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A junior high school composition on maternal love

Chapter 1: the most selfless, the greatest and the most sublime love in the world is maternal love. In my study life, my mother gave me meticulous care, in my mother's care, I grow up healthy and happy. Whenever I encounter difficulties, my mother is always with me. I remember once, because of eating unclean things, I was sick, and all night I had fever and diarrhea. My mother was very anxious. She took my temperature and took the medicine for me. The next morning, I opened my eyes and saw her eyes full of blood and a tired face. I know. She hasn't been able to sleep all night. But she still said to me with a smile, "how are you?" Listen to my mother's words, my heart sour. My mother is also a big supporter of mine. Whenever I get good grades, my mother always thumbs up high in the distance to bless me; whenever I fail, my mother always encourages me to continue to work hard. What impresses me most is that when I took part in the provincial zither competition in 2007, we went with three good friends, whose scores were better than mine. When I learned the result of the game, I felt very sad, and I couldn't help but shed tears. My mother gently dried my tears, pulled me aside, whispered to me: "the result of the competition is not important, the important thing is that we have the courage to participate this time, and saw the advantages of other students, but also found our own shortcomings, we still need to continue to work hard after we go home, and next time we will compare with them, OK?" Mother's love is innumerable, mother's love exists everywhere, all the time. Mother's love is like a sea of flowers, I seem to be placed in one of the small bees, free to fly in the sea of flowers, enjoy collecting all kinds of pollen. I also want to be like a small bee, dedicated to the mother countless sweet, dedicated to the mother countless smile. Chapter 2: mother's love is boundless. Mother's love is like a slow flowing river, bringing clarity, holiness, selfless dedication and warmth like spring My mother is a farmer, and she has a unique smell of a farmer. My mother worked day and night for the family, cooking, washing, cleaning the house, working in the fields, and even supervising our homework. But I never complained. I just did a few housework and felt that I had paid a lot. Standing in front of the simple, kind and industrious mother, I am like a boat in the universe. I remember one time, I had a fever, but my mother was so anxious that she carried me to the village clinic in the middle of the night. Because there was no doctor on duty in the village clinic at night, my mother carried me for ten miles to the township hospital. The health center in the town was also unattended, so anxious that my mother cried, but I didn't know how to comfort my mother. There are too many examples of such life. Life makes all our children experience or feel the greatness and selflessness of maternal love. Whenever encountering difficulties, my mother's words of encouragement always linger in my ears, and the warm current of maternal love rippling in my heart. I thank my mother for her light like guidance, which has given me great strength and infinite courage, so that I can get up from the place where I fell down, face the long road confidently and walk down step by step. Somehow, I grew up, but the distance between my mother and me became more and more distant, as if there was an invisible wall between us. When I was a child, I was very close to my mother These seem to have left me, disappeared in the clouds, I began to ignore the care of my mother, tired of my mother's nagging, and even do not want to be bound and restricted by my mother. I act willfully and foolishly, thinking that I have grown up, great, and can no longer be bound and restricted by my mother. And my mother still keeps her deep care and deep love for me. My mother and I have a lot of differences, which is probably the so-called generation gap! Quarreling with my mother is already a common occurrence. Although it is my fault, I will not willingly say "I am sorry" in front of my mother, so my mother "gives in" to me. I often say words that stab my mother. My mother smiles but doesn't speak. But her heart must be bleeding for the words of my "silly" daughter. In my dream, I saw a few wrinkles on my mother's smooth forehead. My black hair turned pale and my straight waist became curved. I was afraid, is this old man coming to my mother? My heart sank, my nose was sour, and two lines of tears could not help but slide down from my cheek. When I wake up, I wipe the tears from the corner of my eyes, I regret I think deeply about the dark night sky for a long time. My mother's love is like the vast sea, like the vast universe, which is boundless; like the surging river, it never stops. Because maternal love is boundless, my mother in my heart, at this moment, there are many words in my daughter's heart that want to say to you Chapter 3: mother's love warms my heart. Do you know what is the most precious love in the world? Yes, it's mother love! Maternal love is like a drop of water in the desert; maternal love is like a piece of bread in hunger; maternal love is like an umbrella in the rain. Maternal love can open the knot in your heart. It's time to go to school! My mother carried my heavy schoolbag and walked on the road together. How cold it is! The cold wind was howling and the sky was drizzling. My hands, feet and face were frozen unconscious, and my body was shaking all the time. Look at my mother is also like this, but she did not hide her hands in the warm bag, but came