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Loving mother

The beauty of life is that we have the moisture of love, feel the warmth of love, spread the fragrance of love. Therefore, people fall in love with famous works, feel the charm of literature; fall in love with the beautiful scenery and experience the natural taste; fall in love with color, and find the beauty of Art & hellip; & hellip; but I am deeply moved by every little thing in ordinary life. Diary sophomore diary

Each of us has a father and a mother, but I have two parents. Everyone loves their own parents, and I am no exception. I love my own parents deeply. Therefore, I always treat my second mother coldly. I think that she is not as beautiful as her mother, that she is not considerate of her mother, and that she is not gentle with her mother. In a word, in my heart, she is my stepmother, just as uncomfortable as the stepmother in Cinderella. But in the course of getting along with each other, I changed my original idea. I also love my second mother.

At that time, my grandparents went home, but I had to live with my father and stepmother. May in Heihe is not like the south, where the heating stops heating, but the room is still very cold. Therefore, it is a period of particularly easy to catch a cold. I am used to it carelessly and still play leisurely in my nightdress at home.

She is an engineer. She is so busy that she seems to have no time to eat. She just sits in front of the computer mechanically and draws the design drawing of the building. She has no leisure time at all. Even so, when she took care of me, she was not stingy, just like her mother, she washed the fruit for me and told me to dress more in case of a cold.

One weekend, I finally fell ill, and my father was not at home. He was the people's teacher. He had his students and couldn't leave. At this time, the mother immediately put down the design drawing in her hand, although in a hurry to complete, she dressed and went out. I'm still wondering where she's going? Later I learned that she went to buy medicine for me, because the drugstore was far away from home. She walked for a long time before she bought the expensive but effective medicine. After taking it for a few days, she was cured.

A very simple matter, but let me open my heart from now on, I chose to accept this love, at the same time, also learned to love her. In the days to come, she will try to spare time to accompany me, help me with my homework, like my mother more considerate. I also put her in the bottom of my heart in her mother's position.

Love my second mother, and will go to capture our lives, let my world full of love care and moved. Sow love, harvest is more profound mother daughter true feelings.

I want to say something I haven't said before: "I love you, mom! ]