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What kind of composition have I learned

Chapter 1: I learned how to break Baomi. Do you know what I have done? Do you know what I've learned? Do you know what I learned in this? Then let me tell the students! During the National Day holiday, my mother took me back to my hometown. It was the autumn harvest season. The villagers in the village were busy harvesting fruits, sunflowers and corn. 'grandma looked at me happy and grinned. The next day, my mother took me to my own corn field to help grandma harvest corn. I was very happy to see the corn all over the ground, like a fat baby. The corn stalks all over the ground are more than one person high. I stand in front of me and raise my hands vigorously. I stand on tiptoe, but I can't reach the top of corn stalk. On each corn stalk, there are two corn cobs with cup width. The cob is more than 20 cm long. The skin of the long ripe corn cob is white. They lean on the green corn stalk one by one, just like a child lying in the arms of his mother. He is very happy. Look! They smile to show a row of neat 'teeth', even the beard smile red, how happy! We started to break the corn. It was not easy to break the corn cobs from the corn stalks. At the beginning, I couldn't break it. My mother demonstrated and taught me: "first, hold the corn stalk with one hand, then grasp the corn cob with the other hand, and then break it down. 'I learned from my mother's appearance. It was really easy to break off the corn cob. I was very excited. The more I worked, the more energetic I became. Grandma looked at me and said to me with a smile: "the corn stalk and corn cob are tightly held together like mother and child. Now that the corn is mature, just like a child who wants to go to work when he grows up, he will also leave the corn mother to live independently. 'I looked at my grandmother, nodded seriously, and foolishly sent a sentence:' if I want to leave you, I will send you money to buy delicious food. 'grandma laughed, and so did my mother. It was so sweet and brilliant. How about, a '11' long holiday, I helped my grandmother to collect corn, learned the ability to break corn, but also learned to grow up to build the motherland, this matter is not very meaningful! Chapter 2: I learned to survive. I remember one Thursday afternoon, I walked home happily after school. When I got to the neighborhood committee, I saw that the road was being built in front of me, so I took a detour and walked home from another path. Walking along, I suddenly heard a voice: "little sister, have you finished school? 'I looked up and a strange middle-aged man appeared in front of me. 'well, it's school. 'I replied casually. 'I'm your father's colleague. Don't you know me? 'the stranger said to me with a smile. I looked up at him, remembering my father's colleagues I had met. "I have some delicious sweets for you. 'then he took my hand and gave me some sugar. I thought to myself, I have never met this person. Is he the wrong person or & hellip; & hellip;. I had an idea and asked, "are you a truck driver, too? Where did my dad drive today? "Yes! yes! Your father drove out and asked me to pick you up '. Then the stranger peeled a piece of sugar and tried to put it in my mouth. 'it's a bad guy. My dad doesn't drive at all. 'I feel nervous all of a sudden. What should I do? At ordinary times, I have seen many cases of bad people cheating children on TV and newspapers and magazines. I met them today. What should I do? There must be something wrong with the sugar in his hand. I can't eat it. 'I don't eat sugar. Didn't my father tell you? 'the stranger said in a hurry, 'Oh, I forgot. 'the stranger put the sugar in the bag helplessly, 'I'll take you to your father. 'he said, taking my hand. I walk slowly, but the brain is running at a high speed. My parents have taught me a lot of self-help and self-care methods, and there are many articles in the magazine. By the way, I have a way. Every time I go to my father's place, I will buy a pack of cigarettes for my father. When we go to the shop to buy cigarettes, we will go to my father's place. 'I said to the stranger with a smile,' well, hurry up, your father is waiting for you. 'looking at his self righteous look, I can't help but smile secretly: you've been cheated. The stranger took me by the hand and came to the shop. At this time, I pointed to the man who came in the distance and said, "Dad, how did you come back. 'the stranger's face on one side suddenly became tense, and the hand that held me tightly was suddenly released. I said to the stranger, 'dad's back. Let's go! "No, no, I have something to go. 'he said in a panic, then ran back and disappeared in the blink of an eye. This incident tells me a truth: don't eat the food of strangers. When you meet bad people, you should keep calm and correctly use your wisdom to deal with the bad guys, so as to achieve the purpose of self-protection. Chapter 3: I learned to sit on the classroom seat with my pen galloping on the roll of paper, but what I was thinking about was a kitten in the school bicycle shed, a lovely and poor kitten. That morning, I walked on the school road as usual. All of a sudden, a crisp 'meow' broke my morning yellow halo. When I came to see it, I saw a white cat shivering all over. If I look at my cotton padded jacket again, it's not difficult to understand the mood at the moment. What about its mother? I looked around and found no sign of the female cat. It seemed that she was abandoned. How pitiful, hungry and cold, how long can it last? I want to shoulder the responsibility of raising it! I made up my mind. Started a series of care: feeding, sitting in the nest, protecting & hellip; & hellip; after class every day to have a look at it, just feel at ease, do a lot of fun, with its day seems no longer empty, so full of joy. As time went by, I always thought that he was the happiest cat in the whole school. Of course, it's a thunderbolt to you. As a cat, it always learns to hunt. You take care of it today, take care of it tomorrow, take care of it the day after tomorrow, but it will leave you one day, and then it will die under your care. 