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The most profound thing

One of the most profound things

Not long ago, I was most impressed by one thing. One of the things that impressed me most

One day, I came across a math problem that I couldn't do, and I couldn't think of it. Then I immediately called, 'Mom, come here! "What are you doing? I'm very busy now. What can I do for my brother. 'My mother replied. Come on, I can't do a math problem, and my brother can't do it. 'I went on. The mother replied, "think about it again, and I'm sure you'll come up with it. 'I said again,' I can't think of it. "My mother thought about it and said," think about it again, you can't always rely on others! 'I have to say,' I see. '

Finally, I came up with a solution to the problem. Through this time, I learned the truth that you can't rely on others. What my mother said to me is always in my mind.

Chapter two: the most profound thing

In my memory, there are many unforgettable things, but what impresses me most is that rainy day.

That morning, it was sunny and the weather was fine. After breakfast, my mother and I planned to go out for a walk. When we were halfway there, it suddenly began to rain. First it was drizzle, then it was raining cats and dogs. When we went out, my mother didn't take an umbrella, and there was no place to shelter from the rain. There was no way. My mother had to put on her coat for me. When I got home, I was fine, but my mother was drenched. How can I not be moved by my mother's love. My mother's love is most selfless. Her care for me is countless in my life. Can I grow up healthily without your care? Can I be a good student without your careful cultivation? Can I be so happy without your unselfish love?

mom! I want to say to you: 'you have worked hard. Now I understand that Jin's love is great and unselfish. You are not asking for repayment! Chapter three: the most profound thing

In the ocean of my memory, there are many waves, among which the biggest one is the most impressive one.

I remember in the second grade, once, in math class, the school organized many teachers to listen to the tree in our school. The teacher's class was very vivid, and the students listened very carefully. All of a sudden, Lu Jiarui, a classmate of our class, took out a small stone and flew from behind me and fell on my chest. I looked back and saw that LV Jiarui was smiling. I picked up the small stone and smashed it at him. At this time, was found by the teacher, because there are teachers, my class teacher just said: Sun Zhuo, pay attention to listen. After a while, after class, the teacher called LV Jiarui and I to the office, patiently taught us: you have grown up, there are teachers behind today, should you do this?! My face suddenly red, thinking: we are really sorry for the teacher, if I humble him, it will not happen. After this incident, I learned that in a class, we should be humble and friendly to each other, and always think of others in my heart. Then our collective will be happier and more harmonious.

Chapter 4: the most profound thing

Last summer vacation, my mother and I took the train to Chaohu to visit uncle and aunt. When the train was about to leave, I suddenly cried. My mother quickly wiped my tears and asked me why I should cry? I cried and said, 'if I'm going to play in Chaohu for two days, I won't be able to see my father! "My mother listened and said with a smile," it doesn't matter. When you get to Chaohu, when you see the scenic spots and interesting toys in Chaohu, you will not even have time to laugh! 'I felt a little better after listening to my mother's words & hellip; & hellip;

'at last, we've arrived at Chaohu Lake! 'I got off the train and said to my mother,' yes! 'said the mother. At this time, I saw Uncle come. He drove a police car with his grandparents who arrived in Chaohu a few days earlier than us. He also brought his aunt. My mother and I met him. When we got into uncle's car, we knew it was already two o'clock in the evening & hellip; & hellip;

The next morning, I had a big breakfast with my uncle and aunt, and my grandfather and grandmother went out to play. My grandmother gave me a complete set of Altman. We sat in the car and enjoyed the scenery. Later, my mother proposed to play in the countryside. My uncle followed her advice and got to the edge of Chaohu Lake. We got out of the car, and I put my hand into the lake water of Chaohu Lake The water in the lake was so clean that I almost took a sip & hellip; & hellip;

It's an unforgettable thing for me.

The most impressive thing for me

Each of us lives in a collective. The collective is a family. It brings us joy and warmth and makes us healthy and happy adults. In the collective, I also got the help of my classmates.

June 1 is coming soon. Some of my classmates and I have to arrange a program. Because of the time, we spent the afternoon class rehearsing the program, and the final exam was approaching. We were all very nervous. When we were worried, the study committee member said to us, "please believe me, I'll help you! From that day on, the committee member of the study committee waited patiently for us to return to the classroom. She would tell us what we learned in the afternoon very seriously.

Which days, I also thank my deskmate, he every day the teacher sent out the paper to help me keep, help me copy the homework in the homework notebook, he will help me put it in the drawer after finishing.

After the intense rehearsal, we performed on the dance stage on June 1. After the performance, my dance was warmly applauded by the audience. After the performance, I was thinking that I would not be what I am without the help of my classmates.

