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An experience of buying books

Chapter one: an experience of buying books

Although it has been many years, I always feel some regret when I think of it.

At noon one day five years ago, I came home from school and passed an old bookstall. I stopped to pick out some books. In front of the bookstall, there are twin brothers, dressed in plain clothes, about eleven or two years old. They also choose books. One of the boys holding a "foreign excellent fairy tale selection" is watching with interest. After a while, he raised his head to ask the boss the price of this book, the boss replied: five yuan! He asked if it would be cheaper? The boss replied: No, it's already 10% off! He turned to consult the other boy. The young man, who was a little old and steady, should be the elder brother. His brows revealed a kind of perseverance. He counted the money in his hand and shook his head to his brother!

I see all this. Thought: I will pay the rest for them, to meet their little wish! But somehow, I didn't put my wish into practice. When the little brother reluctantly put down the book, my will was even stronger! In the heart is uneasy, the face is red. In my pants pocket, I was holding the two yuan coin which had been prepared for a long time, but I didn't take it out!

As time goes by, with the growth of age and rich experience, I gradually learned to analyze myself. At that time, I was young because of my shyness and face saving mentality! And lack of courage, so that my good deeds' premature death ', empty left regret!

Chapter 2: an experience of buying books

People often say, "reading is like a thousand volumes, and writing is like a God.". 'today, I'm going to experience the experience of buying books and become addicted to reading.

My father and I went to Jiefangbei Xinhua Bookstore first. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the rows of bookshelves, which were lined with all kinds of books. 'Wow! There are so many books! 'I couldn't help shouting. Bookstores are full of people. Some of them are sitting on the chair by the window, reading books leisurely. Some of them are constantly walking around, carefully selecting books, and others are reading books by the bookshelf or sitting on the ground because there are no seats left. Even so, they still enjoy reading. However, I'm here to buy books, not to see the scenery.

The book I want to buy is the education of love. When you hear this, you will say, "look at the education of love, what kind of book is it! Yes, although there are many books in the bookstore, they are put on the shelves according to different categories for the convenience of people to search. On the top of the bookshelf, there are all kinds of signs, such as "little stories, big truth", "exploring nature", "knowledge folder" & hellip; & hellip; I was like a headless fly running around the bookshelf, and I was soon dazed by all these signs. I had no choice but to ask the staff for help. 'auntie, where is the education of love? "There it is! "As she said, she pointed to the elevator. 'Thank you, Auntie! 'and I ran to the elevator.

But as soon as I ran to the bookshelf, I was stunned. The bookshelf has many layers, each of which is densely packed with books. "Twenty thousand miles under the sea," Tom. The adventures of Sawyer are all in it. So, I did a "carpet search" on this bookshelf, and finally "love education" came out. The old problem was solved, but the new one came out again -- the book was on the top shelf, and I couldn't reach it on tiptoe. I'm as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. At this time, a big brother asked me: 'little brother, do you want to take the education of love? "Yeah! 'I nodded. 'yes, I'll take it for you. "With that, my elder brother gave me the education of love. I said to him gratefully: 'thank you, big brother! '

Now, I am in a good mood, I took the book to the cashier, paid for it, held my beloved book, and went home happily with my father. Chapter 3: an experience of buying books

Gorky once said, "books are the ladder of human progress.". Books are like the sea of knowledge. When you open a book, you are like a fish bathing in the sea of knowledge. Here is my experience of buying books!

My friend has a set of "Laughing Cat Diary", I think it is very good-looking, so let my mother and I buy this set of books together.

When I entered the bookstore, I saw a wall with the following words: "I never tire of reading old books for hundreds of times. After reading them carefully, I know myself. "Ah! Isn't this written by Su Shi of the Song Dynasty! 'I said happily,' by the way, I almost forgot the business. 'I went to pick the book.

The bookshelves at the door are lined with all kinds of books. There is literature. Science popularization. Comics & hellip; & hellip; let me see: there are fairy tales! I went to the fairy tale class, ready to pick books. After choosing for a long time, 'eh? Why is there no laughing Cat Diary? 'I said strangely. I went to the waiter again, and I was very nervous and stammered and said: 'Auntie A & hellip; & hellip;, please ask & hellip; & hellip; where is the Laughing Cat Diary? "My aunt said gently," the child is in the fairy tale category. There are 1 to 8 books in the second row above. "Thank you! 'I said as I ran over.

I picked up a "Laughing Cat Diary" and smelled it. A fragrance of talking came to me. I quickly opened the book and read it for a while. 'HMM! good-looking! Just buy this black afternoon and Xiaobai's choice. 'I paid the money quickly. If you get a treasure, hold the book in your arms and leave the bookstore happily.

I had two new books and I was so happy! As if the sun is smiling at me!

