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400 words in the composition of quarrelling fairy tales

Article 1: Stationery quarrel one quiet night, stationery quarreled.

Pencil proud to other stationery said: you see my slim and beautiful body, how beautiful it is! After hearing this, the eraser said angrily: Although you are beautiful, are your functions comparable to mine? Of course, I can draw the most beautiful picture in the world. Said the pencil. If you draw wrong, please let me clean it up for you. Rubber said. Their quarrel caused dissatisfaction with other stationery.

The ruler said: if you didn't ask me to help you, you would not have drawn straight lines. No, no, I'm the most useful. Color pen said: if I did not paint a variety of colors, it would not be so beautiful. None of them would agree with them. They woke grandma pencil box again. It's so late. Are you still up? What are you arguing about? The big guys all went to the stationery granny for evaluation. After she knew about it, she said mildly: you all have your own strengths and weaknesses, but you only know to use your strengths to compare with others' weaknesses, which is not right! The stationery bowed their heads in shame. From then on, they became good friends and United. We must remember that we can't use our strengths to compare with others. Chapter 2: the quarrel in the schoolbag, the learning equipment in the schoolbag is very united and upward. But one day, they quarreled about whose role was great, and it was hard to separate them. Later, they simply ignored anyone and fought the cold war.

In this case, their master Xiaohong suffered: when she was writing, the pen seemed to disobey the command, swaying and scribbling on the book. When she was seen by the teacher, she thought that Xiaohong was scribbling on the book. She was furious and criticized Xiaohong. Xiaohong was very sad. When Xiaohong was listening to the class and reading, the book suddenly turned and hit the pencil off the desk and pencil Fall on the ground, issued a "bang" sound, the teacher thought that Xiaohong deliberately affected the classroom law, Xiaohong criticized again. There are other learning equipment also disobey the command, Xiaohong can't write, read, draw

Xiaohong finally realized that it might be these learning equipment that caused the disaster. So he decided to buy another batch of learning equipment. The ruler had a sharp ear. Hearing what Xiaohong said, she told all the learning tools in her schoolbag in a panic. All the learning equipment were in good condition immediately. Xiaohong wanted to buy new learning equipment the day after tomorrow. They wanted to play their part in this day Ask the host not to buy new learning equipment.

Xiaohong found that learning equipment changed back, also do not buy new learning equipment. These learning aids understand that unity is the most important thing. Chapter 3: the quarrel of facial features one day, while the master was sleeping, the brothers of nose, eyes, ears, mouth and tongue quarreled.

First of all, the eyes were very unconvinced and said: "reading, writing, looking at the road So many things are used by me. Without me, you and the host will become blind. I am the most important.

When the ear hears what the eyes say, he says angrily and loudly: "if you don't have me, the master and you will become deaf and can't hear anything. The master also depends on me in class. If the master doesn't have me, he can't listen to the class in class. I'm the most important thing.".

The words of the ear caused the dissatisfaction of the nose: "what are you? Without me, the host can't distinguish the smell and smell the fragrance. The most important thing is that without me, the master can't breathe, the master will die, and you can't live. I am the most important thing!"

The mouth hears the words of nose, say aloud: "you are not important enough for me, the master depends on me to eat, without me, the master cannot live, the master depends on me to read, he can learn, I am the most important!"

Tongue out of the mouth head said: "I am the most important, without me, the master can not speak, can't read books, you will become mute, so I am the most important among you!"

The mouth was very angry, bit the tongue, pain woke up the master, the master said to them: "you are very important, no one can do without you, you should do your duty, do your own job well." They listened to the host's words and became friendly from then on. Chapter 4: punctuation quarrel in a quiet night, there are a group of punctuation marks in the competition on the desk.

Comma, dressed in a tuxedo and a big hat, ran quickly to the "stage" with a big stride. He said, "I have made the greatest contribution. Without me, the little master's composition would be like a long noodle, which could not be eaten out." Then he went down quickly.

Full stop, with the belly of a general and the wheel of wind and fire, quickly went to the "stage" and said, "I have made the greatest contribution. Without me, the article will be endless, just like an old lady's foot binding cloth - it's stinky and long, and it can't be finished when or when it's written." Then it went down.

The exclamation point, wearing a braid and tights, came up slowly and said in a shrill voice, "I have made the greatest contribution. Only I can show my little master's warm feelings when writing a composition." Then he walked on slowly.

The question mark is a gentleman. It rides a unicycle and comes up quickly. It says, "my credit is the greatest. If there is no me, there will be no question." The question mark is easy to say. It's very clear

The small symbols all of a sudden quarrel, you do not let me, I do not let you, quarrel red, inseparable.

"Children, stop fighting." Finally, the dictionary husband couldn't help saying: "you are all very important, one can't be less. The fire is high when people gather firewood. Only when we work together can we serve the little master better. "

The little symbols lowered their heads in shame, and everything was calm again.