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About my deskmate

My deskmate Chen Wenwen

There are a lot of people who have influenced me. There are family members, teachers, classmates, well-known literary giants and strangers I have never met. Today, I would like to write a dream of Wang Pu, my deskmate, who has the greatest influence on me.

She is a very thrifty and clever person.

A few years ago, I changed a stationery box with her. Now I don't know where to go, but she still keeps it. She said: 'one, this is a witness of our friendship! Second, it still works. I don't want to buy it again. It's a waste of my parents' money. "She is also my team leader. When we sweep the floor, she is always the first one to come. When I come to school, the floor is cleaned! In addition, her Barbie doll clothes are all made by her own hands, they are very beautiful, I envy very much! It can be said that a piece of waste can become a treasure in her hands.

With her friend, I have become thrifty. Now my book covers are wrapped in paper, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly. I am very happy!

My deskmate

My deskmate is Wu Jiaheng. She is medium-sized, her eyes are big, her hair is black and shiny. When she smiles, her eyes narrow into a seam. She is very lovely.

She is a brave little girl. One day, it rained. After lunch, the corridor was wet and slippery. She was sliding on the corridor, because she was sliding too fast. She fell down accidentally. Her chin cracked and shed a lot of blood. She also went to the hospital to sew several stitches! But she was brave enough not to cry. If it were for me, I don't know what it would be like to cry.

She is not only brave but also helpful. I remember once in a calligraphy class, I didn't bring a pen, so anxious that I turned around like an ant on a hot pot. I ask East, West borrow, but the students only bring a pen, can not help me, my mood is very anxious. Wu Jiaheng saw it, took out a pen from his schoolbag and said to me: 'here you are. 'I quickly took it and said,' thank you! '

This is my deskmate. More beautiful in appearance, more beautiful in heart. My deskmate

My table mate is Ou Keyu. She has a round head, a flat nose, and eyes with water. She is very cheerful and lovely.

I remember once, after school, it was raining heavily outside. I went out in the morning without an umbrella. Thought: if you take an umbrella, you can go home by yourself. My father is at work, and my grandparents are out. What should I do? All of a sudden, I heard someone calling me. I looked at her. She said, "let's go home together. "I don't have an umbrella. 'I said,' I can lend it to you. '

She said to me kindly. I said: 'what do you do? "My grandfather came to pick me up. I'll leave this umbrella with you first and return it to me tomorrow. 'said o'keyu. 'Thank you. 'I said.

Later, I went home with the umbrella of o'keyu. I think Ou Keyu is really a good student who is willing to help and care about her classmates!

Chapter four: my deskmate Zhu chenxuan

My deskmate's name is Chen Congliang. He has a pair of bright eyes on his round face. He has a round, angry mouth under his small and straight nose. What's most amusing is that his ears are like a leaf fan. In summer, he can fan a strong wind!

Once, in class, I remembered that I forgot to bring the book moral and social. At this time, I was so scared that my deskmate Congliang took the book to me and said to me in a low voice: 'let's use it together! 'I said happily:' thank you. '

Another time, I had a math problem. No, I thought about it for a long time. Still can't think of it, I asked my deskmate Congliang, he patiently explained to me, with his help, I finally understood how to do this problem.

My deskmate, he is not only a love of learning, but also eager to help others good students, I also want to learn from him.

My deskmate is ill, Tan Liwen

My deskmate Guo Chenyu is ill and hospitalized, and he has to do the same operation as me.

Today, I went to the hospital to see him on behalf of the teacher and the whole class with Zhiyi feiran, Wang Zixu, Chen Zexiang and our mothers. After lunch, we set out and met Guo Chenyu in the hospital. He was very happy to see him. We gave him the blessings and books of the whole class. Zhiyi feiran gave him pencils and prize cards. I took his homework book which he had forgotten in school And told him that I had this operation, which was nothing to be afraid of. His grandfather gave us an orange to each of our children, because we had to go to class in the afternoon, so we could not accompany him any more. I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and return to school early to play with us.

I want to tell you, my deskmate

Table mate, I really admire you. You are smart and capable, good at drawing, and a good helper for the teacher. I want to say to you: you are wonderful!

Remember when I was your deskmate, after the first class, you were drawing with a notebook. You are so serious. When you finish, I can see a few drops of sweat on your forehead. Look at your paintings again. WOW! The little girl you drew is lifelike and lovely! At this time, I made up my mind: I must worship you as a teacher! Now, my painting is advancing by leaps and bounds. Thank you for your help.

