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Science around us

Part 1: Science children, have you ever observed the science around you? Today, I will tell you a few. If you have a chance to go fishing with your parents, you must pay attention to that your fishing rod can't touch electricity. If you do, you will be electrified, and you can't even escape. Once, I cut off one side of a box, pasted a piece of white paper, and dug a hole on the other side. I took the box and looked out of the window, I saw the scenery outside the window. I asked my mother what was going on. My mother said, "because there is sunshine outside the window, the sunlight reflects the scenery onto the paper, so I can see the scenery outside the window. Once, when my mother cooked rice dumplings, she put a few eggs in the pot. When the rice dumplings were cooked, my mother took out the eggs, and I immediately smelled the taste of rice dumpling leaves. I asked my mother: 'why does it taste like rice dumpling leaves? "My mother said with a smile:" this is because the eggs and zongzi are cooked together. The taste of the rice dumplings is light and spreads to the inside of the eggs, so there will be the flavor of the leaves of the rice dumplings. Do you understand? 'that's all I'm talking about today. If you find any interesting science in the future, you must tell me!

In the morning, my uncle got up, saw the glass pieces all over the ground, frowned, and said to his father, "I'm kind enough to invite you to visit, but you broke my thermos bottle. "Dad said: 'I didn't break it. "Uncle said," is it the neighbor's cat? "Yes, it could have been a cat! "Don't quibble. Our neighbor doesn't have a cat at all! 'one of them fought over the other, and the other fought hard. I had to stand up and say, 'uncle, the thermos burst on its own. "Oh, it burst itself? 'My uncle asked. I said: 'yesterday, you filled the bottle with boiling hot water, which swelled with heat and contracted with cold. You also filled it with a lot of water. Moreover, the cap of the bottle was tightly plugged, which led to the overpressure in the bottle and the thermos bottle burst! "So it is! 'said father and uncle. One day, I went to play on the lawn outside the house. Seeing many snails on the lawn, I asked my friends to have a snail race. The snails set out, eh, how can they go east and West without a straight line? Later, in the science class, I heard a science teacher say: "snails walk by smell. They first smell where there is a smell, then they go first. When they encounter obstacles, they will fall off and go again. 'ah, it's true that there is science around us! One day, the sun was sleeping. It let cloud dolls come out to patrol. 'it's a cloudy day today. 'whose voice resounded through the park? oh It turns out that Feifei is lying on the grass. They are watching ants. Feifei's younger brother Taotao is holding a magnifying glass and concentrating on it. You see, how serious they are! After a while, Taotao said: 'what are the ants talking about with great interest? "Feifei shook her head like a rattle and said in a strange way," eh? What are you talking about? It's so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. Do you still say there is a sound? "Taotao was not willing to be outdone and said confidently," you don't understand. Their tentacles are moving! It's like their mouths! 'what are the ants talking about? I see. They are discussing that it is going to rain and let other ants go home.

Feifei said happily: 'I see. It turns out that these little ants come back in groups! They also want to make more delicious food, carry more food, and make themselves and everyone eat like big watermelons. Today is really an unforgettable day, Feifei and Taotao learned a lot of scientific knowledge.

A few days ago, I saw a question in a Book: why can the Dead Sea float any object? So I ran to my father and he said, "you have to do it yourself. You have to prepare tap water, salt, a raw egg, a spoon and a jam jar. You will know when you do the experiment. First of all, I put five teaspoons of salt and 1 / 2 liter of water in the jar and stir it evenly. Then, I carefully add a spoonful of tap water into the jar, and be careful not to mix it with salt water. Finally, I put an egg in it. I found that the egg was suspended in the middle of the jar! I asked Dad what the principle was? Dad said: 'the density of salt water is higher than that of tap water, so the tap water stays at the top of the jar, but at the junction of it and the brine, the two liquids will mix a little. The eggs are suspended at the junction of the two liquids because they are denser than tap water. So sink, because the density of salt water is bigger than eggs, so the eggs are held up by salt water again, do you understand? 'I said:' I understand! There are so many mysteries in life!

