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It's about my sister

My sister's speech

My sister is only 2 years old this year. Although she is young, she loves to stink.

One night, my sister was making a fuss about wearing a skirt, and I said: 'you can't wear a skirt. If you wear a skirt, you will be beaten. '

'I'll wear it! 'My sister cried. Mother quickly took out a white skirt from the wardrobe for her sister to wear. My sister broke her tears into a smile.

'does it look good? Sister. 'My sister held the corner of the skirt in her hands, and then, turning around, the skirt swelled, and she looked at it and giggled. After a turn, she fell down, immediately got up, and made another circle.

My sister is not only a beauty lover, but also a bully.

Once, I was writing, my sister took the pencil from my hand, and I snatched the pencil back. Who knows, my sister slapped me, the strength is great, but it really hurts! I returned the pencil to her, and she murmured, "bad sister. '

This is my sister. I don't know what to do with her.

Chapter 2: Playful sister Ji Yibei

My sister is very naughty. I can't help her.

Once, I was going to bed, but she pestered me to tell her about 'Teletubbies'. Then tell her. I read: 'the strong wind blows and blows Xiaobo down. "My sister, who was sitting on my lap, suddenly fell down and laughed. I couldn't help laughing. I read again: 'the wind turns around the house and leaves the teletubbier paradise. 'she jumped up and made a turn. 'how funny! 'I said. She laughed foolishly, too.

I said: 'I went to bed. "Sister" wow -- "a cry, cry up, cry the earth shaking. I had to tell her stories over and over until she fell into a sweet dream.

This is my sister, although a little naughty, but I love her. Chapter three: lovely sister Shen Yu

My sister's name is Mao Shenghan. Her small mouth, round eyes and a pair of glasses make her look lively and lovely.

As soon as my sister finished kindergarten, she learned a lot of nursery rhymes, such as counting ducks and Little Red Riding Hood & hellip; it is worth mentioning that her movements are very beautiful and her image is really funny.

Besides, my sister can draw! Summer vacation, I went to the studio to learn painting. One day, she and her mother came to pick me up. The teacher told me how to draw snails. She was fascinated. When she got home, she asked me for paper and pen. He drew a snail in one breath and painted it with rich colors. It's really vivid. This makes me sincerely sigh for her intelligence and wisdom. I think maybe my sister can make a mark in the painting world in the future!

How clever my sister is! Do you like her?

My sister Li Yunuo

My sister -- Liuliu, she is very cute, big head with some sparse hair, a pair of big eyes always flickering, like the stars in the sky. Her skin is so white and tender that I can't help pinching her a few times. I like playing with her best. When I tease her, she grins happily at me with her small mouth, and sometimes she babbles at me. My sister also likes to surround me. If I don't see me, my sister will call.

Liuliu still likes music. As soon as she hears the music, her two small arms are shaking and shaking, which makes our whole family laugh. My aunt told me that Liuliu was dancing square dance.

Look! This is my sister. Cute!

Chapter 5: the naughty little sister Shen Jing

Although my sister is quiet on the surface, in fact, he is a very naughty child.

On one occasion, she deliberately turned the calendar to the opposite side, just when grandma came to see the calendar, she hid behind the door and secretly laughed. Grandma looked at it, eh! What's Friday? She was out of breath laughing. Another time, she saw her grandmother coming from the room. When she didn't pay attention, she took the rope behind her apron and pulled it secretly. The rope was scattered. Grandma didn't know before, but when she bent down to pick up the vegetables, her apron fell into the next basin. The younger sister was laughing until she rolled away. On a Sunday, my sister saw that her grandmother was busy, so she deliberately sat on the green vegetables pile. Now, my sister's trousers are all wet. My grandmother said, "my little naughty boy! You're in trouble again. 'with that, Grandma had to change her sister's trousers. I helped grandma wash the vegetables again.

People think my sister is naughty or not.