One of the most impressive things

From a blank and ignorant baby to a young pioneer who loves his motherland, what I experienced was like a vast sea. However, what impressed me most was an ordinary trip.

It was a sunny day with bright sun and a good day full of laughter. Because I went to pick oranges yesterday and returned with a full load, we also held a sports meeting this morning, which made us very excited. My mother pulled the excited me into the school bus and told me: 'today, our staff are going to the * resort, and you will follow. 'when we arrived at the resort, we went to the hotel first. I watched TV there for a while, and then I followed my mother to dinner. Unexpectedly, we came too early. So I was angry and savage and beat up the fat Zou in the fourth grade. Finally, when my stomach began to protest, I was ready for dinner. After a sumptuous dinner, my stomach began to get angry again. It took me directly to karaoke. What a coincidence that I met Miss Yin, Miss Wang and Miss Chen. Miss Wang and miss Yin have been ordering songs and singing all the time. What about Miss Chen? Ha ha, I've been out for a long time. Later, Miss Yin and Mr. Wang couldn't bear to go back to the hotel. I felt dizzy for a long time. However, in order not to lose face in front of my mother, although I went out on the grass in front of the door for a few gas changes, I still insisted on it to the end. Back at the hotel, my mouth watered (a characteristic of my sleep). The next day, I came to the restaurant for breakfast, where the food is so rich! There are milk, bread, eggs, fried noodles & hellip; & hellip; after breakfast, I took a sip of water contentedly and climbed the mountain with my mother to watch the beautiful Taihu Lake. After a while, my mother and I opened to eat, but this is the lake barbecue ah! Mrs. and Mrs. yummy! After the barbecue, we went home soon.

This trip is really fun.

The most impressive thing

This summer vacation, I did a thing, let me remember fresh, very impressive.

Just one noon not long ago, my parents were not at home, and I was hungry. Suddenly, I remembered that there were several bags of instant noodles in the kitchen, so I decided to cook noodles to satisfy my hunger.

It's time to cook noodles! I followed the example of my parents. First, I put pancakes, vegetables, seasonings and so on into the pot, then put some pure water into the pancake, and then turn on the gas stove. It seems that it's not difficult to do something that I thought was very difficult. I went out of the kitchen to play while thinking like this.

I know how to tell you that when I go back to the kitchen excitedly, the foam in the pot is coming out like a volcano. I was scared to death and I quickly turned off the gas stove and put it under the tap, and then poured it in with pure water to destroy the volcano.

I put the pot on the gas stove again. Because of the last accident, I stayed in the kitchen honestly this time, for fear of the second eruption of the volcano. Sure enough, as expected, the volcano came back to life. Fortunately, I was on guard and put out the volcano again with pure water in time to prevent the lava from flowing out, and my heart calmed down.

In the encounter of fear, and so on the third volcano is about to erupt, I put out the gas stove, noodles should be cooked! I put the noodles into a beautiful big bowl, and then & hellip; & hellip; it's ready to eat!

From this unforgettable experience of cooking noodles, I have explored three principles: 1. In daily life, we should pay attention to careful observation and constantly accumulate life skills. In this way, we can use them when we need them. If we didn't observe how my parents cook noodles, I would be starving that day. 2. For many things, there must be a first time. We should not be afraid of the things we have never done. We should have the courage to practice and improve our ability through continuous training. 3. Even if it is a seemingly simple thing, if you are not serious and half hearted, it will not do well, and even lead to disaster! Chapter 3: the most impressive thing for me

People's life will always have their most impressive things, today, I will also tell you the most impressive things.

The next morning when I went to Anhua, I woke up from my sleep and found that my mobile phone was missing. I quickly put on my clothes and looked for it everywhere. 30 minutes later, I still couldn't find it. At this time, I was more and more anxious. This is the treasure of my mother! I called my father with my classmate's mobile phone in a hurry. My father was also very concerned about this big thing. I tried to recall the scene of charging the mobile phone the night before, but I couldn't find it. I had to give up. All of a sudden, my colleague Mr. Duan asked all my classmates in a dormitory to see if they had taken my mobile phone by mistake. My classmates in a dormitory and I all actively looked at their bags. Yang Yuxin and Zhou Yajie said that they had checked their bags. All my hopes were put on Xiang Yiqing. Xiang Yiqing carefully inspected every corner of the bag. Finally, she found it in her bag!

That night, we went back to school. We heard that we would not be home until 9:30 p.m. when I was going to make a phone call home, I found that there was only one grid of electricity on my mobile phone. So I decided to cherish this rare electricity, so I decided not to make a phone call. So, I threw my cell phone away and played with others. Five hours later, I arrived at school. Maybe it was so excited that I forgot to bring my mobile phone. When I got home, I just