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Dad's love

Dad's love is great, unselfish and broad. From a recent incident, I have learned more from it

Recently, I had a cold again. This morning, I just woke up and had a headache and dizziness. My father woke up. After I told him, he ran to get cold medicine. After eating the cold medicine, I went to school. At the end of the second class, I had a headache and dizziness, and golden stars appeared in front of me. The most important thing was that my headache was about to crack. All the students said I had a fever. I called my father quickly, My father said, "I'm outside. If you have another class, I'll come." I promised. After one class, my father took me home immediately. But my head is not only painful, but I also feel like vomiting. My father asked me to lie down and go to bed. He helped me cover the quilt and ride his bicycle to buy vegetables for me, He went to work. I was much better at 4:00 p.m. after a hard day's work, my father went to pick up my mother and cook for us. Looking at his tired figure, my tears fell like broken beads

Everyone only praises mother's love, here I want to tell you, father's love is also great, selfless, broad. Dad's love, the world is happy because of love, but also because of love and warm. I was moved by this happiness and warmth, because I have a good father who loves me.

I remember that night it was raining cats and dogs outside, and I suddenly had a high fever in the middle of the night. Dad dressed quickly to take my temperature, wow, 39 degrees. Without saying a word, she carried me to the hospital with an umbrella. It was raining outside, and it was very dark without a taxi. My father was walking with a deep foot and a shallow foot. In order not to let me be drenched, he put his umbrella against me, but dad got wet. All of a sudden, he tripped and knelt on his left leg. Son, are you all right? Dad asked me anxiously with one hand on the ground. I climbed on dad's back, eyes have been wet, this moment I realized the mountain of father's love. Finally, Dad limped me to the hospital.

After the doctor's treatment, my fever has subsided. Dad's face just showed the sun like smile, and dad was hurt.

Dad's meticulous care and care makes me feel very warm. His love poured into my heart like a warm current and warmed my heart. I am very happy and warm, because I have a good father and a good mother. Dad's love dad's love is like the sea. He is made up of different rivers. Different rivers have different names, such as kindness, sternness Wait a minute. That kind hot spring beside the volcano makes me comfortable and confident. That severe like the cold water beside the iceberg keeps my head clear and does not lose my direction.

I remember that time I took the math test and got 80 points. When I got home, I left my schoolbag on the sofa. "How many points did you get on this test?" Dad asked, I listened, nervously took out the test paper, a paper to Dad, I quickly away from him ten steps away. After Dad got the test paper, he couldn't wait to see the score. His expression became good, fast and fast. In the blink of an eye, he looked like a different person. Then Dad slowly put the test paper on the table, picked up a pack of cigarettes, lit it slowly, leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes. After a while, my father said to me calmly, "I can't blame you for not doing well in this exam! Maybe I put too much pressure on you. If you look at the test paper again, it is all caused by carelessness. As long as you make up your mind to get rid of bad habits, I believe you can get high marks in the exam Dad's words made me breathe a sigh of relief, the frown relaxed, and the confidence returned to me.

In the afternoon, I finish every question carefully, and then check carefully. My kung fu pays off. On the third day, the paper came out, and I even got the top five.

It's no fun being strict with dad. That day, I came home from school and passed a video game room. Through a layer of glass, I only saw a group of children surrounded by it, leaving no space at all. Strong curiosity drove me to squeeze in. Originally I was playing the game. I stare at it without blinking. The characters in the cartoon in the game can be manipulated by you at will. Therefore, after school every day, I go there to see it. The time of watching is getting longer and longer. When I come back late, I say, sweep the floor in the school; or play in the students' home. Finally, it's all over the paper. It was a night when I came to the game room as usual. When I saw it was time to go home, I thought to myself, "anyway, I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Wouldn't it be better to watch more?" I looked again. "Good," Zhang Fei quickly used his unique skills. "I cheered for the player, and the man fought harder." Oh, I cried, and I felt a burst of pain in my ears. People in the game hall all cast a sneering look at me, and my father took me out. He gave me a good lesson. After that, my father got angry and pulled me to his side. He said calmly, "you just look at it at the beginning. You want to play when you see addiction. But if you don't have money to play, you have to use your brains. Think about it, don't all teenagers who are addicted to the Internet start from seeing it?" After listening to it, I realized that my father, who was never rude, would give me a "stir fried pork with bamboo shoots"

My father is really an all rounder father. He can bring me different love and make you feel that I am not a child of a single parent family. I have all the love that other children can have. Therefore, I am proud of my father, and I cherish the love that my father sacrificed his happiness for me. My father's lovers all said, "only mother is good in the world," but I think my father is not inferior. From the birth of a baby to a young pianpianpian, dad for us how much effort! Father's love and mother's love are equal on the scale of love.

