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A thing I regret

One thing that I regret. In the starry sky of my memory, there are many shining stars, dotted with my night sky, bringing sweetness to my life; but one of them is very dim, which brings shame to me and makes me unforgettable forever. It was a starry night, dad and mom in the living room leisurely watching TV series. I did my homework in my study, but my parents' happy laughter still came into my ears. I know, my favorite TV series began, but looking at the pile of homework, I reluctantly sigh. When I was writing a Chinese exercise book, an idea suddenly flashed into my mind. Tear up today's homework, don't you need to write it? 'the teacher won't find out. In this way, the struggle between angels and Demons appeared in my mind. The angel said, "Shen yuanfan, never do this. It's self deception. 'and the devil said,' if you tear it up, you don't have to write, and you're free & hellip; & hellip; besides, the teacher doesn't check one by one. 'the devil defeated the angel, and I tore up the page without hesitation and threw it in the garbage basket! Soon, I announced to my mother that 'I have finished all my homework successfully'. I was free and enjoyed watching TV. The next morning, as usual, I came to school happily. I deliberately put my exercise books on the table, and then went downstairs and stayed for a while before I came into the classroom. After a while, the teacher came to check the homework. I opened the exercise book. I immediately took out the acting skills of the film emperor, pretended to be a victim, and cried out in surprise: "Oh! Who tore up my exercise book and who did it? Who is so annoying? '。 The teacher looked at it and said seriously, "who did you see moving Shen yuanfan's exercise book? Who did it? 'the students all shook their heads. I saw the teacher coldly looked at me and said: 'you copy the exercises in this lesson in the book. I don't dare to answer again. Oh, stealing chicken doesn't make rice! When I got home at noon, my mother found my masterpiece from the garbage can and was furious. I was severely punished. Now whenever I think of it, I feel ashamed for my laziness, regret for my failure, and feel sorry for my mistakes. It made me understand a truth: no matter what we do, we should seek truth from facts, and we must not cheat. One thing that I regret most is in my treasure box. There are many interesting shells and unforgettable shells in my treasure box. Today, I pick out one thing that I feel most regret and tell you! On that day, it was sunny and the weather was very good. I was doing my homework in my study when I heard someone calling me. I went downstairs to have a look. It turned out that Xiao Gang came to me to play football. We came to the football field and started playing. When we were playing fiercely, we suddenly heard the sound of broken glass. It turned out that I kicked too hard to break the glass of Aunt Wang's house. Xiao Gang said to me: Wei, let's run while Aunt Wang is not at home! &#Is that ok? &#I said. This is better than being K, Xiao Gang said. I think: I am an excellent young pioneer, if I do this right, can I afford the red scarf on my chest? But if I give it to Aunt Wang, she will scold me. I heard Xiao Gang's words and went home immediately. The next day, the teacher taught an "honest" text, I learned to be honest. After school, I went to Aunt Wang's house to admit my mistake. But Aunt Wang has moved. I can't admit my mistake to Aunt Wang. This is what I regret most. One thing that makes me regret composition 3: a thing that I regret, students, in life must encounter some things that make you happy, proud, sad, wronged, angry! I've had regrets. In the third grade, that's the one I regret most. That day, the math teacher finished teaching unit 7 and said to us, "although this unit is simple, we must remember the formulas. Only one homework will be assigned tonight. We must review it well! 'I thought with disapproval: what's the use of those formulas! As long as you can do it! In the evening, I finished the homework assigned by the teacher and went to play, no more review knowledge. The next day, the teacher asked us to finish a test paper in a class. As soon as I saw it, I was panicked: there were formulas everywhere, so I had to write them blindly. Finally, class was over, and the teacher came to collect the examination papers. In the afternoon, the teacher handed out the examination paper again. I looked at the eye-catching 84 points on the test paper, stunned, I seem to have been poured a basin of cold water, the whole body is numb. Followed by my endless regret, regret like a small bug, bit by bit bit bit bit my heart, make me more heartache. After class, the teacher asked me why I was so bad this time. Although this sentence is very light, it seems that someone has sprinkled a large amount of salt on my bleeding wound. It is numb and painful, and tears blur my eyes again. I regret it! This is what I regret. One thing that makes me regret composition 4: a thing that makes me regret. I remember once upon a time, I did something I shouldn't have done. Last summer vacation, my cousin and I went to the theatre, in fact, not just for eating and playing! Some of them sell tea and some of them sell tea. The first scene is the case of the dumb girl. My cousin and I looked at it for a while and found it boring, so I went shopping. Oh, there are so many people pushing ahead! The crowded flow of people formed a long dragon, and it was difficult to walk a few steps. My cousin and I managed to squeeze to the stall selling trinkets and carefully selected the things they liked. Suddenly, I was surprised to find a box full of beautiful trinkets: Snoopy's zipper, fruit rope, crystal shoe accessories & hellip; & hellip. 'how much? 'a dime is different. 'buy six.'. I was just about to choose when my cousin said: 'I'll buy six too! 'I selected six samples, handed the old lady six cents, and paid for my cousin. At the moment when grandma put money, my cousin poked me, gave me a look, and then quietly took a small ornament with her hand. At this time, I was in a daze. I took a few in a hurry and disappeared in the crowd with my cousin. On the way home, my head was low and my face was hot. This is a thief's talent! I regretted it, but I didn't admit my mistake to the old lady. I was afraid to see her disgusting eyes and people's scorn eyes. One thing that makes me regret composition 5: one thing that makes me regret that happened in the experimental primary school. After the second class that day, I said to my classmate Wu Wenli, "let's do the rubber band later! She was collecting her homework. Without listening to me carefully, she said, 'OK. After a while, she collected her homework and went back to her seat. She had just picked up her extracurricular books to read. I went over and asked her, "didn't you just say you'd like to do the rubber band together? 'because she didn't hear me clearly just now, she said:' did I say it? Why don't I remember? 'I said angrily,' I know. In fact, you don't take me seriously. You don't take what I said seriously. 'she quickly explained: 'I didn't mean to. 'I interrupted her. At this time, the students all ran to see Wu Wenli, blushing and crying on the table. Since then, our relationship has been frozen, no one pays attention to anyone. Later, I suddenly felt that I had done something wrong. Once, I wanted to apologize to her, but when it got to my throat, I swallowed again. Although I want to make up with Wu Wenli, I have to face it. I can't say how sorry I am. One day, she stuttered to me and said, 'can you forgive me? 'I bit my lip and nodded slightly. I thought: clearly I did wrong, why did she apologize to me? I regret it. Because I don't unite and respect others. I think: 'the teacher says every day that we should be tolerant of others. Why can't I do it? Let others tolerate themselves? Although I made up with Wu Wenli, I transferred school and couldn't see her again. I hope to meet her again and say to her sincerely, 'I'm sorry, I'm wrong & hellip; & hellip;'