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What kind of composition did I learn

I learned breaststroke. Today, my father and I went swimming in the gym. Dad said: 'let me be your coach. 'I said:' that would be great. "My father and I started training. My father taught me to float on the water first. The first few times were not very smooth, but after that, I learned to float on the water. Every two steps, learn breaststroke. I can't learn it. What should I do? All of a sudden, Dad had a good idea. If I knew, it would not work. Dad yelled, "here comes the piranha! 'I ran away at once, but I didn't walk, I went breaststroke. In the middle of the swim, I felt that there was no piranha at all, because I was only five years old at that time. I didn't know my father was cheating. I said, "Dad, you're really smart. 'the third step is to hold my breath for half a minute under the water. I passed the test successfully. My father said: 'you have learned breaststroke! Part 2: I have learned a lot of Olympiad skills, such as skating, skiing & hellip; & hellip; but my strongest one is Olympiad. In order to develop this skill, I have gone through numerous trials and tribulations to persist. Now let me tell you about it. That day, I went to Jiafeng school to learn Olympiad Mathematics. At the beginning, I could do a few right questions, but before long, I met a "roadblock". No matter how much I thought about it, I didn't know how to do it. My heart was pounding, thinking: do you insist or give up? If you give up, you will be ridiculed. You must insist! But I dare not ask the teacher. After hesitating for a long time, I suddenly remembered what my father said: if you don't understand, you should ask, otherwise, this question will always be a question. This made me determined to consult the teacher. I finally summoned up the courage to find the teacher, in his help to solve the problem in the heart. In this way, I became my own unique skill. I learned to observe. Today, I learned to observe. In the morning, my father brought me an unknown flower. It is so lovely, like a delicate little girl: she is wearing pink clothes, countless small hands spread around, as if dancing, they are walking on a steel wire, courage is not small! I suddenly found that among these petals, there are many yellow long small things, and there is a long green small thing in the middle. Some of these yellow ones grow in the innermost part, and some grow in the petals. It seems that they are playing a game of hide and seek. They are very happy. The little green things stood there, not knowing what they were thinking. My father told me, "these long little things are called pistils. There are a lot of yellow ones called stamens. There is only one green one. There is a small house like pistils. They are like peacocks in the zoo. The male has a long and beautiful tail, and the female has no long tail. 'Oh, so it is! It's good to learn how to observe! If you can't observe, you don't know the little knowledge. Chapter 4: I learned how to type computer. On August 27, 2009, I came to my mother's office. Seeing my mother skillfully typing documents, I also wanted to learn to type. My mother told me the specific operation method: on the computer desktop, double-click to open the 'Microsoft Office 2003' icon, and then, at the same time, press' Ctrl Shift 'to select the input method and type. After typing, press the save key to save. According to my mother's words, I took a story "Fox and Tortoise" and started typing. My mother also told me various symbols, such as full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation point, stop sign, and the input methods of enter key, return key, file key, etc. An hour later, I typed a full page. I was very happy to see my typing. My mother also gave me a thumb: you are great! Later, my mother applied for a mailbox for me on the Internet, so that my mother and I could communicate with each other online. I can type. I'm so happy! I must learn more computer knowledge and become more intelligent. Chapter 5: I learned how to dive. Since the day I became sensible, I have learned many skills: playing ball games, skating, cycling, playing chess & hellip; hellip; but the most unforgettable thing for me is learning to dive. That day, my brother, I and some good friends went swimming together. After the water, I can't even move on the water. My brother swam and held my hand so that I could move with me. To the shallow water, I can stand, my brother just let go of my hand, began to teach me to swim. 'swimming starts with diving. 'brother said,' the most important thing about diving is to hold your breath. 'and he handed me a pair of swimming glasses. So I took my swimming glasses and put them on. The elder brother said: 'you take a big breath of air, then hold your nose with one hand and dive your head into the water. 'I tried to do what my brother said. I dived for a few seconds, but I couldn't hold my breath and floated back to the surface. I tried it the first time. Time passed by, and finally, the emperor paid off those who wanted to. I learned how to dive. That day, I benefited a lot. Because what I have learned is not only diving, but also the meaning of the sentence "nothing is difficult in the world, only those who have the heart".