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Fairy tale composition about environmental protection

One night, in an ancient forest, the animals were holding an emergency meeting on environmental protection. The elephant, the lion and the tiger are all here.

"With the development of science and technology, human beings have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, so we have to hold an emergency meeting." "Yes, human beings often dump garbage into rivers. Now the clear river is muddy and stinky! Even the children who used to play and play with the fish and shrimps in the river now have to pinch their noses and rush across the river. "

The tiger said helplessly as he twisted his beard. "It's not only that. The fish brothers and shrimp sisters who live in the water are either dead or moving. There are fewer and fewer small animals in the forest!" Said the elephant, exasperated. "There are so many things like this that I won't say much." The lion added, "what's more, it's said that human beings are going to cut down our forests, so that the birds will have no home, including all our animals. Let's move! I moved to the forest where tiger brother lived. I couldn't stay here for a long time. I smoked black and black almost every day. It smelled terrible "No, my brother's forest is in danger of being cut down a lot. It's going to move to us. It's not going to work." The tiger protested.

The elephant thought for a moment, "otherwise, we'll go home and find a way. We'll gather here at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, and listen to whose method is good, and we'll use whose method, OK?" "Good! It's settled! " The tiger and the lion agreed.

Once upon a time, there was a huge forest where many small animals lived, such as little rabbit, rabbit mother, dog Wangwang, dog mother, fox, little squirrel and fluffy mother These animals live here happily all the time.

However, a pig named Lulu came from the huge forest. He always destroyed the plants and trees here. Moreover, he ate everything. The animals here hated him, but he liked himself. I'll tell you how you hate him!

One day, after the rain, dexterous darling is picking fresh mushrooms, she is singing while picking, very happy! But suddenly, the annoying Lulu came. When Lulu saw the fresh mushrooms, he said, "give me the mushrooms. I'll eat them. Otherwise, I'll pull out all the flowers and grass here." My dear thought, if you don't give the mushrooms to Lulu, Lulu will pull out all the flowers and plants, so he has to give the fresh mushrooms to lulu.

Another day, the lovely fluffy was picking delicious pinecones on the small pine tree. Unfortunately, the annoying Lulu came again. Lulu saw the delicious pinecones and immediately said, "fluffy, give me the delicious pinecones, or I will pull out all the flowers and grass. Fluffy has to give the pinecones to lulu.

The queen here knew and drove Lulu away. From then on, the place was peaceful.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely rabbit named Beibei in the forest kingdom. She used to be a little rabbit who talked about hygiene, but now she seems to have changed. The mother rabbit reminded Beibei several times that she said, "I know, don't bother me!" the mother rabbit had to leave angrily.

As time went by, Beibei rabbit gradually grew up, but her bad habits did not change. Mother rabbit is old and sick, and can no longer remind her daughter.

Beibei doesn't like to walk, so she throws bags of smelly garbage downstairs. Several times, she also hits uncle Yang and uncle monkey on their heads. "Thick juice" flows out of the garbage bags and onto their heads. Uncle Yang raised his head and looked up at the sky and said, "who is so immoral? Throw rubbish around!" Uncle monkey used his unique skill "flying into the sky". He jumped up a big tree and shot at the building where the rabbit lived. Beibei rabbit quickly hid for fear of being found.

I remember once, rabbit and her good friend went on an outing together. On the way, Beibei tried to eat snacks. She had ham sausage and drink, drink drink and chicken leg. Eat until she's full. You're going to ask her where she left her garbage? Garbage can, no! Garbage bag, it's not right! Let me tell you, she threw her garbage on the lawn and the road. If you don't believe me, I can show you.

