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My wish

Chapter 1: my wish

Everyone has his own wish, and I am no exception. In my mind, I have a wish like a star in the sky. These good wishes accompany my growth, let me set a clear goal in the process of pursuing the ideal, instead of blindly striving.

I like practicing calligraphy very much. Of course, my wish is to be an outstanding calligrapher when I grow up. I learned calligraphy by accident. One day in August when I was six years old, my mother and I walked leisurely along a tree lined road in the teachers' College, and suddenly saw a building. Out of curiosity, my mother and I decided to go in and have a look. There are interest classes. The name of the building is' art building '. There are art classes and dance classes, but calligraphy class still attracts me. Inside the students are seriously writing brush characters, outside the classroom can smell a strong smell of ink. Small I envy those brothers and sisters to write beautiful brush characters, so repeatedly begged my mother to let me sign up, my mother can't stand my soft grinding hard entanglement, agreed. After more than three years of practice, I have mastered Yan style and running script. I am more and more interested in calligraphy. My calligraphy works have won gold and silver prizes in national competitions and have been published in newspapers and periodicals many times.

It's a pleasure for me to practice calligraphy. It makes me get rid of impetuousness, treat everything calmly, and let me experience infinite fun in the process of cultivating my sentiment. More importantly, being a calligrapher is my wish and ideal. I have been pursuing it tirelessly!

Chapter 2: my wish

All things in the world have their own wishes. Dandelion dream is to another piece of land to bloom the beauty of the moment, so with its dream, with its flying heart, to find and realize its wish. Meteor's wish is to draw a dazzling light in the quiet night sky, so its dream, then set sail.

My wish, galloping in the mountains and rivers of the motherland, flying higher than the eagle fighting the sky, running farther than the red rabbit rushing to the horizon. My wish -- snow shame and national hatred!

Think of the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties was soaked in blood, think of the plaster flag pasted across the wounds of China, who is not distressed? Let's look at the teahouse owners in Lao She's works, and the singer girl under the iron hoofs in Nie Er's pen. Who doesn't want to be ashamed of the country?

In order to avoid national hatred, I will study hard and make a modest contribution to the future development of the motherland. I would like to work with this generation of friends in the new century to prove that today's China is much more prosperous than Japan! It is proved that China is no longer the sleeping Wolong, and the Chinese people will not be insulted as the "sick man of East Asia". The sleeping Wolong not only wakes up, but also takes off!

Dream, set sail; heart, flying! With the dream of sailing, let fly the flying heart. No matter how far the road ahead, I am not afraid of the baptism of wind and rain, not afraid of setbacks. On the muddy road, I left my hard sweat and footprints. Wind and rain are happy to accept, I smile, hold up my head, practice my wish.

'how can you see a rainbow without experiencing rain and rain? No one can succeed casually & hellip; & hellip; 'I will stick to the promise of' Snow shame and national hatred 'and realize my wish. Chapter 3: my wish

Everyone's heart has their own wishes, although the wishes will change with the passage of time, and the unchanging is that persistent.

My wish is to be a doctor. My grandfather is very hard when he is ill, so I want to be a doctor. The doctor is like my grandfather. Moreover, I have to develop a medicine. The patient will get better soon after taking it. Moreover, this kind of disease is very cheap and can be bought by ordinary families.

My wish is to be a soldier. On TV, I saw those people who suffered and suffered, who were rescued by a soldier. Seeing the prestige of those soldiers, I wanted to be a soldier, serve the people and contribute to the country.

My wish is to be a teacher. On the news, I see some people who have not studied and committed crimes in the society. I want to be a teacher to educate them and let them have a bright future.

My wish is to be a militarist. In the book, I will always see how powerful foreign advanced weapons are. So I want to be a militarist and develop a powerful weapon to make my country the first military power in the world.

My wish is to be an aerospace expert. I want to develop a space shuttle that is more advanced than any other space shuttle in the world, so that my country can explore more mysteries of the universe.

My final wish is: I hope all the above wishes can be realized in the future.

Chapter 4: my wish should be thought and happy

Today, when I was listening to "those people and things in the Song Dynasty" at the Yuezhou rostrum, I met the guest speaker Zhao Dongmei, Professor of History Department of Peking University. When listening to the class, I was deeply attracted by Mr. Zhao's profound knowledge and elegant conversation. After the lecture, Mr. Zhao wanted to go to Cai Yuanpei's former residence, so I volunteered to be Mr. Zhao's little guide.

As soon as he entered his former residence, Mr. Zhao bowed in front of Cai Yuanpei's statue in a very solemn and devout manner. When visiting the former residence, Mr. Zhao told me many stories about Peking University and Mr. Cai Yuanpei. Unconsciously, I was fascinated. In front of a blooming plum tree in my former residence, I had the honor to take a picture with Mr. Zhao, who also sent me eight words: independent thinking and early achievement.

When I got home, I couldn't wait to watch the video of Mr. Zhao talking about the history of Song Dynasty on the forum of 100 schools from the computer. I also learned that the spirit of Peking University was put forward by Mr. Cai Yuanpei, the spirit of independence and the idea of freedom. I also know that the emblem of Peking University was designed by Lu Xun, in which the two words "Peking University" in the school emblem have multiple meanings: the first meaning is that three people will have my teacher; the second meaning is that the two characters of Peking University in the school emblem are designed as crying faces in Peking Opera, indicating that our country is in danger. The third meaning is that Peking University is the backbone of the nation.

When the new year comes, I sent my carefully designed new year card to Mr. Zhao. I hope to be a person like Mr. Zhao when I grow up.

Chapter 5: my wish

What is your wish? Traveling abroad, exploring or getting gifts, I guess you can't guess my wish. you 're right! My wish is not so simple, it is difficult to achieve and great, my wish is to help the people in the disaster area.

In the Wenchuan earthquake, 69227 people were killed, 374643 were injured and 17923 were missing. What a shocking number! Think about it. What will happen to those poor children? Death, injury, in short, will leave an indelible memory. What would you do if you saw it with your own eyes? Stand by? no At least I won't. Do you know why I did it? You certainly don't want to see the miserable expression of the victims. Those poor children haven't done anything bad, but God wants to torture them like this. Do you think it's fair? We live and grow up under the same blue sky, but they have to endure such grief. How can it be fair?

We should help them, we should use practical actions to help our victims, so that they can see hope again and see the glory of life again! First of all, we should donate our pocket money and lucky money to the disaster areas so that they will not worry about the cost of rebuilding their homes. Then, we should donate clothes that are no longer suitable for us, or donate books and other good things that are not used, so that they don't worry about the shortage of materials. We should try our best to rescue them from their plight, which requires the joint efforts of all of us, so that the children who died in the disaster can smile on their faces again!

This is my wish. I hope everyone has this idea and practice. I hope that children in disaster areas can read books as soon as possible and grow up healthily!