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I learned to make dumplings 250 words composition

Chapter 1: I learned how to make dumplings. It was a bright morning on Sunday. My grandmother decided to make dumplings. I also came to help quickly. I helped my grandmother wash the vegetables first, and grandma mixed the stuffing and noodles. My grandmother and I began to make dumplings. My grandmother asked me to do as she did, but I didn't make anything like it. Look at the dumplings that grandma made like fish. It's really too simple. Isn't it just stuffing the dumpling skin? Try again, but, after failure again and again, I thought, "when can I make it look like my grandmother?" I'm so envious! I know that no matter what I do, it's not so easy. Grandma said to me: 'if it's as simple as you said, anyone can pack it! "Grandma said to me again, 'as long as you follow the way I teach you to do it patiently, you will do well. 'after listening to grandma's words, I went to make dumplings according to her method, and finally learned how to make dumplings. Through the experience of making dumplings, I learned that everything should be done patiently and conscientiously. Everything is possible to succeed. Part 2: I learned how to make dumplings. On Sunday, my mother was making dumplings. I also want to make dumplings. My mother taught me how to make dumplings. My mother told me that there are three steps in making dumplings: first, mixing stuffing; second, mixing noodles; third, making dumplings. The most important thing is the bag. Mixed stuffing: first cut the meat into pieces, and then chop it into stuffing. Cut the celery into small pieces, mix them together, add various seasonings, and the dumpling filling is ready. Make dumplings with wheat flour. Add water to the flour bit by bit until the flour is kneaded into a soft dough. Bao: first, knead the dough into long strips of ham sausage and cut into two centimeter long segments. Then roll them into a round skin. The skin should be thin. My mother began to teach me to make, first put the skin flat on my hand, and then put some stuffing in the middle of the skin, fold the foreskin in half, fold it a few times, and squeeze the stuffing to show up, so that the dumplings are wrapped. I also made a decent dumpling. I made a lot of dumplings. Eat their own dumplings, do not mention the heart more happy. I learned how to make dumplings. On Sunday afternoon, my parents took me to grandma's house. My grandfather said, "today your whole family is here. Let's make dumplings. 'I'm so happy. I love dumplings! I came to the table, picked up the dumpling skin, scooped some stuffing with a small spoon, put it on the dumpling skin, and then wrapped it up like my mother. As the stuffing was put too much, the dumpling skin was broken. The second time, I picked up the dumpling skin again. This time, I put less stuffing, and the dumplings were flat and ha ha. I thought it over and over again, practiced several times, and finally it was finished. It's just that the dumplings have different attitudes. Some are like wonton, some are like dough, some are like ugly ducklings. It's not as upright as my mother's package is, and they are all in a state of disorder. In the evening, Dad went to the kitchen to cook dumplings, and soon served a plate of steaming dumplings. It's the first time I eat dumplings made by myself. It's delicious!