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Little water drop and sea

Little water drops live in a beautiful and resource rich hill, and they play happily with their partners every day. However, one day, a little water drop heard from his partner that the distance of a thousand miles cannot describe the vastness of the sea; the height of a thousand feet is not enough to describe the depth of the sea. The little water drop suddenly felt that he was too small and thought: I must go to the sea. Later, he told the story to sister Xiaoxi. Sister Xiaoxi agreed. From then on, they began their journey to the sea.

During the journey, they met a castle. The castle asked them, "where are you going, you little ones? The little water drop said: 'we are going to the sea. Please get out of the way. "The castle said," you are so small that you can go to the sea? "The little water drop replied," only when we do things in the world can we know whether we can succeed. 'the castle had nothing to say, so it had to make way for it. Later, they met the rock again, and the little water drop said to the rock, 'would you please step aside? We're going to the sea. 'the rock said: 'my leg is injured and I can't walk. Give me a hand. 'the little water drop and his partner helped the rock to a safe place and continued to walk. Knowing that there was a stream to join them, the sea immediately prepared the room to meet them. Little water drops, they went to the sea and were warmly welcomed by the sea.

Later, the small water droplets and the sea to live together, small water droplets know: do not accumulate small steps, not even thousands of miles; do not accumulate small streams, no river sea. Once upon a time, the sea always thought that he was the most powerful thing in the world, and no one could match him. He is also very arrogant, often bullying small water drops and crowding them out.

One day, a group of small water droplets couldn't bear it. They climbed up to the shore, pointed to a big and hard stone and said to the sea, 'sea, sea, can you destroy this stone? 'the sea glanced at the stone scornfully and laughed up to the sky: 'ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I bet you can't destroy this stone! If you can, then we will admit that you are the most powerful thing in the world. Do you agree? "The sea listened, disdained to shake his head:" of course! In this world, the most powerful must be mine! No one dares to argue with me! "Then wait and see! '

After that, the sea washed away the stone every day. However, a year later, the stone is still that stone, which has not been destroyed at all, but has grown a layer of moss on its surface, becoming very smooth.

The little water drops climbed to the shore again, laughed at the sea and said, "sea, don't you say that you can blow sand and destroy rocks, and you have the greatest strength? What's the difference now? Ah? 'the big sea was gnashing his teeth and fiercely said to the little water drop: 'don't always talk about others! Can you do it? Hum! "But the little water drop chuckled:" we? Of course! We can make a big hole in the stone! "That's it! "Yes! yes! "Other small drops of water also attached. The sea gave them a look and said with a wry smile, 'is it? Just try it! Hum! '

Since then, small water drops drip on the stone every day. The sound of 'drop, drop, click, click & hellip; & hellip;' is like a wonderful song, which attracts many small fish and shrimps to gather beside the big stone and enjoy it quietly.

Er & hellip; ER & hellip; ER & hellip; this & hellip; & hellip; who is & hellip; & hellip; 'the sea, with its mouth open, looks at the sky and stammers & hellip; & hellip; little drops and the sea are inseparable friends. Every day, small drops of water will give the sea a lot of delicious and nutritious food to eat. From then on, the sea will grow bigger and fatter.

One day, the sea said to the little water drop with pride: look at you, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, see what you grow up to be small and thin, and still want to continue to be friends with me, you are not worthy! "The little water drop listened and said in disbelief," why am I not worthy? Besides, it's not so good for you to eat. Without me, you would be younger than me! "The sea said in disbelief:" no, let's break up! You don't send me anything to eat, see if I will become as small and thin as you! Little water drop heard, very angry, really left the sea, no longer send things to the sea to eat.

Day by day, day by day, the sea did not have small drops of food to eat, really like the small drop said, day by day thinner, day by day smaller, not happy at all. But the little water drop, don't mention how comfortable it is. It came to the countryside to help the farmer's uncle to add nutrition to his younger brother in the paddy field. The younger brother of the paddy field repeatedly said several thanks. It came to the power plant again, and gathered many brothers and sisters to generate electricity with it. Uncle worker liked it.

When the small sea really can not be small, it regrets, regret their previous stupidity, really should not drive away the small water drops. So, it made up its mind, went through a lot of hardships, and finally found the water droplets and apologized to them. Little water drops see it know wrong on the change, also forgive it.

