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A good teacher in my mind

The first one: a good teacher in my mind

A teacher is like a gardener in a garden. He carefully cultivates the flowers of our motherland. A teacher is a lamp on the road of life. When you lose your way, it will show you the hungry road of life. In our growth, teachers need to carefully cultivate you and love you, so that you can grow up healthy and happy.

In our class, there is also a hard-working Yuanding, that is teacher Xu. Teacher Xu is gentle and serious. She always gives us knowledge in class. I remember that in the first semester of grade three, a little life suddenly appeared in teacher Xu's stomach. We were all happy for teacher Xu. While we were happy, we were also careful for teacher Xu. Teacher Xu has a big stomach, which is very inconvenient. There are dozens of desks and chairs in the classroom. What should we do in case of collision. But Mr. Xu didn't care much about it, and still worked hard to teach for us. At that time, however, the students were quite obedient. But the last thing you want to see happens. It was a quiet afternoon. Everyone was quietly waiting for Mr. Xu to come. Soon, I saw Mr. Xu with a big stomach and walked in slowly. Mr. Xu began to give us lessons. When we were all fascinated by the teacher's lecture, suddenly Mr. Xu stopped teaching. Her face was pale, and the big beads of sweat flowed down. She subconsciously held the lecture platform with one hand, and the other hand touched her head from time to time, like wiping sweat and calming herself. The air in the classroom seemed to solidify. You look at me and I see you. I don't know what will happen next. Just at this moment, teacher Xu fainted. This time, the classroom burst into a pot. All the students rushed to the classroom, and their ears were filled with heartache for teacher Xu's words. Some students took tissue to wipe sweat for teacher Xu, and some gave him a glass of water. At this time, Cheng Xiawei, the representative of Chinese class, suddenly thought of something. He ran out of the classroom and asked for help to send Mr. Xu to the hospital. After Mr. Xu left the classroom, the students couldn't feel at ease in class. They all wanted to visit Mr. Xu, but for various reasons, we couldn't go. We could only wish him peace in our hearts. Through this event, the students love the hard-working gardener more. This incident also deeply imprinted in our hearts, can not forget for a long time.

Qu Xinyue, a good teacher in my mind

In a twinkling of an eye, primary school life is about to end. In the Milky way of memory, what I miss most is my head teacher Mr. Zhao & hellip; if father's love is like a mountain, then teacher's love is like flowing water. It merges into a stream, into a river, moistens a piece of land full of hope, and then dries up slowly, reflecting the colorful colors on the face of the flowers.

She loves me like a mother. She is a beautiful female teacher, with a pleasant voice and a pair of flexible big eyes flashing on her smiling face. When they look at us, they are as clear as water, and as gentle as a stream.

Teacher Zhao, the head teacher, teaches us Chinese class. When teacher Zhao is in class, the language is accurate and vivid, the tone is cadence, and the emotion is real and moving. Her class for me has a magnet like attraction, I and the teacher's eyes often have communication, let me have a tacit feeling. In addition to explaining the text to us, she also told us many touching stories, including stories about the blood and sacrifice of the revolutionary ancestors, some folk myths and legends and foreign fairy tales. Every time, we can learn some truth from Mr. Zhao's story, get some inspiration, get a lot of encouragement. I think, with Mr. Zhao, my greatest progress is reflected in my composition. Every composition I write has been carefully revised and guided by Mr. Zhao, which makes me suddenly enlightened in writing. More importantly, I am full of confidence in writing and have a strong interest in it. Open our class blog, you will see many of my 'favorite works'. For this reason, my mother is very happy and often says in front of me:' thanks to Miss Zhao! '

When we encounter problems and want to retreat, when we hear the teacher's words of encouragement, my heart will suddenly surge with a warm feeling, like the withered seedlings, moistened by the drizzle, as if a flower has opened in my heart. When we make mistakes, we will unconsciously feel ashamed after listening to Mr. Zhao's words. We will immediately correct our mistakes unconsciously. Mr. Zhao's words moisten our hearts like spring rain.

Teacher, usually do not know how to express my gratitude to you, today I finally have the opportunity to write down the true feelings of my heart with a pen, and dedicate the love in my heart to you with childlike innocence: Miss Zhao, I love you!

Shao Jiajun, a good teacher in my mind

I have been studying in Xinmei primary school for more than three years. During these three years, many teachers have taught me. In so many teachers, there is a good teacher in my mind, she is our head teacher - teacher Zhou.

Since I entered the school, Mr. Zhou has been accompanying us, teaching us knowledge and the truth of life. And she is very careful, so she knows our feelings and thoughts very well. This is inseparable from her more than ten years of educational experience, and her classmates love her very much. At ordinary times, she is very strict with us in her study, especially in the aspect of life.

