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My favorite animal

There is a lovely little dog in my grandmother's house. He is very popular. You look like a fluffy tail and fluffy feet. A pair of small round eyes rolling, nose like a grape as slippery, is really lovely.

Every time I eat, he would run over and lift one of his front feet, as if to say to me: 'little master, I'm hungry, give me something to eat. 'at this time, I will give her food without hesitation.

My little dog barks whenever the guests come, so my grandmother named it "Wangwang". Wangyi, Wangyi, I like this name.

Once, there was a storm in the sky. Wang Wang hid in the house. I couldn't find it. At this time, I was very anxious, so I went home and asked, "where are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father and my mother? "Mom and dad asked," is he no longer in the house? 'I don't know,' I replied. I ran to the doghouse and found that "Wang Wang" was lying there. It turns out that the dog is also very smart. When it rains, it will find a place to hide from the rain. It's really smart. I was relieved and said: '& lsquo; woof & quo; finally found it! '

Ah! Wang Wang is smart and cute. My favorite animal is a dog.

The dog's hairy, a pair of ears look very energetic, and the dog's watery eyes, there is a black, especially sensitive nose and a small mouth. Four very strong little feet. An adult can't even catch up with it. What's more interesting is that this dog seems to have come back from a circus. It will make friends with people, say hello, stand on both feet, shake hands with people, and roll over! When the dog eats, he always drags the food to a place where there is no one, and then patrols around until he feels that there is no one.

I still remember one time, I was playing downstairs when suddenly the little dog ran to me. I thought it was going to bite me. I was scared and didn't know what to do, so I called out. What happened? ha-ha! The dog passed me by without looking at me and ran towards its owner. Its owner laughed, too. 'ah? 'My mouth became an 'o' shape, and my friends laughed. After that, I couldn't close my mouth when I thought of it.

I like this little dog because it's cute and cute! My favorite animal 350 words do you know what my favorite animal is? Let me tell you! My favorite animal is cat, the killer of mice.

My cat's name is Xiao Xi; its fur is black; its tail is long and curved; it has a pair of red eyes, like a red gem, symbolizing auspiciousness, joy and enthusiasm.

It likes to play with my feather keys best. When I go out to play, it plays my feather keys while I'm not at home. Every time it's finished, I have to buy a new one.

Sometimes it's very good. It sleeps in the sun on the sofa and the floor. It sleeps for half a day. It sleeps from night to lunch, then after dinner, and sleeps until dinner in the evening. I really doubt that I have a pig instead of a cat, because it lives like a pig!

Sometimes it is very naughty, it will run to the lawn, vase somersault; climb up the tree, holding the branch swing. Where it passes, the branches will break and the flowers will fall.

Sometimes it is very playful, if it wants to go out to play, it will run away for a day and a night, no matter who uses what moves, it is ungrateful. I didn't come back until midnight.

Sometimes it is very dutiful. When it hears the sound of a mouse, it will rush to catch the mouse, regardless of anything.

It's scary sometimes. When I go out for a walk with my sister, it suddenly comes out and frightens us to the ground.

What about? Do you like it? I like it very much, because I am attracted by its lively, innocent and lovely appearance, so I like it very much! My favorite animal 550 words I like the little animal is pure white cat, its body white like snow hair let me incomparably like, its eyes narrow into a slit in the day, at night round, like two emeralds. His ears are always cocked up, as long as you move, his ears will move; his hearing is very agile, as long as someone walks by, it will "meow"; its teeth are very hard, pointed and long, very easy to eat, I like it very much.

Remember one time, my brother came to my house to play, the kitten was extremely enthusiastic, always smiling at his brother. My brother saw that he was so cute, so he took out a thick wool. You know, the cat likes to play with the wool. The elder brother carried the wool, and the kitten also followed. The wool passed through the corner. The cat rushed forward without catching it. My mother and I laughed, and the cat was a little angry. My brother changed a piece of cloth. After the corner, the cat rushed to and jumped out again My brother has become a cat fighter. My brother put five stools in a row and put the wool on the edge of the stool. The kitten rushed over and tried to bite the wool. I cheered for it and was happy for it.

Winter comes, I build a warm nest for the kitten, it is very happy. Whenever I come home from school and walk on the stairs, the kitten lies on the sofa waiting for me. As soon as I enter the door, it smiles into a flower. See I bought food for it, happy to lick my hand, extremely enthusiastic!