Later, they became good friends again. One day, the small water droplet and the sea met. The sea felt that it was bigger than the small water drop and looked down on the small water drop. The sea said: 'little water drop, you see, I am so big, you are so small, even one tenth of mine is not so large. "The little water drop said," don't look at me as small, haven't you heard of it? Every drop wears the stone! As long as there are many small drops of water, you can penetrate the stone. And you're so big that you can't even get through the rocks. 'the sea said: 'that's because you focus on a little bit, and I'm a big impact, so I can't wear through. "The little water drop said," if I drop randomly, I can pierce several holes in the stone! When the sea saw that there was no plan, he said to the little water drop, "you will always flow into my body in the end, and you must listen to me. The little water drop said: 'if there were no our little drops, there would be no sea without you. Because you are made up of our little drops. "The sea listened to the little water drop, and was convinced.

We should also be like small drops of water, to convince people with reason. One day, the sky suddenly became gray. After a while, the strong wind, howling in the field, the thunder sounded, in the lightning symphony, drops of water fell down. Some & hellip; fall on the grass;

At this time, the sea was surging and spectacular. He said haughtily: 'ha! Ha! Look, how small you are, much smaller than one hundred thousandth of mine! "Little water drop thought: 'if my brothers and sisters don't fall into the sea for a year, will the sea dry up? 'but the little drop didn't speak. The sea said, "look how beautiful I am, and you are small and ugly! "The little water drop can't listen to it, but he said calmly:" don't be arrogant. If you don't have our little drops, you will become a dry sea sooner or later. 'and the sea said,' well, it won't! Don't lie, my body, can be said to be: with a thousand miles away, can not describe the vast sea, thousand Ren high, not enough to describe the depth of the sea. You little thing, don't hurry up! Don't bother me here. "The little water drop was very angry and immediately called on his brothers and sisters to leave the arrogant sea. Since then, very few water drops have fallen into the sea.

Day by day, year after year. When the sea was about to dry up, he regretted that he had despised the tiny drops and drove them away. He paid for what he had done. At the moment, he sent out a weak cry for help to the environmental protection broadcasting station: "little water drop, my good brothers and sisters, come and help me! '

Four small drops of water in Aizi hope primary school in Taian County, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. He looked at the very hard stone at his feet and thought: I'm going to penetrate this stone. When he told his friends, they laughed at it and satirized it. They said to the little water drop in a contemptuous tone: 'ha ha ha! I see you blow the bull into the universe. 'the little drop ignored them and quietly returned to the stone. This story immediately spread to everyone in the water drop family, even the sea. After the sea inquired where the little water drop was, it lazily went to the spot where the little water drop and the hard stone were. When the sea saw the little drops of water, he laughed and said, "just like you, I don't know whether you penetrated the stone or the stone penetrated you. 'the sea laughed at the little drops again. The little water drop couldn't help saying, 'don't think you are strong, maybe you can't penetrate this stone! 'the sea heard the little drop and said, 'I? Can't penetrate this broken stone? It's a big joke. "The little water drop said," hum! Well, one hundred days later, let's see who can drop the stone through! After hearing this, the sea said haughtily, "OK, it's a deal. See you in 100 days. You can't win me! Ha ha ha ha! 'then the sea languidly walked away.

From then on, the small water drops began to drip to the stone. When tired, he lay on the stone for a short rest, while the sea sleeps lazily, thinking: anyway, my strength is great, and it is not too late to start playing again and again until the 100th day. After 100 days, the small water drops drop drops out a hole in the hard stone. The sea is urgent, and immediately starts to hit the stone again and again, but the stone is one Not a bit changed. The sea was shy, for he was afraid that little water drops would laugh at him like him, but instead he said to him, "modesty makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind.". From then on, little water drops and the sea became good friends. Once upon a time there was a little water drop falling from the sky. Little water drops fell into the stream. After a long journey, he finally arrived at the boundless sea! Where the sky is more beautiful than other days, the sea is so calm, seagulls are so beautiful. Little water drops live happily here!

One day, the little water met the sea. The sea said: 'what little thing are you? 'the little water drop said angrily, 'I am you, you are me, we are one. You can't say anything about me. "The little water drop said to the sea again: 'it was granny rain who let me down. My destiny is to let you become more vast, it is OK. "The sea laughs and says:" impossible, impossible, you how small, small think ant, can't make me big. With that, the sea glared at the little water drop. The water droplet was not pressed down by the momentum of the sea. He said, "let's play. The rule is to make a hole in a stone in 999 days. "The sea said triumphantly," OK, "he thought, not just one