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A matter of regret

One thing to regret composition one: one thing to regret to finish morning exercise today, I will play in the corridor. After a while, I felt thirsty and went back to the classroom to get water. I accidentally saw a pen missing in my pen box. I looked around for it. As a result, I found my pen in Xiaoming's hand. Xiaoming was about to come to me. I grabbed the pen in Xiaoming's hand and said: 'thief! 'Xiao Ming seemed to want to explain something, but the bell rang. Xiao Ming and I went back to our seats and waited for the teacher to come. Immediately, the teacher came, behind the teacher there is Xiaoming's father, as if there is something urgent, Xiaoming's father is sweating. Xiaoming's father waved to Xiaoming. Xiaoming understood what it meant. He immediately carried his schoolbag and left with his father. I thought to myself, something must have happened to Xiao Ming's family. I deserve it! Who told Xiao Ming to steal my pen! deserve one's punishment! After school, Xiaoyue ran to my side and asked me: 'has Xiaoming returned your pen to you? 'I said:' of course he will give it back to me. If he steals something from others, he will pay it back! "Xiaoyue said: 'did he steal your pen? Absolutely impossible! You forgot? As soon as you came to school, you lent your pen to Xiao Ming! 'it suddenly dawned on me that, indeed, as soon as I came to school, I lent my pen to Xiao Ming. I wronged him. I am going to apologize to Xiao Ming tomorrow. The next day, the teacher announced: "Xiao Ming has transferred to another school! I thought: what? Xiao Ming transferred? How can I apologize to him? He must have blamed me & hellip; & hellip; from that day on, it has become one of my most regretful things. I regret why I didn't ask clearly at that time. I regret that I said that he & hellip; & hellip; regret at that time. Even though, you can talk on the phone. Still, there are your photos. But why didn't I see you again. --The arrival of summer vacation symbolizes that I can see my mother, go to the prosperous Shanghai and enjoy the different fun of the city. But that is just a good beginning. All stories must have an ending, and this ending is a silent ending. One is a short dream, the other is a cruel reality. Every time I come to Shanghai, what makes me happy is the railway station, and what makes me sad and sad is the railway station. When I came to Shanghai, I faced the familiar railway station and searched for my mother's figure in the vast crowd. The moment we met was so sweet, the familiar face was so beautiful, and the smile we met was so loving. But the time is in a hurry to slip away, prosperous beautiful and happy dream is soon finished, the time of departure is coming, why did I not learn to cry in the past, now I often cry? Because I didn't turn my head to look at you, I couldn't remember the month when I came back from Shanghai? What's the number? Only remember the 11:30 train, got up very early, looking at my mother carefully packed a bag of snacks for me, dad was in a hurry to urge, silly I always remind myself not to forget to take things, but finally forget my beloved shells. At more than 9 o'clock, my mother and Dad took me on the light rail to the railway station. My mother and father carried several big bags, but only left me two small bags. When we arrived at the railway station, my father and I got on the train, under the cool air conditioning, while my mother stood outside the hot window, sweating and waiting for the departure. My tears finally return as scheduled, why every time this moment it will flow down, I cry all over my face, dare not look at my mother, do not want her to see my tears, I turned my head to the other side, I think he should also want to see me a few more eyes! Mother is always waiting for me to turn back, always waiting for me to say goodbye, always waiting for me to give her a farewell hug on the door, but what about me? I couldn't turn my head to look at her. Mixed with people's noisy voice, I cry soundlessly, the track is like two non parallel lines, intersect at a point and go further and further, tears are still flowing, where he is, she is waiting for the head is still missing, only the hot wind from the train leaving the track. That one goodbye tardy not to see, which turn back still did not have, that hug is still waiting, looking back, just from her more and more far end, this is my regret, heartbreaking regret, once, mom, I want to give you my warmest hug! One thing I regret the most: the one thing I regret most now, as soon as I see a cat, I can't help touching it. It was when I was five years old, and I didn't know where my father had brought back a kitten. The whole body of this kitten is golden, hairy to the touch, and I gradually get familiar with him. I feed it cat food every day, and he has gradually become a member of my family. Once, my father and mother are not at home, I do homework at home alone, there is a problem I can not think of. At this time, the kitten came up and meow meow, as if to share the sorrow for me, but I was ungrateful at all, put my hands in my waist, and roared: "you smelly cat, you can't bark anything! "The kitten stepped back, licked her paws, and came back to meow. I was more angry, a foot put the kitten out of the door, suddenly the room became quiet. I thought for a long time and finally came up with it. I think where is the kitten, usually kittens are very good, now I become anxious, I went out of the door, only to see the kitten outside the door 'long sleep'. My tears gushed down. A matter of regret composition 4: a matter of regret, everyone has regretted things, I am no exception, I now talk about the things I regret. I remember once when I was at home, my grandfather and grandmother were at home. I turned on the TV loud. My mother and father rang the doorbell on the first floor after they finished their work from the outside. All of a sudden, I heard the doorbell ringing in the room and asked my grandmother to answer the phone. Grandma's ears were not good, so I didn't hear my mother ringing the doorbell. I only heard that I wanted my grandmother to answer the phone. We have a doorbell phone and a pair of mother and daughter machines. Grandma didn't know which phone I wanted her to answer, so she asked me, I was a little impatient, so I scolded my grandmother, and my grandfather heard it. Mom and dad finished the stairs to the home, grandfather will tell this matter to father and mother, mother milk is washing hands, then called me to the past, asked me why to scold my grandmother, I suddenly feel wrong, changed speechless, mother asked me to apologize to grandma, so, I immediately apologized to my grandmother. After I apologized, I went back to my room and thought for a moment that I shouldn't have done that. I thought it was wrong for me to do that, so I felt very guilty! I regret this very much. I shouldn't talk about grandma, because grandma's ears are not very good. One day when I was walking on the way to school, I saw a child holding a white rabbit. I couldn't help but think of my "Xiaobai". On Saturday morning, my sister gave me a little white rabbit, snow-white hair, red eyes, put it on the ground is a ball of snow-white cotton. So people call it Xiaobai. I feed it every day, play with it, and gradually we become good friends. However, one day, our class teacher left a lot of homework, and I can't do a lot of it, so I was in a bad mood. At this time, Xiaobai came to me and jumped around, as if to say, 'let's play! 'as soon as I got angry, I kicked Xiaobai out. Continue with your homework. When I finished my homework and went to find Xiaobai, I found it was lame. It looks at me, but the courage has to make people heartache, I feel his leg psychology, don't mention how much regret. I hope 'Xiaobai' don't hate me. I regret doing it. I will do better to it in the future!