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Composition of fairy tales

A long time ago, there was a family in the deep of the jungle, raising a large group of chickens and ducks. Under the careful management of the host, the chickens and ducks live in harmony. One day, the chickens and ducklings were playing a game happily. The owner brought them food. As the food was thrown, one of the master's gold coins fell out. A duckling found it and ran to hold it in its mouth. After a while, the master came looking for the gold coin, but he didn't find it for a long time. As soon as his eyes fell on the chickens and ducklings, he asked the chickens and ducks, "who saw the gold coins?" But the chickens and ducks were silent. He got angry and said, "I'll open your mouth and check one by one." The duckling was afraid of being found. He swallowed the gold coin into his stomach. The master broke his mouth and didn't find the gold coin. He was very angry and said, "who must have swallowed it!" He said angrily that he would kill one a day until he found the gold coin.

The duckling ran back to the duck's nest and was still in fear. Mother duck walked over and asked, "duckling, didn't you steal gold coins?" The duckling nodded.

Next door, is the master's vicious voice: "you dogs, how dare to steal Laozi's gold coins, I will kill you one by one!" At night, the duckling felt uncomfortable in his stomach, but he didn't dare to say that. He knew that the gold coin was stuck. The next day, the duckling died. The owner picked it up and found the gold coin in its stomach. Master vs. small

The duck's dishonest behavior was very angry. He chopped the duckling into meat sauce, and then served it to the chickens and ducks One day, the little rabbit bought a balloon. The little rabbit took the balloon and walked happily on the road. Walking, the line suddenly broke, the balloon flew to the sky, the little rabbit cried sadly.

The wolf suddenly came out and cried out to the rabbit, "ha ha, you can't run!" The little rabbit was very surprised and had a quick wit. Regardless of the balloon in the sky, he turned and ran.

The wolf did not catch up with the little rabbit. Gradually, the wolf had no strength to run. The little rabbit took the opportunity to get rid of the wolf and get out of danger.

But she thought of the balloon again. The balloon had gone far away. At this time, the bird flew over and asked, "what's the matter? Little rabbit. " The little rabbit told the bird the whole story. After hearing this, the bird said, "don't worry, I'll help you to get the balloon back and watch me!" Then he flew away.

After a while, the little rabbit saw the bird take the balloon back. The little rabbit was very happy. After thanking the bird, he went home happily.

Just stepped out of the way, the hateful wolf appeared again. The wolf catches up, and the little rabbit takes care of the balloon and runs back home. When the wolf arrived at the door of little rabbit's house, he saw that the door was closed tightly. The wolf wanted to bump into the door and suddenly heard the little rabbit say, "Mom, the lion will come to drive the wolf away in a moment..." When the wolf heard this, he was scared and ran away with his tail. In fact, this is not true, the rabbit is only a person at home, this is her way out.

The little rabbit defeated the cunning and vicious wolf again and again with his wit. The fairy tale composition 3: Fairy chu'e's story has not been found for so many years. In a beautiful lotus pond in the heavenly palace, there is a fairy like fairy in captivity. Her name is chu'e. she was imprisoned here tens of thousands of years ago for falling in love with a mortal, and a prisoner is hundreds of years. She is the embodiment of lotus, so no matter how many years passed, she is still beautiful.

Perhaps, it is because of her hard life, for hundreds of years, no one remembers her. Even, her prisoners have forgotten her. People can't think of such a beautiful fairy in such a lotus pond. Until one day, a five-year-old fairy jumped here to play. He was the youngest prince in the heavenly palace, called "Gelian."

Although he was very small, he had powerful magic power. Even the Jade Emperor couldn't match him. He became the "little devil" in the heavenly palace. When he came here to play, he always had a kind feeling. He sat on the lotus leaf in the lotus pond, picked a lotus flower, and played carelessly. Suddenly, the lotus leaf flashed a green light and sucked Gelian in. Gelian was surprised to find that he had sucked in That place, actually imprisoned a beautiful woman, looks like a fairy.. Little Gelian did not understand who she was, recited her and called her "mother." Because when she was one year old, she lost her mother and her queen mother.

How like a queen mother! Chu'e's cheeks shed tears. Facing the lovely little Gelian, she was indescribably sad, because he was like her little son who was born hundreds of years ago. They hugged each other tightly and did not separate Big tree and bird in the forest, there is a big tree growing tall and powerful, luxuriant branches. There is a bird in the nest above, every day in and out of the busy.

The tree asked the bird: "bird, you are busy every day, so hard, are you happy?"

"I'm happy!" The bird said, "there are insects I love to eat in the forest. There is fresh air. I can fly freely here."

"Dashu, are you happy standing here every day The bird asked the tree in turn.

Big tree said: "here are my brothers and sisters. We make oxygen for human beings to protect against wind and sand. Our roots are deeply rooted in the soil to prevent soil erosion. We made a contribution, so I'm happy. "

The big tree and the bird became good friends.

Suddenly one day, a group of woodcutters drove into the forest. They began to cut down the trees. The bird watched his big tree friend fall to the ground and his nest was destroyed. The forest became a bare mountain.

The bird saw the big tree being towed away. He chased up and asked, "brother Che, where are you going to drag my tree friend?"

"We're going to the factory," the car said

The bird came to the factory with the car. He heard the noise of the machine. Standing outside the window, he looked at the factory. He asked the window in a puzzled way: "what are the workers doing?"

The window said, "they cut the trees into boards, make sofas and sell them in the city."

The bird flies to the city. He flew into a house and saw people sitting comfortably on the sofa. He said out loud: "people, big tree has made such a great contribution to you, but in exchange for such a return! Why? "

The bird flew away sadly.