After a few days, there were three dustbins opposite her house, one was "recyclable garbage", the other was "non recyclable garbage", and the other was "toxic waste". At last Beibei is much more diligent. In the morning, Beibei came out of the house with a big bag of garbage. She put the garbage in the "recyclable trash" bin. But the garbage in the garbage bag is not all recyclable. Garbage includes batteries, cabbage, carrots, white paper, plastic bags, cans, rags In the afternoon, the garbage recycling worker --- aunt chicken came. Seeing this situation, she thought: if it goes on like this, our country's environment will certainly be polluted. What should we do?

Aunt chicken came to Uncle Yang, uncle monkey and sister Lu. They discussed the "criminal guy" together.

Finally, uncle Yang knew the answer. He asked aunt chicken what was in the garbage. Aunt chicken told him there were carrots and cabbages. Uncle Yang immediately judged it, ran to the rabbit's house and asked the rabbit, "have you done anything wrong?" when xiaobeibei found out, her face turned red, and she replied, "I didn't No! "Why do you want to cheat us? It's not good to cheat people. Of course, it's not good not to protect the environment. If you think about it, how do I know? I know by the variety of garbage you throw. Don't you find that a small battery will also cause unimaginable consequences to our forest kingdom, pollute the air, you must correct it! "Beibei said," I will correct this defect, I will! "The chicken aunts laughed with satisfaction.

About environmental protection fairy tale composition 4: environmental protection (437 words) the East is about to dawn, the dawn is just beginning to show. I accompanied the sound of birds, bursts of flowers, came to the park.

WOW! The lively Park, a beautiful picture. People who run, play Taiji, dance, sing, play flute and play erhu have their own fun and fun!

All of a sudden, I heard a few faint sobs, oh, it was grass's cry. I looked at the grass next to them, and several drunk teenagers were sleeping on the grass. They were surrounded by beer cans and cigarette butts - probably left by them during the carnival last night. I asked with concern: grass, grass, grass with strong vitality, why do you cry ? Xiao Cao wiped her tears and said to me with sadness: you don't know, little girl, yesterday this group of people came to the park and stepped on my brothers and sisters mercilessly. They threw cigarette butts on us. Many of our brothers and sisters were scalded. You see, they stink all over us, and we're all squashed and stinky. Some of you human beings are so hateful. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yes, we are not saying that everyone is responsible for protecting the environment? But how can we do this? We should take good care of our beautiful Noah's Ark. Wake up! Some drunk teenagers!

Wake up! Those who destroy the cradle of their lives.

What is environmental protection (586 words) ah, it's a sunny morning with fresh air. Lamb thought, a few days ago, I saw a propaganda about "protecting the environment and saving water" on TV, and learned some little knowledge. Today's weather is so good, I just go to see if my friends also understand this knowledge?

When we got to the little monkey's house, the monkey was bouncing to water the flowers. A lot of water was not poured on the flowers and the ground was sprinkled. The lamb said to the monkey, "watering flowers can't be done like this. It's not only a waste of water, but also easy to sprinkle on others."

When he got to bear's house, he was washing fruit. After washing, he even left the faucet on and left. The lamb said: "bear, after washing things, even the tap is not turned off, the water is running away in vain, what a pity!"

When I got to the rabbit's house, I only heard the sound of "Hua Hua Hua". When I saw that the rabbit was washing vegetables, but because the tap was turned too big, a lot of water was splashed on her body. "When washing vegetables, the faucet doesn't have to be turned on the largest one, but it can be turned down. It's better to wash it in a basin, so as to save water and not splash it on your body. How nice it is!"

Back home, the lamb asked his mother, "why can't we save water?" His mother told the lamb, "because many people think that there is a lot of water and it can't be used up. But they don't know that because of environmental pollution and human pollution, many water quality are polluted, and many of them can't be used for drinking, and the water resources are becoming less and less. If we don't protect the environment and save water, we may have no water to drink in a few years After hearing this, the lamb said happily, "I know that there is a saying like this: water is the source of our life. Therefore, we must protect the environment, save water, cherish water, and protect the source of our life, so that we can have a better life and a more beautiful home. "