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500 words in an orderly composition

1 order

A few days ago, my mother took me to see a doctor in Haiyan, and came to the hospital. Fortunately, there were not many people to see a doctor. We were in the third place. The time passed. At this time, a woman in a red sweater led a child into the table, put the case card in front of the doctor and said, "doctor, we saw the disease yesterday. Today, I will take him to have a review. Please show us first." And he brought the child over. The man obviously didn't think about how we felt. The people behind her looked at her with all kinds of eyes, and some people accused her of disobeying the order and not understanding the first come first, then the second. At this time, another doctor came. Looking at the people in front of him, he made the same pattern. He put the case card in the front, and those who came from the back put the case card in the front. We who were in the front of the list fell behind at once. Those who criticized others did so.

Maybe that woman started it! We, who had come very early, waited for more than half an hour for our turn. Naturally, we were angry. Is it worth being condemned for violating common sense, violating principles and being condemned for just a few minutes? Why do those who blame others do things that they even hate? Isn't that like condemning yourself? Why are those people so selfish? Have they ever thought about others.

Order, what is it? I have a deeper understanding of it. It exists everywhere. If the nature is out of order, it will be destroyed; if time is out of order, it will be many more days and nights. In the same way, if people do not have order, things that are easy will become very complicated. We can't do without order!

At sunrise and sunset, we go around the order every day, and no one will say that they have not followed the order. If you cheat, you will pay for your behavior, and you will be ashamed of your shameful behavior.

Traffic order

One night, on the way home with my mother and I, we saw a startling sight. On the road, there were several fragmented locomotives, and in the distance there was a self-service minibus which had been twisted and deformed when it hit the safety island. Under the white cloth, there was a life that had been in the mood of love. I will never forget that scene, and the picture is constantly staged around our lives. I can't help but ask: do those drunk drivers have no family? Is it worth it to ruin your home and kill people for a while?

Once upon a time, due to the lack of correct traffic concepts and law-abiding habits, Taiwan, a beautiful bird and whirling ocean, has long been an island of traffic accidents. I have been to Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore with my parents. When I saw the orderly traffic order and perfect traffic facilities in these cities, I thought: why can't we? My father often said: from the enthusiastic traffic police on the streets of Taiwan and the people who are eager to listen to the radio reports on road conditions, we can see that Taiwan society is still full of love. As long as the government can raise its voice and arouse the consensus of the whole people, everyone should follow the traffic rules, cherish their own lives and cherish the lives of others, If you can't get drunk and realize that "safety" is the fastest way to go home, even if you are a primary school student of our walkers, you should obey the traffic signs when crossing the road, which will certainly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents to the lowest point.

In addition, the government should set an example and respect every life. Only in this way can the government make perfect traffic laws and regulations, implement them thoroughly, plan a convenient MRT system and set up complete transportation hardware equipment. If the government has love for the people, it can prevent everything from happening. The bridge breaking incident like Gaoping bridge will not happen again.

Who has no family? Who wants to live a life of pain? Traffic safety starts from you and me, we can be safe, healthy and happy, wish you all.

3. Responsibility for order and harmony

Eight people were killed and 26 injured in a campus stampede at Yucai Middle School in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, on the evening of December 7, Xinhua reported.

After hearing the news, the author deeply felt sorry for the eight students who died. While regretting, we can not help but ask, who should be responsible for this incident? Family, school, society or students themselves?

Going up and down the stairs is a small matter. As long as everyone abides by the order, this incident can be completely avoided.

Among the eight students killed, one named Gong Jian was killed in order to rescue other students. When the disaster comes, his heroic quality of fearless and courageous rescue is admirable. It shows our great national spirit. From him, we also see the future of the Chinese nation.

In today's society, every school is "score first", while ignoring students' psychological quality education and moral education. Accidents have occurred and can not be retrieved. We can only learn from them to prevent similar incidents from happening again. The author thinks that we should start from the following aspects: parents should strengthen the education of children in all aspects, let them develop the habit of modesty and establish the concept of stressing order; schools should strengthen security precautions, and when necessary, they can adopt the method of "grade by grade, self-study"; as a society, more lectures should be held to improve everyone's awareness of prevention.

Safety is the eternal theme of social development. To stress safety, civilization and order is the requirement of a harmonious society and the need to ensure the healthy growth of young people.

4. There should also be order in queuing

This morning, after the third PE class, our stomachs had already sung "empty city plan". We ran to the canteen door, but almost turned into "dominoes".

Class is over! With the music, I went back to the classroom to drink a few saliva, and then immediately rushed to the canteen. "Oh! It's killing me "Ouch Before I ran to the door, I heard the cry of our classmates downstairs. I heard it and ran upstairs at once. All the students were crowded together, and some students were squeezed out of a long line. I was worried that there was no place to line up when, suddenly, I found a small space, I quickly into the girl's team. "Darling, it's killing me!" I whispered. After a while, it seems that the back is not so crowded. I look back, it turns out that Mr. Chen pushed all the people back, and several boys were also squeezed out of the team. "Oh! Chen XX, you are rebellious "You're disgusting And Chen Mou is a pair of irrelevant appearance, "hey hey hey" to smile. At this time, Meng teacher suddenly came out from another staircase: "Lu XX, I heard your voice from a long distance!" As expected, the boys were left to receive teacher Meng's ideological education.

Today's event, let me understand: eat in order, not in a mess.

To abide by traffic order means to respect life

Row after row of high-rise buildings, busy Green Avenue, and pedestrians, constitute a prosperous colorful picture of life. However, with the increase of vehicles, how many living lives disappeared under the wheels, how many laughter drowned in the sharp sound of cars, how many people, because of a moment of carelessness, neglected the importance of traffic safety, not only the car was destroyed, but also brought irreparable harm to others. According to statistics, in August alone, a total of 5660 road traffic accidents occurred, causing 5660 deaths and - injuries. What a series of shocking data! How many families have been grieved by these bloody and appalling traffic accidents! When we face these irreparable tragedies, we have to ponder: how can we reduce traffic accidents and avoid traffic accidents? Now, I propose to the students:

1. Walk on the road, to walk on the sidewalk, no sidewalk Road, rely on the right side of the road. We should abide by the traffic rules and achieve "green light, red light stop".

2. In the road section without traffic police's command, we should learn to avoid motor vehicles, and not compete with motor vehicles to rob the road.

3. Don't chase each other and play on the road. When walking, you should pay attention to the surrounding conditions, do not read books and newspapers while walking, or do other things.

4. When riding a bicycle, do not spread your hands, not many people riding in parallel, do not help each other, do not climb and help motor vehicles, do not carry heavy things, do not ride with people, do not wear headphones to listen to the radio when riding.

My friends, traffic safety is closely related to us. To abide by traffic order means to respect life. Pay attention to traffic safety is the obligation of every one of us. Let's stay away from the pain and cherish this precious life!