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Observe the rabbit's

Chapter 1: Observation of rabbits

Today, I observed a rabbit. It's really beautiful: its fur is as white as snow, its ears are long, its red eyes are as delicate and bright as ruby, and its iconic three petal mouth makes up a lively and lovely rabbit.

I took out a Chinese cabbage for it to eat, just put it in the mouth, it can't wait to open its mouth to eat. The shape of the little rabbit eating food can be really strange: it eats a little cabbage, and soon spits out a little, so it has a rhythm and eats with relish. I thought to myself: why does the rabbit eat a little and vomit a little? Is it not convenient to eat food because it has no teeth? So I squatted down and looked at the rabbit's mouth carefully. Suddenly, I saw that it had a row of neat teeth. It turns out that the rabbit has teeth too! I was surprised and excited. After a while, a Chinese cabbage was destroyed by it.

Today, through the observation of small rabbits, I have a deeper understanding and discovery of small rabbits. I deeply feel: feed the rabbit is a happy thing!

Chapter 2: Observation of rabbit Zhou Chuanyi

I observed a small animal today, which is my animal phase rabbit.

Let me first introduce rabbits. There are many kinds of rabbits, such as domestic rabbits and hares & hellip; & hellip;

My favorite is the little white rabbit. They have white fur, but their eyes, nose and ears are red. The little white rabbit's ears are long and thin, just like two big thin leaves. What people like most is its pair of eyes, bright red, like two big ruby, can be loved! In fact, the rabbit's eyes are related to the hair on its body. The black rabbit's eyes are black, the gray rabbit's eyes are gray, and the white rabbit's eyes are transparent. The reason why we see it is red is that the blood capillary inside the rabbit's eyes reflects the external light, and the transparent eyes show red.

All rabbits are good runners, thanks to their long and powerful hind legs. However, because of their short front legs and long hind legs, it is still very challenging to go downstairs!

By the way, I also want to tell you a new discovery, in fact, rabbits are very cunning! Why do you say that? Hey, isn't there an idiom called 'cunning rabbit'?

Well, this is my observation today. How are you doing? Have you found anything? Chapter 3: Observation of the rabbit Zhao Yumin

My family has two lovely rabbits, these two rabbits have a characteristic: special love to eat bean shell. But these two rabbits are very naughty. They run back and forth every day. As long as I get close to them, they run everywhere.

What's more, the statement in the first grade text is quite different from my observation. For example, the book says, "the little rabbit's beard is warped", while I observe it is hanging down.

Rabbit is worth observing a lot of places, also has a lot of knowledge, do not believe you carefully observe. If children are careless and blind, they will not get it.

Chapter 4: observation diary of little rabbit

Today, Mr. Wei brought a small animal, that is - rabbit.

Now, this rabbit is much fatter than the last time we saw him, and it is almost growing into a ball. Its eyes are red, like two rubies; its ears are long, like two big leaves; its tail is short, like a small ball of wool; its front legs are short, and its hind legs are long, so it can jump and jump on the road.

When Mr. Wei put eggplant and carrot on the cage, the little rabbit put his front legs on the cage, and his hind legs supported his fat body. As soon as he used his strength, he ate the carrot. After a while, it chewed several mouthfuls of radish and then fell down. However, it kept smacking its mouth, as if to say: 'delicious! Really delicious! Carrots are so delicious! '

Later, the teacher asked the students to touch the rabbit. I touched it. WOW! Mao is so soft! But before touching the second time, I was pushed away by my classmates & hellip; & hellip;

When the students stroked the rabbit with their hands, I found that the rabbit's ears would slowly drop down, but also very shy! Also listen to the teacher said that the rabbit's sweat glands are on the ear, so the rabbit's ear is relatively hot. It turns out that rabbits sweat by their ears!

Little rabbit is so cute, I also want to raise one!

Chapter 5: Observation of rabbits

Today, my mother wants to go to Heping Street for a visit. I readily agreed.

We took the bus to go together. When we arrived at Heping Street, I saw many shops selling all kinds of clothes. What clothes does mother want to buy? Children's, women's or men's? Of course it won't be men's wear, because we are all girls. Why buy men's clothes! Mom didn't look at any clothes. Mother said: 'I'd better repair your father's trousers first! 'we went on and on, and at last we saw a trouser mender. I saw a lovely rabbit next to me. I went to its cage, a closer look, some white rabbits actually have black ears. There are also many little black rabbits. After a while, I picked up a small leaf to the rabbits. How lovely the rabbits are! It's more lovely when eating! I also saw white rabbits with red eyes and black rabbits with black eyes.

Mom said: let's go, we haven't eaten yet! I had to wave goodbye to the rabbits.

My balcony is very small, but we have a rabbit.

My little white rabbit is very cute! Its head is round and white, with a pair of long ears on it. Under the ears grew a pair of fiery red eyes, just like two sparkling ruby. Its nose is like an inverted triangle with a three valve mouth under it. The body is big, round, smaller than watermelon, bigger than tennis. Its limbs are short and a little thick. The tail is fluffy, like a small ball of wool.

Once, I came home from school to feed the rabbit. I took a piece of lettuce, two carrots, crept to the carton near, saw the sleeping rabbit, then quietly walked to the front. When I got there, I wanted to get closer to it, but I stepped on the cardboard. When he was about to wake up, I quickly put the lettuce in the bowl in front of it. I squatted down a bit and held two carrots in front of my chest. Unexpectedly, it woke up to see lettuce. He jumped over and ate a few mouthfuls and then stopped eating. Then I saw the two carrots in my hand, it used jump, climb, jump to the carrot in front. It chewed and chewed & hellip; & hellip; in less than five minutes.

Another time, I took something through the carton. Then he went over and looked at it! The rabbit is gone. 'I've been looking for it,' ah! 'I don't know what I'm tripping over. What a pain! When I saw it, it turned out to be a little rabbit. It was asleep! The way it sleeps is lovely. One ear is erect, the other ear is crooked down, and the body is moving with big and small.

The little rabbit is so cute! Have you ever raised a rabbit like this? If you don't have one, go and raise one!