No matter how busy my father is at work, he still takes good care of me in his life.

I remember that on a snowy, windy winter night, I suddenly had a high fever with a cough from time to time. Mother is not at home, this can make dad anxious, the hospital has already closed, how to do? So, my father first boiled a bowl of steaming ginger soup for me to drink. Then he asked for a leave from school in a hurry. After coming back, my father didn't care to pat the snowflakes on his body, so he ran to take care of me: cover me for a while, cold compress for me later I'm so busy. The next morning, when I woke up, I saw my dad had made a big breakfast for me. Dad saw me wake up, touched my head, said happily: "the fever has subsided, cough has greatly reduced." My heart feels warm. Ah! Dad's love is the carbon fire in winter, warming my heart.

Dad not only takes care of me in life, but also cares about me in study.

One time, I did well in the exam. When I got home, I reported the results to my parents with pride. I thought they would praise me. But my father listened and just gave me a smile. Then he said to me with great sincerity: "boy, although you did well this time, this is over. You should work harder to prepare for the next exam. If you can't win and be proud, you will be discouraged if you lose, but you should... " Dad's words are like a trickle of streams moistening my heart and caring for my vigorous growth. Ah! Dad's love turns out to be a meaningful education poem, which makes me learn endlessly.

Father's love is both ordinary and great. Father's love makes my heart blue and my life full of fragrance I will never walk out of my father's deep love in my life! Dad's love for more than ten years, dad has not changed at all. He always likes to joke with me. Dad's smile seems to be not stingy at all. At night, he sometimes discusses aliens, universe, animals and so on. He often laughs and laughs together during the day. It turns out that dad is so cute and funny. He is such a good dad. I'm really happy to have you.

Dad, in my eyes is a gentleman, like a general on the battlefield momentum, and like Li Bai's humor, so unpredictable, but in fact, he is also very tired, work, the sweat on his face drop by drop Is it hard to imagine the hard work behind the happiness? I have time to help dad, although also sweating, but it is full of love, Dad's love is selfless, just like the surging river.

Recall that day, I was playing computer, thought dad would scold me, did not expect not only did not scold me, but also with me to play hard, but many places do not understand, asked me this asked me that, my mother said with a smile, "said I am stupid, I am also stupid!" Dad also embarrassed to smile, in fact, dad is very smart, who told him that his mother is stupid, hey hey, this time was caught by his mother, shy, after seeing his father, he said that his mother was stupid.

Today's Mid Autumn Festival, seems to be very plain, but it is very substantial, early was awakened by my father, hometown or hometown, no change, people are always so enthusiastic, grandparents give us moon cakes to eat, or they do it themselves, this is a heavy gift, in fact, I don't like to eat moon cakes, but other people's such a thick heart, or sweet My father gave me a big red envelope for the Mid Autumn Festival and repeatedly told me to read well. It turns out that my father was so traditional that he didn't have to read books when he was a child, so I had to work hard.

My father has high expectations for me. His love is full of my life. Although the world is small, for me, this is the driving force of the road of life to encourage me to move forward. For my father, I have to refuel, because when I don't believe in myself, I always have a strong backing to support me. I love you, my dearest father. My father's lover's life has a lot of love, but there is a strict and kind love has been accompanied me through the children, children, childhood, that is my father's love.

Dad has a kind face. He always smiles at me whenever and wherever. When I was a baby, when I woke up in a sweet dream, I always saw my father's smile, and I also responded with a sweet smile, which made me almost a good child who didn't cry or make noise in the eyes of adults.

My father has a heart to hope that my daughter will become a Phoenix. No matter when and where he always arranges my time in perfect order. I often complain that he even my sleep time has been misappropriated, and he always magically makes up for my complaints, which makes me laugh with tears. Today, my father chose my favorite reading materials in children's bookstore.

Dad has a vigorous living habits, especially in love with me. In the past semester, on the night before my monthly break, my father always worked hard to finish a day's work. After catching the last bus at 11 o'clock in the night, my father came back from Nanjing. In order to accompany me with the three or four-day monthly break, the first thing of each monthly break was to take me to the bookstore to Taobao, and then take me to the hairdresser to trim a relaxed hairstyle. Finally, I went to the clothing store to add it for me Something new