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Campus morning

"Chirp, chirp..." A clear sound of bird calls awakened the campus morning.

At the moment, the campus is still a bit sleepy, and there is a little mist in front of her. Sun father-in-law from the clouds out of the eyes, a few wisps of sunlight will shine on the campus, arouse the campus. I was also awakened by the setting sun and carried my schoolbag to the campus. At this time, the scenery was very beautiful. The dyed maple leaves looked around for a few times. Then they broke free from the branches and held the ceremony of falling into the soil with other leaves with that beautiful color. With the blue sky as the scenery and the white clouds as the companion, two or three sparrows fly in the sky. This flight is a kind of enjoyment, but also a kind of beautiful scenery. As soon as the wind blows, the campus will start to cough. From a distance, I hear a sound, ah, someone is coming. I walked along the campus corridor to the teaching building. Two rows of green pines waved their bodies and said hello to me. I also responded and said hello to them: "did you sleep well yesterday?" At this time, I saw the guard's uncle sitting there, smiling at me, I also smile back. Looking forward to see the classroom light on, who? I went up and the students were reading poetry. I read it, too.

The big trees in the campus are still so strong, the roses in the flower beds are still so fragrant, and this beautiful picture is gradually coming to an end. This morning, I came to the beautiful campus, a rare place to see.

As soon as I entered the school, I was fascinated by the beauty of the campus. Look, how peaceful it is: light and thin clouds like a veil cover the whole campus, the whole teaching building is hidden in the morning dew, vaguely see some fuzzy outline, as if it is a palace in a fairy tale, how mysterious it is! The clouds also sent some "special" gifts to the lotus leaves in front of the teaching building - dewdrops. The crystal clear dewdrops are like diamonds inlaid in lotus and leaves.

After a while, the school gradually lively up, students into the campus in groups, talking and laughing, very leisurely. The students on duty are busy, cleaning every corner of the campus; the group leaders are busy, urging the students to hand in their homework; the students who love learning are also busy, sitting on their seats and grasping the time to preview the text; the playful and noisy students are more busy, taking advantage of the good time of the teacher's absence to have a crazy play and stretch their muscles and bones

"Jingling", the bell of early reading rings. The students returned to the classroom orderly one by one, and consciously took out books to read. After a while, the sound of reading floated out of the campus. When the teacher saw this scene, he had a smile on his face and was very happy in his heart.

Gradually, a red sun rises from the East, the sun shines on the earth, and the clouds disappear.

Campus morning is a rare beautiful scenery, I like campus morning! Campus morning I love campus morning, because she is beautiful and moving; I love campus morning, because she is wonderful and warm; I love campus morning, because she is warm and full of vitality, I love campus morning!

It's a summer morning. The day is very early, and the air is very fresh. Standing on the roof of the teaching building, you can see layers of white fog dancing around the campus. When you come to the breeze pool, you can see many water lilies still sleeping. But the fish have already got up their spirits and played in the water. There are also green lotus leaves swaying in the morning, and dew drops on the lotus leaves Jumping, like a broken line of crystal pearls.

Gradually, the fog slowly faded, sun sister shyly showed half of her face, she seems to be familiar with the environment here, become no longer introverted, become a little open, but the thin layer of yarn she has not taken off, pavilion also faintly appeared a light white. With the opening of sister sun, the bright red five-star red flag swings with the gentle morning wind. Sister sun finally sprinkles the sun on the earth with no scruples. It sprinkles on the pool, noble as gold inlaid with emerald; on our faces, beautiful like flowers in full bloom; on the five-star red flag, magnificent as xiongshan Zhuang River; on

The campus is like a flower protector. We are the seeds that are sprouting. With her hard-working hands, she has nurtured us into beautiful flowers, flowers that never fade, and flowers that can give people happiness.

I love the early morning on campus, because she is beautiful, because she is charming, because it is wonderful. On campus morning, my home is opposite the school. It's a narrow road. In the morning, when I woke up, I opened the window and began to look at the opposite campus. The campus is quiet in the morning. There was no one, no sound. The trees all pulled out their branches and opened their fresh leaves. These trees have willows, willow branches and leaves one by one down, like a fairy princess comb long braid. There is another kind of tree is maple. The branches of maple are very big and the leaves are very dense. It is like the messenger of spring to keep us from the wind and rain. What a hero! Its leaves remind me of small fans. Maple leaves are really like small fans! These little fans keep us cool. Another kind of tree is pine, which grows in the small garden at the south end of the campus. As soon as I see the pine trees, I think of my uncles in the army. Why do I think of them? Because the pine tree is as straight as an arrow, isn't it like a soldier's uncle? The soldier's uncle stands straight!

There are two big flower beds on the campus. There are many flowers in the flower bed. I don't know the names of most flowers. Only recognize the rose. I think the rose is the most beautiful flower. The rose blooms just in time. The petals are golden, pink and colorful. They are very beautiful. The wind blows, but also can smell the faint fragrance. I can't believe it is true. The trees are so green and the flowers are so beautiful and fragrant. It seems like a beautiful picture. Trees and flowers like live, I really did not expect my campus is so beautiful! In the morning of campus, the plan of a year is in spring, and the plan of a day is in the morning. I love morning, more love campus morning.

Every morning, the sound of motorcycles, bicycles and electric cars sent by every parent at the gate of our school becomes a beautiful symphony. All of a sudden, the students are in a lively mood. In order to make the campus more beautiful and fresh. One by one, they worked hard. Look! Some are cleaning the floor carefully, some are cleaning the garbage cans, and some are wiping the dust on the veranda. Soon the whole campus is cleaned by them.

Look! The students in the classroom are seizing the time to read early! Suddenly, the whole campus is full of books.

The morning exercise bell rang, the students quickly put down the books in their hands, and immediately formed a neat line. All of them came to the playground with their heads held high. Accompanied by the melodious music, we seemed to be dancing Eagles just out of the cage! What a beautiful picture.

I love the noisy and beautiful campus morning! In the morning of the campus, when a wisp of sunshine in the East raises a dark corner, the sleeping campus gradually wakes up. The sleeping birds sang beautiful songs and the fish swam happily in the water. Everything is immersed in the quiet enjoyment.

Gradually, athletes appeared on the playground. They are eager to get up early in the hot winter. Qingsong is proud of them, the sun inspires them, and the flowers and plants cheer for them. The honor they have won is a recognition of their hard work every day.

Soon, groups of children appeared at the gate, and the quiet campus immediately became lively. The parents at the door give their children a lot of advice and help them to tidy up their clothes. When the children can't wait to run into the campus, the parents still reluctantly look at the children's flying back, for a long time refused to leave, until the children enter the classroom, only one step back to leave. The sound of Langlang's reading in the classroom, the happy conversation of students in the corridor, and the kind voice of parents at the school gate add a lot of excitement to the campus. The bell rang and it ended the wonderful campus symphony.

Ah, campus morning, you are how quiet, but so lively! I like the morning on campus.