers and his movements are all limited to holding his head and pouting his mouth. Even so, I can't forget the kindness of others. Our classroom is on the fourth floor, but after each class, he still insists on going up and down the stairs to buy snacks for us "gluttonous ghosts" at our own expense. Ah, it's really hard for him.

Ling Jianfeng of star "two"

Many people can't help but think of the characters with swords in martial arts novels after listening to this name. It can be seen that his name is so nostalgic. The name comes back to the name. People's looks are not really covered. This is a "school grass" class character. After class, before he gets up, there are a group of girls around him, some of them deliberately provoke him, some come to deliver snacks, some simply drive away his innocent deskmate, sit down beside him, and tell him some gossip problems that girls are more interested in. But after all, he is a good student. If he buries his head, he will do nothing