One day, my father said to me, 'look, dogs are loyal ministers, cats are treacherous officials. "I was in a hurry and said," the cat is my favorite animal. It's not a traitor! 'My mother came to be a judge and asked each person to write five reasons for liking a cat or a dog, and then judge them. My brush brush says: 1. I like cats; 2. Kittens have smooth fur; 3. Cats are sincere to me; 4. Cats are very cute; 5. Cats are very clever. Just finished, I looked up at my father. Ha, he just wrote two. After we all handed in the papers, the referee declared his victory on the ground that his father wrote more words. I am very unconvinced, I believe, I will be kitten's lovely forever guard down!

Kitten, naughty, cute, he brought me happiness in my life, no matter what, my favorite animal is kitten! My favorite small animals. 250 words I like a lot of small animals, swallows, dogs, rabbits, squirrels & hellip; & hellip;, of which, to count my favorite is the kitten. Speaking of kittens, my family also has one, so I'll tell you the story of me and kittens.

That kitten's fur is soft and slippery, and there are beautiful patterns on its head. Therefore, I named it huahuahuahua. His beard is very long. Once I took my father's razor to shave Huahua. Mother said: Huahua's beard can't be shaved, because in a very dark place, she can slightly twitch her beard to measure the width of the road. Wow, it turns out that its beard has such a big effect! I said.

Huahua loves cleaning very much. It also has to go to the toilet to pull the stool. There are a lot of cinders in a bedpan. It buries the stool with cinder every time it finishes.

Huahua is my good friend. Every time I have snacks, I give it a little. When I wear socks, it rubs on my feet. I bask with it and whispers with it.

This is my favorite little animal -- Huahua. I like the small animal silkworm 500 words, I have many of the same pets, their body as white as snow, feet smaller than millet, regardless of day and night to eat leaves, said here you should know my pet, by the way, silkworm.

Speaking of why I raise silkworms, it will start from the year before last. One day, I saw my neighbor's elder brother and sister raising silkworms, so I said to my mother, "Mom, my brother and sister have raised silkworms, and I want to raise them too." "no, what are those worms for. 'My mother said angrily. I went to play with my friends sadly. On Monday, in Chinese class, the teacher said, "if anyone does well in this exam, I will award him silkworm. 'after listening, I was so happy that I almost jumped up. My dream of silkworm rearing has not been broken. In class, I listen attentively and finish my homework conscientiously. It's true that my kung fu pays off. After my unremitting efforts, I finally got 99 points in the exam. The teacher awarded me 6 small animals that I dream of -- silkworm. Back home, I carefully put them in a big box, and then asked my mother for money to buy mulberry leaves.

I carefully feed them three meals a day, watching them grow fat and strong day by day. Later, I even put the leaves in front of me and I was too lazy to eat them. You see how lazy they are fed by me!

One day, I saw that they didn't eat or drink, which made me worried. My mother saw it and asked, "what are you thinking about?" I said, "what can silkworm do if you don't eat or drink?" my mother said, "that's when they want to make cocoons. 'after school, I hurried home to have a look. I was stunned. They were weaving too fast. They had already wrapped themselves up. It soon became six cocoons. A week later, six beautiful silkworm moths came out of the cocoon and watched them dancing. I was very happy. Later, they gave birth to the eggs that were dense and small with the black Ganoderma. I'm waiting for their offspring to be born next year!

This is my favorite small animals, they are lovely! My favorite little animal little white dog my favorite animal is a little white dog.

It has a thick pure white fur, a pair of fox like ears, a pointed face & hellip; & hellip; how come, how this dog from the beginning to the end is so like a fox! When I first saw it, I was cheated by it. It is different from other dogs when eating: sit steadily on two hind legs, hold food with two forepaws, and eat with head stretched out. Sometimes it barks when it's happy to eat. Its voice is very special. It sounds very low, as if an old man is talking about something, but if you listen carefully, you will find that it is different from other low-key people. For example, if it eats what it likes to eat, it will cry low and short, if it is not full, it will cry long and boring, at this time, if you give it some more food, it will become very clever. If you touch its forehead when it is eating, it will stretch out its front paws, lie down on your legs, take the opportunity to ask you to hold it, and then smoothly sit on your legs, and begin to eat its food quietly. At this time, if you want to touch its head again, it will lick you and look at you with big eyes, which is really lovely.

Once I came home from school and brought a bone to the little white dog, but at this time, a little yellow dog came to fight with it. They use their front paws to fight for me to scratch each other. At this time, the little yellow dog accidentally drops the bone into the little white dog's hand. The little white dog seizes the opportunity to press the bone with its claws, and then barks at the yellow dog, and the little yellow dog is scared away. The little white dog began to eat at ease. While eating, he looked at me and whined at me, as if to say: 'thank you, but from now on, I'll take two roots! '

I really like this little white dog! My favorite animal 600 words