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My mother told me to peel green beans

Today, my grandmother picked a basket of beans from the field, ready to fry soybeans. Diary 400 words

In the basket lay a lovely baby pod, they are sweet together, how lovely! I took out a pea from the basket. It was wearing a turquoise green coat. It looked so dignified and generous. The pod was thin and long, and its belly was bulging. There is also a layer of soft fluff on the coat, which is itchy to the touch. I scraped the fluff with my fingernail. The hair did not fall off, but it was mischievously skewed to one side.

I use my fingernails to cut a hole in the pod and squeeze out a green bean seed. Pinch again, another bean seed was born from the mother's belly. How interesting! However, it's too slow to peel peas like this. It took a long time to peel a few pods, and my fingernails began to hurt. Looking at my mother's two hands holding green beans, I don't know how to pinch them. In the blink of an eye, a bean pod is peeled off, and the beans are leaking from mother's fingers into the bowl. How skillful and flexible the action is!

I'm so envious. My mother said with a smile: 'there is a way to peel beans. Like you peel, slow, hand pain, to dark also can not eat fried soya beans! '

Then my mother showed me. I saw my mother hold the top half of the soybean with her left hand, and the lower half with her right hand. She pressed her left hand to the right and her right hand to the left. The pods immediately cracked along the side seam. The small beans like naughty children jumped out happily and jumped into the bowl.

I'll do it slowly like my mother. Hey! That's a great way! It's fast and doesn't hurt your hands. The pods split, revealing green peas, like pearls. Count: one, two, three, three pea head next to the head, lying side by side, like three lovely baby is sleeping sweetly! I picked up a bean, round, smooth, wrapped in a layer of transparent skin, like a bean baby's protective film.

I use the method my mother taught me, the faster the peel, the more beans keep jumping out, jingling down to the bowl, really like playing a beautiful Serenade ah! well! Peeling green beans also brought me a lot of happiness!