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Spring girl is here

Spring came, winter grandfather sent away the cold earth, spring girl with light steps to the world.

You see, the spring girl breathed a breath gently, the hillside was surrounded by a circle of green yarn.

Spring sunshine is particularly beautiful, spring girl unfolded a smile, the sun red light beam shoots over, gently caresses you, like the young mother's hand.

Grass secretly out of the soil, tender, green. In the woods, many birds are flying freely. When they are happy, they sing a clear and sweet tune. The warm spring is blowing the river, and the river water is suddenly affected by the sound of a pleasant flute. Looking around, a group of naughty children are making willow flutes with the stems of weeping willows! They blow out the happiness and happiness in their hearts.

At night, the day gradually dawns, light blue inlaid with a few small stars, the earth is hazy, as if shrouded in silver gray gossamer.

What a beautiful spring! Spring girl is coming. Spring is coming. Spring is beautiful! You see the colorful flowers bloom, swallows fly back, wheat seedlings wake up, rape flowers bloom... All these are not the symbol of spring girl?

His footprints are all over the place. Spring girl stay on the peach blossom for a moment, and the peach blossom will be as beautiful as her. Peach blossom, like the little pink faces of girls, some first show their own posture in the soft spring breeze, just like those bold girls, showing a smiling face; some are shy, want to smile, and bite the bright red lips as budding.

In spring, many young but stubborn life is quietly growing, which is the gift of spring grass to us. Don't underestimate these grass, they send out a light fragrance, these fragrance brewed in the slightly moist air, making people relaxed and happy, the grass covered the earth with its own body, the earth uncle turned into a piece of green.

In spring, many colorful little dots are opening quietly, flowers are blooming on the cliff, and the lawn is dotted with small flowers, flowers all over the mountain!

They are a bunch of clusters, contending to open. The rich fragrance of the flowers drifted around. On various occasions and places, people show respect for people; people pick flowers, give flowers to each other, express the deep friendship between people, flowers add a thick color to the world.

Sometimes it drizzles in the sky. Spring rain is light blue, crystal clear. Thousands of silver silk, rippling in the air, lost in the long gossamer, draped in the fields of yellow oil. The rain fell in the water, like dripping into the crystal jade plate, splashing pearls; rain falling on the trees, like combing soft long hair for branches; rain falling on the field rolled up a burst of smoke, the land seemed to display a small dimple

Spring often causes my thinking: people always regard spring as a symbol of life and hope, and we children are also known as "the spring of the motherland, the flower of the motherland".

Spring is coming! I love this beautiful spring girl! Spring girl came, she sent off the air conditioning in winter, with warm rain and sunshine, into our campus. With her dexterous hands, she decorated the campus as if it were a paradise.

The grass on the playground, under the blowing of spring breeze and the nourishment of drizzle, raised his childish head and said with a smile: "good aunt spring, good spring rain and spring breeze sister!" The sound of reading from the classroom, accompanied by continuous drizzle, makes people feel particularly comfortable.

At noon, father-in-law of the sun sprinkled warm sunshine on the earth, and mapped the garden area of the school like a kingdom of heaven. It was very beautiful. The school science building next to it looks like a palace in the sky. Look, a butterfly flies together in the Bush, and groups of dragonflies compete in the air like an airplane stunt. Listen, "haw haw," who's calling? Oh, it's a group of lively and clever birds, singing and competing for high jump and long jump on the big tree where they say goodbye to hibernation and sprout small buds. After school, the students strolled in the environment of birds and flowers, bathing in the warm sunshine. In front of the teaching building, some students have taken off their long and thick clothes to play the game of throwing sandbags.

In the evening, the sound of reading in the campus, a gust of spring breeze, and the intoxicating fragrance of flowers make people intoxicated. Hundreds of swallows are neatly arranged on the cable line, which seems to be holding a pledge meeting in the fight against mosquitoes. Roadside trees holding the spring rain to his gift, miss the day and the sun together time, with the night fog Qu Zhuang growth. The spring breeze caresses the flowers. The flower was so happy that she danced the gentle waltz "song of spring breeze" with a beautiful posture. The little princess is like a star in the sky? Why don't you invite me

Ah! Campus spring, a beautiful and charming scenery animation! Spring girl came to the last season of the year. The snow covered winter has finally passed, and a new year has come. When she heard the news, she rushed back to let everyone know that spring is coming.