Another time, because there were people in our group who didn't finish their homework every day, we didn't get excellent teams every week. You know, call on our group to have a meeting. We have put forward the mistakes we have made and asked everyone to correct them. Finally, I encourage you to say, 'let's work together to strive for the excellent team, OK? '

'good! 'we said with one voice. Although we haven't got an excellent team this week, we all did not give up. We all made a small step every day and a big success. Deskmate, I want to say to you: 'I admire your team spirit! '

Table mate, I want to say to you: 'I really admire you! '

I want to tell you, my deskmate

My deskmate, he is a naive and lovely, lively and cheerful girl. There are a lot of misunderstandings among us. Our quarrels have erased our friendship. Will we be as humble as we were at the beginning? We are all conceited, arrogant, think that we have a lot of friends will be happy and cheerful. I told you wrong, revealing that our hearts are dark and sad.

Why can't our hearts be as happy and cheerful as they are? Because we quarrel again and again, each other hurt our friendship, just let the shadow in our hearts become bigger and bigger, so our hearts will be more dark.

Table mate, I want to say to you, I want to say to you: 'let's not quarrel again, OK? Let's go to each other's modesty, let's go to the other party's comfort, let's go to the other party's modesty, let's go to the other party's more modest, let's go to the other party's comfort, let's go to the other party's more modest, let's go to the other party's comfort, let's go to the other party's more modest, let's go to the other party's comfort, let's. Deskmate, I want to say to you, this is what I think in my heart these days. Today, I can say that we should live in peace and tide over difficulties together in the future. Grow up to protect our dear motherland, do not let the motherland be hurt. I want to tell you, my deskmate

Deskmate, I have a sentence that I haven't had time to say to you. Now I can write it with composition. My heart is very comfortable.

One afternoon after school, I did a math exercise book in the classroom. When I did the last question 'ability improvement', I would not do it. I kept drawing and writing ideas on the manuscript paper. The answers I made always felt wrong, which made me dizzy. At this time, my deskmate saw me very distressed and asked, "what's the matter with you? 'I said:' I can't do the last question in the math exercise book & lsquo; ability improvement & quo. 'My deskmate looked at it and said, 'I'll teach you how to do it. She told me the meaning of the problem and calculated it comprehensively, and the answer was her own.

He spoke so fast for the first time that I didn't hear him. I said to my deskmate, 'you spoke too fast for the first time. I didn't hear you. Can you speak again? "My deskmate patiently said to me: 'of course. 'he told me in detail, and I heard it clearly. I wrote the formula in my exercise book. I thought, I should check it, and sure enough, there was a wrong number. I said to him: 'this number is wrong. 'she said: 'I'll say it again. 'she said again, and this time I finally got to the point.

Table mate, I have a sentence to say to you: 'thank you. '

I want to tell you, my deskmate

Deskmate, pay attention to your thoughts. Yesterday, the teacher asked everyone to pick up the garbage under your desk. I saw a piece of paper under your feet. I helped you pick it up and put it on your desk. But you said, "this is your paper. Why should I put it here?"! "This paper is not mine either! This paper is under your feet. I can't pick it up for you! 'I said calmly. 'the words on this paper are not written by me at all. Why put them here! 'you said to me fiercely. I won't argue with you. I began to listen to the teacher. Anyway, this paper was picked up under your feet. It seems that I made it wrong!

Table mate, pay attention to your discipline. Today, when you finished the math exam, you didn't check it but played it! Then I heard a crack, your protractor fell on the ground, I think you must be playing! When taking the Chinese test, you finished writing and were reading comic books. I reminded you, but after a while, you began to read again! You do not pay attention to the discipline of classroom learning!

Table mate, pay attention to your words and deeds. Once in class, you were playing while the teacher was giving a lecture. I reminded you, but you said, "you care about me. Are you my mother? 'if the teacher didn't let me take care of you, I wouldn't care about you!

Table mate, please pay attention to what I said to you!

I want to tell you, my deskmate

My deskmate, since I get along with you, your cheerful personality and optimistic spirit have left a special deep impression on me. Although you sometimes like to express yourself and make friends. But I still don't like your way of expression. Do you know why? Then you calm down and listen to my words!

Do you remember when you took my diabolo without my permission? That day, you snatched diabolo from me and played in the classroom. I advise you not to play in the classroom, the space is too small, also easy to hurt people, unsafe. But I seem to be casting pearls before swine, you seem to have heard nothing, still go your own way. I'm so angry, but you don't see it. I'm just playing and laughing. Maybe you don't think so, but do you take my thoughts into consideration?

In fact, you really don't have to use this way to express your ideas, always forcing me to a desperate position to give up? I hope to have a happy day at school and smile a little more. If you do this, the distance between the students will be more and more far away? Can you hear me? I sincerely hope you can change some and carry forward some. Be a good friend in the heart of students and a good student in the heart of teachers!