to embrace me and help me block the wind. Mother's face suddenly pale up, there is no trace of blood on the mouth, hands were frozen cracked, obviously, mother also want to warm themselves up. I said: "Mom, I'm not cold, you warm yourself!" My mother said, "I'm not cold, my body is hot. If you don't believe it, you can touch my back." I know my back is always warm. So I touched my mother's hand. Her hand was red, and her hand seemed numb. She felt very sharp. Suddenly my tears can't help but flow out. Stay lazy is love, is warm. Tears wet mother's clothes. Tears like a river, has been flowing. My mother's body was shaking by the cold wind. I could see that my mother wanted to let me go and get warm for myself. She also wanted to be sheltered from the wind and rain to give her some warmth. But mother did not do so, but again and again for me to cover the wind and rain. I couldn't help saying, "Mom, I have a hat. Give me the heavy schoolbag! You can warm yourself by yourself My mother didn't say anything, but she always protected me. It's like a mission. I am like a pearl, you take care of me, protect me. My mother is like a huge glass ball, which makes me happy and happy without any need. And I am like your heart, I am happy, you are happy, I am sad, you are sad. Mother is like an umbrella in the rain; mother is like a drop of water in the desert; mother is like a piece of bread in hunger All that has been done has brought tears to the faces of children all over the world. I love you -- Mom! Chapter 4: cherish mother's love. I read a cartoon, which tells a story: one day, a hunter came to a stream to hunt and found a female bear. The hunter was very happy. He shot the female bear, hit the key point, and was sure to die. But the mother bear did not move, holding a big stone tightly in her hand. The hunter felt very strange. When he came closer, the mother bear's was dead. Looking at the stone, there were three cubs playing in the water. It was not just about what had happened just now. The hunter finally came to realize that the mother bear was still holding the stone, just in order not to hit the three cubs playing in the water. The hunter smashed the gun and decided not to hunt again. Because he knew that animals, like themselves, have life. Their mother died, just as our mother died, it was very painful. Yeah! Mother's love is so great, another Lyric says well: "only mother is good in the world!" Mother's love is meticulous, and when you grow up, you can't repay. So far, there is a scene in the movie that I have forgotten. The film is about a village, the village head's wife gave birth to a very lovely child, the villagers are very happy. However, when people were happy, a group of leopards broke into the village to eat the child. When the village head saw him, he quickly asked his wife to run away with the child. He bravely challenged the leopard. The wife ran away and ran, and finally escaped to the top of the mountain. Seeing that the leopards were going to catch up, she held the children tightly and jumped down into the vast sea without hesitation. She swam and swam in the boundless sea and determined to send the children to the shore with all her strength. Finally, the child was saved, but she lost her precious life. It can be seen how much she loves her children! Maternal love is great, people who have mothers are happy, but those who died of mothers since childhood, their young hearts. It's doomed to be miserable from urination. I think we should cherish this precious thing - maternal love. Chapter 5: mother's love is boundless. "The thread in the hands of a loving mother is like a coat on a wanderer's body." When I was a child, my mother asked me to remember this poem - "wandering chant". In fact, he wanted to let me know an important thing - maternal love is great. Once my mother made my favorite French fries for me. I was attracted by the attractive smell. Looking at my mother's cooking, I was very happy to jump up. But in this moment, my mother nervously lowered her head. I came over and found that my mother's hand was scalded by oil. I was very distressed. I kept saying, "it's OK, it's OK." "His mother said with a smile," it's normal Then I went to the pool, turned on the faucet, flushed and then went to cook again. I saw that the bag was broken and shed a lot of blood. I was very distressed for my mother, as if I had a big and red bag on my hand. I thought to myself: I really don't know how my mother was so strong after being scalded so big. My mother is not only so strong, but also very caring for me, my mother is really very good. At that time, I was ill. It was a serious cold. I was wearing cotton padded clothes, covering the quilt, lying on the bed, and putting a warm waist treasure on my body. But I was still as cold as in the Antarctic water. My mother was making ginger soup for me in the kitchen. I was yellow and thin, as if I was going to die, and I was nauseous and nauseous. At this time, I saw my mother made a bowl of porridge for me. The lotus seeds that my mother had cherished for a long time were put in the porridge. My mother came over with the soup and porridge. I saw my mother's anxious appearance. I felt even more miserable. My mother filled some soup with a spoon and fed me patiently. My mother also gently comforted me. Under the careful care of my mother, the cold immediately reduced by more than half. My mother accompanied me and I Gradually fell asleep, I thought in my dream my mother often taught me the poem - "wandering chant.". This is the maternal love, the great maternal love. I will keep this poem in mind. I firmly believe that mother's love is more than all other mothers in the world