Chapter 5: Science dad around me likes to drink beer very much. He has to have a bottle of beer every day to satisfy his hunger. With the increasing temperature, the temperature of beer is also high, dad always can't drink to the full. Therefore, he often put a little ice into the beer to make a refreshing and delicious ice beer. Because my father has important things to do these days, he has no time, so this task falls on me. Today, I was having a good time with some of my friends. Suddenly, my brother gave me a pull and said: 'brother, have you finished your task?': 'what task? 'I don't know. 'cold beer! 'My brother reminds me. 'Oh, no! I forgot all about the top priority and didn't cool the boiled water in time. At that time, Dad can't drink cold beer, I have to eat 'bamboo shoot barbecue', and my ass will blossom! Seeing that lunch time was coming, I was a dead horse doctor and put the hot water into the refrigerator in a hurry. It's lunch time. I open the refrigerator nervously and wait for a storm. Ah? What's going on? I can't believe my eyes. The ice is ready! It's incredible! It's not so fast to use cold water! However, I finally escaped! I can't help but think. On the Internet, I finally found the answer: the cooling rate is not determined by the average speed of the liquid, but by the temperature difference between the upper surface and the bottom of the liquid. The greater the temperature difference, the more heat is dissipated from the upper surface, and the faster the temperature drops. The temperature difference between the upper surface and the bottom of hot water is large, which is why hot water freezes faster than cold water. Students, this kind of science is everywhere in our life. As long as we explore and experiment, we will get rich knowledge and taste the joy of success!

Chapter 1: science around us

In class today, Mr. Li mysteriously took out a thing from his bag and held it in his hand. Let's guess. All of a sudden, we were talking. Some say it's table tennis, some say it's orange, and I don't know who said it's egg.

Mr. Li said: 'please feel it first. 'I went up and touched it. It was cold as if I had a big piece of ice in my hand. I said: 'the egg just came out of the refrigerator. 'I think what kind of medicine does Mr. Li sell in the gourd. Then Mr. Li said, "this egg is very special. You can't break it even if you hold it. Do you believe it? 'some of us believe and some say we don't. Mr. Li said, 'now, start the experiment. '

Mr. Li asked me to hold the egg first. I was very happy. The teacher put the cold egg in my hand. I held the egg tightly and tried my best to eat it. But the egg was still intact. I used all my strength, my eyebrows were twisted into a ball, a green muscle and bone on my arm protruded, and my hands began to shake. The students below are laughing, and I can't help laughing. At this time, I think of what my mother said. When I try hard, I can't laugh. I immediately stopped laughing, and with more effort, my face turned red, blood was about to come out, the eggs were warm by me, but the eggs were still intact. I failed to get off the platform.

Then, Mr. Li said: 'the strong man is willing to give it a try. "Wang Hao walked to the platform with full confidence. After a while, he also failed.

Mr. Li asked everyone, "why is this so? Zhou Weiran said, "when you hold an egg in your hand, you will have more stress points on the egg. If the strength is weakened, the egg will not break. '

This experiment let me understand: we have science everywhere, let us use science to solve the problems around us.

Part two: science around us

We are surrounded by science. We do not need to have the high threshold of scientists, as long as we have the ability of careful observation and the spirit of exploration, anyone can discover science.

For example: 'how to distinguish between raw and cooked eggs? Very simple, as long as the egg on the flat table, if it is a straight line rolling over, it is cooked eggs; if it is rolling on the table, it is raw eggs. But is there any science in it? If so, why?

At the beginning, I was very confused. There must be some mystery in it. So I started to explore the science here. First of all, what are the characteristics of raw eggs? It should be that the yolk and egg white are liquid; in contrast, the yolk and egg white of cooked eggs are solidified solids. However, there is still no direct connection.

At this time, I was thinking and fiddling with cooked eggs. Liquid is not like water, so you can use water to do experiments. I took a glass of about half of the water, shaking it and watching the changes. Finally, I discovered the mystery. The force inside the raw egg is not full, and the water will shake when it rotates, which leads to the instability of the center of gravity of the raw egg, so that it will have no purpose. But the cooked egg is full of solid, and the solidification will not break, the center of gravity is natural and stable, so the trajectory of rotation will not change naturally. Raw eggs will shake unsteadily because they only have half a bucket of water. Cooked eggs are full in order to go to the end.

Therefore, science is everywhere around us. As long as we have perseverance and keen observation, we can certainly find it. From which, I also know a truth: to be a full-fledged person like a cooked egg, can we really have achievements and really taste the joy of success! Chapter 3: science around us: Cao Bohan

In my mind, I always think it is very difficult to be a famous scientist who is admired and respected by others. But because I read the book science around us, I changed my view.

During the summer vacation, I went to my father's army to play. Dad likes reading very much. There are all kinds of books in the bookcase. Suddenly, a "science around us" came into my eyes. I took out the book and began to read it seriously. When I saw a small experiment in friction electrification, I was very curious and started to do it according to the steps in the book. I first took a ball point pen and paper, cut the paper into small pieces and put it on the table. Then rub a few times on the hair with a pen, and then place the ball point pen on the top of about 1 cm away from the paper. Strange things happened, ballpoint pen seems to take magic, small pieces of paper have jumped up