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I learned tolerance that time

I learned tolerance that time

At the end of class, the examination paper was handed out, and I only got more than 80 points. I was so upset that I didn't want to talk to anyone. I took my pen to revise the test paper.

However, my pen is missing, not in my pencil case, not in my schoolbag, not in my drawer. I got angry and cried out, "who's got my pen! 'at this time, my deskmate came up to me with a restless face and stammered and said,' yes, I'm sorry! I hit your pen on the ground just now, and the tip of it is broken. I will buy you a new one. 'the anger in my heart erupted like a volcano and roared, 'you pay, can you pay! This one is brought by my father from Beijing. You can buy one in Beijing. You are scared to hide and cry. Other students have come to comfort her, some also said that my not: "not just a pen, as for this! 'I'm angry again. He said to the students, "I've broken your pen. Try it. What do you think? I don't know if you are hungry. 'with that, I rushed out of the classroom.

Before I left the classroom, I just heard the clatter behind me. I turned around and saw a pencil box of one of my classmates in the first row was thrown by my arm and fell heavily on the ground. It was in half. I immediately silly eyes, hastily picked up the stationery box. At this time, I did not think of what the owner had just said, but I did not want to say anything. However, it didn't happen. She just gently put the broken stationery box together and said 'it doesn't matter. Just go home and repair it. 'her words were gentle and gentle, but they hit me like a hammer. It's embarrassing to think of my performance.

I went back to my seat in silence and asked for the broken pen from my deskmate. I understand that tolerance is more important than anything.

Chapter 2: I learned tolerance that time

I am a little boy who likes to play. At home, I play with my neighbors; at school, I play with my classmates.

Once, near school, ye Pengsen and Wang Zihang were on the podium 'sending' (flying) English homework books. So I looked for my book everywhere. I found my English homework book in the aisle between group two and group three. I saw Wang Zihang facing three groups of flying books, and ye Pengsen was facing a large group of flying books. So I asked Wang Zihang to clean up my book. He said, "this book is not my flying book! 'I said:' I saw you flying that way. 'he retorted:' your book is from ye Pengsen. 'I said:' ye Pengsen flies this way, you fly that way, so you fly! 'he was angry. He hit me on the shoulder with the head of the broom and yelled:' I didn't fly, I didn't fly! 'I said:' you fly! 'he said:' I didn't fly! 'we fought. When Fu Jinhan saw it, he came to Wang Zihang and said, "Wang Zihang, don't fight. "Not only did he not listen, but he also grasped Fu Jinhan's hand. Fu Jinhan said," let go! 'he said:' I won't let it go. 'so they both started fighting. After the fight, Fu Jinhan and I both cried. The teacher called us to the office, and all three of us were severely criticized by the teacher.

Another time, when I entered the school at noon, I saw Wei Wei without a student card. She sneaked up to an old woman and said a few words. Then the old woman took her to school. When I entered the school, I saw Wei Wei in the classroom and said to her, "did an old woman bring you in today? 'she said: 'No. "Yes, an old woman came in. 'I said. In this way, we quarreled. Wei Wei's best friend Li Jing came. She hit the table with the book in her hand and said with Wei Wei. Li Jing fan a gust of wind, my pen was originally leaking ink, by her wind, the ink dripped on my book, I took the book to her, the ink sprinkled on her body. The teacher got it and criticized me again.

Through these two things, I know: a person should have a tolerant heart, and can't quarrel or fight with others for some trivial matters. Chapter three: that time, I learned tolerance

As the saying goes, "you have to be forgiven. 'Many years ago, I didn't understand this truth, but after one incident, I finally learned tolerance.

I remember when I was in the third grade, I was a little overbearing. Although I was weak, I was very tough on my mouth. A little mistake made by others was a great sin to me, so I would severely criticize and question them. Therefore, some students do not like my practice, have alienated me. This day, the bell rang, and I was having a good time in the corridor. I quickly walked into the classroom, and was still laughing and playing with my classmates. All of a sudden, I felt that I was hit by something heavily. My eyes were shining with pain, and my mouth was crooked. I wanted to cry without tears. Wait to slow down God to turn a head to have a look, it is originally and hair homework book of Yang Scarlett bumped, homework book fell to the ground. Seeing my expression, Yang Sijia immediately said, "I'm sorry, Cao Yukai. Would you like to go to the school medical office? "No, why are you so careless, really! 'I said something angrily, so I got rid of Yang Sijia and went to my seat, leaving only her homework book and embarrassed her.