'why didn't I think of it all the time? It won't hunt, it won't escape from natural enemies. What will it do when I leave? I can't imagine sitting on the chair in silence and saying to myself, "I can't go to see it any more! The bell rang after class, the students rushed out of the classroom, but I sat down quietly. Listening to the singing on the radio, how long haven't I heard it? However, listening to this happy song, I feel extremely depressed, I would like to hear the cat's natural voice. I look at the stairway, it seems to have a magical attraction to lure me. I can't help but walk to the third floor, the second floor, the first floor and the bicycle shed! I caught a fish and gave it a bite to eat, and then I rushed back to work. After class, I did not put my mind into what the teacher said, but came to my world. I looked out of the window at a cloud that looked like a kitten. I went back to my seat, my thoughts were gone, and I looked out of the window - the clouds were falling, just like my heart. I'm happy, it won't be disturbed by me; I'm sad, I don't know how to live without it & hellip; & hellip; let go, let go! Hold on to the kite line, yes, it belongs to you, but it can't fly higher! I've learned a lot, but it's harder for me to let go. Cat, it will go to the dream, will run to the further future! Chapter 4: I learned how to make instant noodles. I love to eat instant noodles every day, but my mother refused to eat them. They said that they were not nutritious and harmful to our health. But I really wanted to eat them too much. So I pestered my mother to teach me how to make instant noodles. When I learned how to eat them, I could make them myself. How nice. In my hard and soft, my mother finally agreed to my request. After making instant noodles, my mother asked me to prepare the following materials: water, instant noodles, eggs and tomatoes. Then let me pour the right amount of water into the pot, cover the pot, put it on the stove, and then turn the fire to medium fire. In the process of boiling water, my mother asked me to wash the tomatoes and cut them. When I just cut the tomato, I saw a wisp of white smoke coming out from the crack of the pot cover, and made a loud voice of exhaling. I lifted the lid of the pot, and there were many bubbles on the water. My mother said that the water had opened, so I turned the fire to a low one and asked, "Mom, what should I do next? "Mother said," you can break the eggs and put them into the pot. 'after listening to my mother's words, I picked up an egg and knocked it on the stove. Because I used too little force, I knocked it several times before I opened it. I was about to put the egg into the pot, but the pot mouth was too hot to start with, but the egg in my hand was not in a hurry. So I put the egg in far away from the pot. At this time, only listen to my mother shouting: "don't --", but it's too late. With a crack, the egg white and yolk fall into the water, and "Zila" splashes with water, and the spray falls on my arm, which makes me scream with pain. 'you said it was too far away from me? 'I skimmed my mouth and looked at the eggs in the pan. Hey! It's really like a little sun. At this time, it's sending out the fragrance of eggs from the pot. 'Wow! Now I wish I had a bite, 'I said to myself. "Don't slander, quickly take chopsticks to pull eggs, you can put pancakes," my mother reminded me. I picked up the chopsticks to pick up the eggs twice, put the golden pancakes into the pot, and finally put the tomatoes into the pot, all the seasonings also followed, boiled for a while, my mother said: "OK, out of the pot.". After listening to my mother's words, I quickly brought a large bowl and poured all the noodles in the pot into the bowl. A bowl of delicious instant noodles is finished! Deep yellow soup floating noodles, eggs and tomatoes, particularly attractive. Eating steaming instant noodles, I have an unspeakable joy in my heart. Although I only made a bowl of instant noodles for the first time, this is just the beginning. I believe I can make better food in the future. Chapter 5: I learned how to mend clothes. Today is Saturday. The sun is shining all over the earth. And mom and dad are not at home, because they all go to work. I finished my homework and began to play, playing, I suddenly found my clothes broke a big hole!! So, I learned from my mother's appearance, holding a needle and long thread, began to mend clothes! I found a piece of cloth the same as the clothes and mended them one by one. At this time, my favorite "Happy Planet" was playing on TV. As soon as I was not careful, I pricked some blood out of my hands. I applied some magic oil first, but it didn't work! I took another band aid from the drawer and put it on the wound. After a while, with a touch, mom and dad came back. When my parents saw that I had a band aid on my little hand, they knew that I was naughty and naughty, and that I was injured