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I learned to care about 200 words composition

Chapter 1: I learned to care about the rising sun, the lake combed for it; the new moon came up, the stars accompanied it; the spring flowers opened, the green leaves set off; the birds sing, crickets play for it, everything between heaven and earth tells us the story of love, because love weaves the world, my home is like a honeypot, and I sleep in the honeypot like cradle. Here, the wind can't blow me, the rain can't reach me. I'm afraid of it in my mother's hand. I was the youngest at home, so everyone let me. I gradually become indifferent to others, take all care as plain, take for granted. But after that, I finally learned to care about others. Part 2: I have learned to care. I have read such a news in the newspaper: UNESCO once put forward a slogan at the General Assembly held in Beijing, China in the winter of 1989 - learn to care. One day in last year's winter vacation, it was very cold. I was walking in the street when I saw a kitten hiding by a big tree. I quickly took off my scarf and wrapped it for the kitten, and then took it home. At home, I give the kitten a hot bath, and then dry it, and then give it a drink of hot water, and then feed an anti-inflammatory drug. Early the next morning, I saw the kitten's body recover, and lively jump. When the kitten saw me, "meow, meow, meow," it seemed to say, "thank you, thank you for saving me. 'My mother came back from my grandfather's house. As soon as she entered the house, she saw a kitten in my arms. My mother cried out: "where's the stray cat? Throw it away for me! 'I said,' Mom, you sit down and listen to me. "After my mother understood the reason and allowed me to raise this poor stray cat, I named it 'didui'. From then on, DIU DIU and I became good friends. Chapter 3: I learned to care what is caring? Care is a kind word, care is a corner back, care is a warm embrace. There is concern everywhere in the world. My father once said to me: 'as long as you know how to care for others, others will naturally care about you. 'I know the depth of friendship, the strength of unity, and more importantly, I know how to care for others. Time like water, quietly slip away, no trace. I saw my parents' hair turn white. I don't want my parents to have too much burden and pressure. I just want to sweep the floor for my parents or drill screws to make a big bag of plastic. I'll beat my parents on my back. I've learned to care for my parents. But I also care about my classmates. When my classmates are sad, I always go to comfort him and make him stop crying. I help my parents to reduce the pressure, I am very happy, my parents are proud of me. How simple it is to care for others!