After class, I lie down on my seat and think of my attitude towards her and her aggrieved look. I can't help but regret it: the teacher always exhorts us to learn to be tolerant. And I, although I have made it clear, I have to be unreasonable everywhere. I have to haggle over small matters. Alas, I also have responsibility just now. Who told me to go backward? Thinking of this, I can't sit still any longer. I want to ask Yang Sijia to admit my mistake, but before I get up, my face is red like a ripe tomato. Will she forgive me? So many students are watching, will you laugh at me? After hesitation, I finally got up the courage to come up to her and stammered to her: "Yang & hellip; & hellip; Yang Sijia, yes & hellip; & hellip; I'm sorry, it was my fault just now, I shouldn't have done this to you, please & hellip; & hellip; please forgive me. "After listening, Yang Sijia felt very embarrassed. Her face was red and she said in a soft voice," it doesn't matter. In fact, I was wrong just now. In this way, a storm subsided.

Tolerance is a virtue. Through this incident, I learned that everything should be tolerant. If we can all care for each other in our life, we will respect the elderly and care for the children, and the relationship between people will become more harmonious.

Chapter 4: that time I learned tolerance

Growth path, is so twists and turns, there are good and bad, know treason, but also understand tolerance.

Back home, in a hurry to sort out the schoolbag, just from the disordered bag took out a writing play English dictation book. Who knows just put the English dictation book on the table, just went out, and dad brush past, I also feel very uneasy when I go downstairs to eat, while eating thinking: Dad won't find the dictation book I put on the table. But he hasn't come to dinner for so long, have you seen it? At this time, I was a little nervous to eat. Put down the chopsticks and walk upstairs, ready to do homework. But I did not expect, he really saw, still holding the book stiff there. His face flushed with anger. He saw me coming and glared at me with his red eyes. Pop the book! 'on the table. I didn't roar out a lot of criticism. Why I failed so many times by dictation. And he said, 'I'll tell your mother to go! '

I was scared and froze for a long time, and I thought: how to do, how to do. This is to destroy me. I calmed down and went to do my homework again. Writing very uneasy, from time to time prepared for the mother's serious attack and criticism.

The familiar footstep made me stop my pen in my hand. Just like an ostrich sticking its head into the sand, I hold my head against the table. My mother came up and stood next to me. I looked at her. She held her breath and breathed heavily. Then she said calmly, 'you give me a better silence. Do you know? 'after listening to this sentence, I was much more comfortable and surprised that my mother didn't criticize me.

Sure enough, at the end of the day, I wrote silently for 90 minutes, and my mother said, "son, as long as you know what's wrong, you can change it. Do you understand? '

Yeah. My mother tolerated me, and I also learned that tolerance is to forbear and forgive others' mistakes.

Chapter 5: that time I learned tolerance

Leisurely walking on the playground, you walk beside me, we walk while chatting: "today, my parents said I was a child, then I, really naughty! 'your face is a little red, as if you're sorry for your childhood. And I, totally impatient, casually put up a couple of words, also stopped. For a moment, the atmosphere cooled down, and the pace did not stop.

You are about to say something, suddenly a small figure rushed to you, you seem to have no response. I pull my hand and you're out of danger zone.

'little boy! What class are you in? 'seeing you almost knocked down, and I always hate children, my voice can't help raising. The child didn't seem to have enough to play with. He made a face at us and challenged my limit: "come after me if you have the ability! 'and he spat out his tongue and ran away like a cigarette. And my clenched fists are always venting my anger. When I was about to catch up, your loud and clear voice thought: "don't chase! '

I turned back, a simple white dress, usually and I play with you, this time raised a smile, "it's OK! Anyway, he didn't hit me, so go back to the classroom. "But if you didn't have me just now, you & hellip; & hellip; 'before I finished my words, you interrupted me:' Oh, I'm still alive without you! You were much more naughty than him when you were a child! 'you take me and lead me to the classroom.

Silently looking at your side face, just prepared words were swallowed by me. You walk gently, your face is still the same smile. Inadvertently, my mouth also slightly up.

What do I see in you, ah, tolerance is one of the best things in the world. I was also inadvertently infected by you, it turns out that you have been far ahead of me by a big step, but it doesn't matter, you can go ahead with ease and steadiness. Because, one day, I will catch up with you and surpass you! Also thank you, because of you, I understand tolerance.

Chapter 1: at that moment, I understood tolerance

In the personal road, I gradually grew up, but also learned a lot of things. What I should be proud of is that I have learned tolerance.

I remember once I was doing my homework during recess. Because I'm going to the hospital to see my sick grandfather tonight, I have to write early