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300 words of haze composition in grade three


Just out of the door, I found that the sky was yellow, too wrong! Mother said, "it looks like a storm is coming."

Walking, feel chest is very stuffy, see things like floating up, dizzy. I don't know if it's soil or dust floating in the sky, there is a trace of fear. The sky is gray and the air is humid, which makes people feel depressed.

The next day of Chinese class, the teacher let us discuss yesterday's haze weather. Some students said that it was caused by some farmers Burning Weeds, while others said it was caused by environmental pollution I think it should also be caused by environmental pollution. Finally, the teacher solved the mystery for us. It turns out that this kind of weather is caused by the combination of environmental pollution and the burning of weeds by farmers. But the teacher said, "the burning of weeds by farmers is just a catalyst, and the most important thing is that we pollute the environment." In addition, the teacher also added some knowledge to us, and let us say what was the difference between yesterday and usual? I found that some cars turned on their headlights just after the afternoon. Xiao Yao found that when she went to the bathroom in the morning, she didn't need to turn on the light to see, but yesterday she couldn't see at all

This haze let me know that we must protect the environment!

2. Haze weather

Wake up in the morning, it is difficult to see the blue sky before. It is often covered by a thick fog. Even the nearby buildings are blurred. This is the bad haze weather in recent days.

In recent days, newspapers have been carrying reports about haze weather. Today's newspaper also has a headline that "air quality will not significantly improve in the near future". The air quality is really bad. The broadcast in the school said that there was heavy toxic pollution. We were asked not to exercise on the playground, but to exercise in the dirty air and feel like a vacuum cleaner.

The weather has been warming these days, but the fog is still lingering. Looking into the distance from the window, it was still a blur. A corner of the sky nearby seemed to be getting better, showing a little blue, but still full of gray. When my grandmother and I went out for a walk, I felt like I was covered in a huge glass cover. It was very difficult to breathe. The gas was sucked into my mouth and there was a disgusting smell of dry powder.

Why does fog and haze linger? What did we do wrong? Is this the sky's punishment for us?

3. Haze weather

In the morning, I found that it was foggy outside, and I couldn't see the mountains clearly. The sun was lazily hiding in the quilt and refused to get up. The visibility was very low. Turn on the TV, and the news is also about this matter. It turns out that schools in Nanjing, Anhui and other areas have stopped classes because of the haze weather these days. Hangzhou has also let students stop all outdoor activities, and they all wear masks when they go out.

I was very strange, so I ran to ask my mother. My mother told me, "the haze that people usually say is actually composed of fog and haze. The haze weather looks like a big fog, but there is a big difference in fact. Fog is formed by the condensation of water vapor in the air on the ground, while haze is caused by the fine dust particles, fine sand particles and virus particles in the air evenly suspended in the air. They are intertwined to form haze weather. This kind of weather is very harmful to human body. If we inhale these bacteria and viruses, we will easily get sick and even die if we are serious

According to our institute, haze weather is caused by secondary pollution such as automobile exhaust gas and factory exhaust gas. Therefore, in addition to reducing outdoor activities and drinking more boiled water, we should also protect the environment, take good care of our homes and keep the haze away from us.

Terrible haze

These days, Nanjing came to a unfriendly "friend" - haze.

On Wednesday night, my mother received a message from teacher Zhang: due to the influence of haze tomorrow, air pollution is very serious, and classes will be suspended for one day tomorrow. I quickly asked my mother: "what is haze?" "Alas," said her mother with a sigh: "due to the over exploitation of the earth, great pollution has been caused; the exhaust emissions of a large number of cars have also caused air pollution; there are many uncivilized people who litter everywhere, causing pollution everywhere. After listening to my mother's words, I decided to be a little environmental protection guard.

The next morning, I opened the window and saw that the world outside was covered with gray and black gauze, and the air was filled with a strange smell. The red sun was covered with a layer of silk scarf and became dull. The tall buildings in the distance had only a faint outline. The small trees in the yard were hazy, and the birds did not know where they had gone. The pedestrians on the road wore them Wearing a thick mask, I was in a hurry. Everything has become lifeless, lifeless, terrible haze.

We should take good care of mother earth, get rid of the haze, protect the environment, and start from the little things around us. Unfriendly "friend" you go quickly!

It's all haze

In the early morning, when I opened my eyes and saw the gray outside, I thought it was cloudy today, but the weather forecast said it was sunny. It turns out that all this is caused by haze!

Think of these days always for no reason cough, I just know, this is the haze caused by the disaster. These days, there are serious haze, and I breathe every day, so that the dust in the haze all ran into my mouth, I cough at any time, the sputum is black. My mother told me that I couldn't go out to exercise more today. Walking on the way to school, we all wear masks, scarves, wrapped themselves tightly, leaving only two eyes to see. Finally, it was our favorite "big break" time, but the school announced that because of the haze, all outdoor activities would be cancelled, and we would have less chance to exercise and run!

Ah, look at the people to toss, look, mother for the health of the family, began to busy searching on the Internet, all kinds of PM2 prevention. 5 method, also plan to buy on-line PM2.5 mask, ah, I hope these masks can really be useful.

Go to school in the haze

This morning, it was very early in the morning. I opened the window and saw the fog outside the window winding around the building. The building was covered with a snow white coat, and the whole city disappeared in the fog.

I went out of the house with my schoolbag on my back and was short of breath. At this time, a gust of wind blew, the wind like a knife cut in my cheek, let me feel the cold wind into the bone. I ran home with a warm coat on my body and ran to the campus in a hurry. On the way, the wind made me shiver. I can't see the road ahead because of the haze. The car only a meter away from me also flickered.

When I came to school, my cheeks were purple with cold. I ran into the classroom and saw no one inside. I was very disappointed.

I walked out of the classroom in gray and came home. My mother said to me, "you are the best. You go to school in such bad weather. You are a good child..."