Chapter 4: an experience of buying books

Books are our good friends. If reading makes people happy, it makes people happy to buy books. I believe everyone has had a variety of book buying experiences. Let me tell you about my book buying experience!

It was last semester. Mr. Du asked us to buy teaching materials, including "Chinese teaching material training", "mathematics teaching material training" and "oral arithmetic question card". So, the weekend before the beginning of school, my father and mother went to ZhongGuanCun book building together.

WOW! There are so many people in the library building. There are so many people around all kinds of bookshelves. Some are carefully selected, some are browsing at will, and some are just sitting on the ground with books and can't wait to see them. I took my mother straight to the third floor, where we sold books for primary school students, we quickly found the third grade last semester's "complete practice of Chinese teaching materials" and "complete practice of mathematics teaching materials", but there was no "mental arithmetic question card".

I looked for it from top to bottom, from left to right. But I couldn't find it. I asked the waiter's aunt and she said it was sold out. I thought with chagrin: it must be that I came too late, the books were bought by other students. My father saw me dejected, and he said, "it's OK. We'll look for it in other places. '

Then, we drove to Xidan Book Building. I looked over the whole third grade bookshelf, but it was the same as Zhongguancun book building, and still couldn't find it. Just when I was very disappointed, I suddenly remembered that some classmates told me that I had seen "mental arithmetic test card" in the book counter of Shangdi supermarket. I immediately came to the spirit and asked my parents to accompany me. Along the way, I have been thinking: this time must buy ah, all my hope is placed in this!

When I arrived at the supermarket fair, I rushed to the book counter on the second floor like a fly. In the rows of colorful books, I was eager to look for "people who have a heart for Kung Fu". Finally, on the bottom shelf on the left, I finally found the "oral arithmetic test card". 'found it! eureka! 'I cheered for mom and dad happily.

This is really an unforgettable book buying experience, so I fully verified the truth that 'as long as you do it with your heart, there is nothing you can't do'.

Chapter 5: the experience of buying a book for the first time

I am a child who loves reading. My bookcase is full of many books. From a small comic to a thick encyclopedia, has gradually enhanced my knowledge.

Whenever I read the two books, Thumbelina and Grimm's fairy tales, I think of my first experience of learning books.

I remember that day, when I was reading in the bookstore, I saw two of my favorite books, Thumbelina and Grimm's fairy tales. I wanted to buy these two books, but as soon as I felt in my pocket, I had no money, so I had to run home, take some money and buy again.

When I got home, I said to my mother, "Mom, I saw my two favorite books, Thumbelina and Grimm's fairy tales.". Mother said: 'good! You can buy it. 'I said,' but I don't have any money! After listening, my mother took out 20 yuan from her pocket and gave it to me. My father said, "I will accompany you.". I said: no! I'll go by myself! Mother said: 'good, good, go by yourself, this is a good opportunity to exercise you. '

I took the money, trotted all the way to the bookstore, to the bookstore, I still don't know how to buy books. An aunt came to me and said to me kindly, "children, do you want to buy books? 'I said:' well, I'm going to buy Thumbelina and Grimm's fairy tales. 'the aunt gently took the two books down from the bookshelf and gave them to me with both hands. I also took them with polite hands.

I took the book and went to the cashier and said to my aunt, 'auntie, two books are twenty yuan. 'I gave my twenty yuan to the aunt, who gave me the ticket. I was very happy to take the ticket, because I would buy books by myself.

My experience of buying a book made me extremely happy.

Chapter 1: the experience of buying books

In 1976, when I graduated from junior high school, I asked my mother for one yuan to take a picture because of the need to paste a picture on my graduation certificate. When my mother gave me the money, she told me again and again: forty seven cents for photography, and the rest of the money should be returned.

The school is a long way from the photo studio. After taking photos, I dare not stay outside. At that time, it was very hot in the middle of summer. Some students ran to buy popsicles for three cents. I look at people's cool look, my heart is also itchy. I held a one cent and a two cent coin and rubbed it ceaselessly. The coins were soaked with sweat in my hands. I remembered that my mother had told me to give money, so I bit my teeth and didn't buy it.

Xinhua's bookstore, when I walk in the temptation. The bookstore is not large in size, but also appears a little gray. The seller is a middle-aged woman in her thirties. I stood outside the counter and looked at the books on the bookshelf. Finally, I saw a book called "spring flowers and autumn fruits". I asked my aunt to show it. I have a general look at the contents and contents, and I think it's very good. I also see that the price is 13 cents. I turn the book over and over, but I don't want to put it back. Seeing my hesitant expression, the book seller said to me, "if you like, you can buy it. If you are willing to buy books and read books, you are a progressive child! '

I couldn't resist her persuasion, so I bought the book back. Back at school, I took a newspaper to make a book clip for the book, and gently put it in the middle of the book.

After school, I'm pregnant