She went to wake up the plants to welcome the spring jasmine. Jasminum nudiflorum like a small star from the sky like blooming. They opened their small mouths and called to the announcer and part-time writer's morning glory: "spring is coming!" After hearing this, the conscientious announcer and writer immediately took up his pen and published an article in all plant people's Daily: "spring is coming, the author, announcer, morning glory. Ah! I'm so happy that spring has finally arrived. So are all of you. This is really The next day, we all knew that spring was coming: Peach Blossom unfolded, his lovely, pink and beautiful face giggled; the grass stretched out a big stretch, smeared and washed his face and then got out of his head; At the same time, brother Liu Shu is preparing to make an ancient costume film, and once he wakes up, he braids up his big braids. Brother poplar opens his big eyes and protects people's homes from sandstorms. In addition, spring rain is as expensive as oil, which can not only prevent sandstorms on the ground, but also make everything moist. Spring girl looked at all this is very happy, but she saw the river is still sleeping, so she summoned a lion roar, the river woke up, she red face, across the mountains, bridges, the city to say goodbye to spring girl. Next, spring girl found the duckling, because "Spring River warm duck prophet". At this time, the duckling is standing in front of the herald to wake up the animals. As soon as the frog woke up, he was so hungry that he jumped out of eight feet and went straight to the fields. After playing in the air, he turned around for three and a half weeks and yelled, "lovely insects! Here I am When the bear wakes up, he turns around and walks slowly and catches a big fat fish and kills it in one bite. People also began to change their winter clothes, put on their spring clothes and do outdoor sports.

I hope next year's spring will come soon, because I know that next year's spring must be so beautiful and so happy! Spring girl is here to see! Spring is coming. She brought a green dress embroidered with flowers and gave it to mother earth, so that mother earth would no longer wear a monotonous white coat. She also brought fertile soil and favorable weather to the farmer uncle, so that he could have a good harvest this year. How generous spring girl is! Let's raise our hands to embrace this beautiful spring!

Where the spring girl goes, where will become prosperous. Spring girl walked through the hill, the hill was a new look, grass out of the small head, swaying in the breeze, willow tree unfolded with yellow leaves of willow, like blinking yellow green eyebrows, curiously looking at this new world. In the field, everywhere can see the green color. The poplars beside the rice fields are like guards dressed in green clothes to protect the crops from sand and flood. Whether it is rice fields or hills, everywhere is green and pleasant to see.

Spring girl across the river, the river thawed, the river rushing, as if to thank the spring girl. The small fish in the river swim freely and happily.

Spring girls fly to the shore, fly over the peach forest, peach blossom in full bloom, a cluster, a cluster, to the green earth add some color. Swallows fly back from the south, adding some vitality to the spring flowers.

Spring is like a magician with endless changes. He turns the monotonous and lifeless winter into a beautiful and lively spring.

Spring is like a strong youth, leading us forward. Spring girl came, snow wrapped winter passed, spring girl with a light step quietly came.

Spring girl is like a fairy in the fairy tale. Everything revives wherever she goes. The earth is bathed in sunshine, and all living creatures are full of vitality.

Spring girl came to the outskirts of the country, blowing a breath of Fairy Spirit, sleeping a winter grass out of the field green head, it stretched out, rubbing sleepy eyes, curiously looking at the bright world. Cute and cute swallows come from the south, dressed in black and shiny feathers, with a pair of scissors like tail, slanting in the air, or singing "bone, bone, bone, bone" in the eaves of the nest, as if to tell us that spring girl is coming. Several weeping willows along the river burst out goose yellow leaf buds. Long branches hang down, and some stretch into the water. When the wind blows, the water ripples slightly. A few naughty ducklings swaggered from their nests to the river. When they reached the river, they spread their wings and jumped into the river one by one. They swam back and forth, rattling.

Spring girl came to the garden. Some flowers in bud, some flowers have opened, the spring breeze, they swing back and forth, with the wind to send bursts of fragrance.

Spring girl came to the city, people are also active, put on spring clothes, meet to go on a field outing, stretch out, enjoy the fun of spring. Our children came to the Bund park to fly kites, colorful kites up and down, one after another. Kites are also beautiful: there are eagles, dragonflies, butterflies...... Decorate the sky in spring with gorgeous colors.

Miss Chun is an excellent painter. That trace of spring rain, string into the most beautiful screen, covering the earth. The lovely grass, green trees, and the warm spring...... Isn't all this the best gift given to human beings by spring girl?

The sun shines on the earth genially, the birds sing in the branches, the flowers are more delicious, the grass is more fresh and green, the green mountains and waters are also more magnificent...... Students, shouldn't we thank Miss Chun?