I am a relatively introverted child, people grow up small, so there are several troublemakers in our class who always bully me. I remember once, I went outside the classroom, and when I got back to my seat, I was shocked by the scene. I saw that my desk was as messy as it had been swept. What's more, my pencil case, dictionary, books and so on have disappeared. What's going on? Are they running? Just as I was upset and burning, all I heard was' hee hee, ha ha. 'I looked back and saw that it was these troublemakers again. They were holding my book and laughing happily. I ran to get my book back, but these troublemakers threw my book around each other as basketball. I kept running and said, 'you -- you -- give me back the book. 'if you don't pay it back, you can take it if you have the ability! 'at this time, I was completely infuriated, and I threw myself at a classmate desperately --' Shao Jiajun, what are you doing. "I'll see that it's Miss Zhou:" teacher, I -- "so I told her the story with grievance. Mr. Zhou glared at the troublemakers with a stern look and said, "is this what happened. "At this time, these troublemakers hung their heads like eggplants hit by frost." first, they returned the things to Shao Jiajun and apologized to him. You are classmates. First of all, you should learn to respect others, and then others will respect you. This is the minimum requirement of life. "Teacher, we are wrong. Shao Jiajun, I'm sorry, we won't bully you in the future. Let's play together after class! "I have to admire Miss Zhou. Her few words made the children know what's wrong and how to be a person. At the same time, it also extinguished my anger in my heart, and let me know that only when we have more contacts with children can we have more friends.

Although it has been a long time, but Mr. Zhou's words have been in my ears. I really want to say a word to you: "Mr. Zhou, you are a good teacher in my mind! '

Chapter 4: Ren Xiying, a good teacher in my heart

Once upon a time, I thought that we should not use subjective thinking to define objective people or things. And now, I still think so. Every teacher who gives me love and help can be called a good teacher, especially the teacher in my memory, which always makes me unforgettable.

She is a young teacher who is not very young. She is very tall and has white skin. She has a pair of deep myopia glasses on her face. When she smiles, the corners of her mouth rise slightly and looks very sweet. In the sixth grade, she became a math teacher in our graduating class. I remember that when she introduced herself, she wrote her name on the blackboard in elegant regular script. The last word in his name was still engraved in my mind.

She is a strict teacher, which has something to do with her being the teaching director. In class, she lectures carefully and meticulously, with clear thinking and neat blackboard writing. Once, a classmate was distracted. She was very angry. She immediately called the classmate up and criticized her. The classmate immediately reflected on her mistake and sat down with a red face. In memory, she was always so calm, calm and calm, and meticulously did a beautiful thing.

Sixth grade time is very short, in the day of taking graduation photos, she went on a business trip, our whole class stayed there and waited, but finally did not wait. This has also become our common regret, those students who have been criticized by her still miss her a lot.

In retrospect, in fact, my memory of her is not much, because the time of one year is short after all. Whenever passing by primary school, I can't help but think of her smile when she graduated from school.

What kind of teacher is a good teacher, knowledgeable, neat, or just? I don't know whether these conditions are too harsh or too simple, but so far I believe that every conscientious and hardworking teacher, every student-oriented teacher, every generous and kind teacher, are the best teachers in my mind.

As a student, except full of gratitude, perhaps there is no more to repay. But I believe that one day you will be full of peaches and plums.

Thank you, teacher!

Chapter 5: sister, a good teacher in my heart

My sister is a standard young man born in the 1980s. After graduating from normal university, she went out early every morning to find a job in the talent market, but she didn't find it.

I once accompanied him to go there, and saw a sea of people there, many young girls and sisters, holding a pile of resumes around. All of a sudden, my sister stopped at a registration office hidden in the corner. I glanced at the application form, which said: 'the monthly salary is 800 yuan, including food and housing. "So she took her sister aside and whispered," forget it, it's a primary school for migrant workers' children with so little monthly salary. Why do you have to be a teacher? Many professional salaries are much higher than those of teachers! "My sister said with disapproval:" I think it's very good to be a teacher. The salary of this family is not bad. It's also suitable for my major. 'so, without saying a word, she signed up.

Back home, my sister and mom and dad talked about looking for a job. My mother agreed, but my father hesitated: "it's hard to be a teacher. Can you hold on? "My sister nodded firmly and said," I have dreamed of being a teacher since I was a child. I will try my best to become the best teacher in the world! '

As a newborn calf, my sister is full of confidence.

Things went very well. My sister became an English teacher in the school for the children of migrant workers.

However, the life of a teacher is not as easy as my sister imagined. Because it is a school for migrant workers' children, my sister has to get up at more than 4 a.m. every day and take the school bus to send the students to school