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The composition of teddy bear is 300 words

1 teddy bear

The teddy bear was bought by my aunt in a toy store on my birthday last year.

Teddy bear is a light brown down, about 1 meter long. There are a pair of semicircular ears on both sides of the head, and there is a small pink flower on the ears. In its big face, there are two black eyes. Under the eyes is a triangular nose. There are several small points on the nose. Of course, under the nose is the mouth. There is a sweet smile on the corner of the mouth. The teddy bear has a pair of black and gray bows around its neck. Its limbs are very short, less than 10 cm, and there are five small circles on the soles of its feet. Teddy bear is cute!

Teddy bear always brings me joy. Whenever I am not happy, when I see a teddy bear, my mood will become very comfortable. Whenever I have troubles, when I see a teddy bear, my worries will be thrown out of the sky and I can't help touching the teddy bear.

I love my teddy bear!

2 teddy bear

Today, my mother came back from work and said to me mysteriously, "Cong Cong, guess what I bought for you? I guessed several times, and my mother shook her head. She looked at me impatiently, took out one thing from the backpack, I happily took a look, ah, it was a pair of cute teddy bears.

These two teddy bears are white all over. They are close together like a pair of intimate little sisters. Semicircular ears, pink Dudu, small nose forward, a pair of eyes like two black pearls, chubby body, round head, people like very much.

What's more interesting is that if you clap its arm with your hand, it will emit beautiful music. It's really fun.

Two teddy bears are like my good friends. They accompany me every day and bring endless joy to my family. I like my teddy bear.

My teddy bear

I have a lovely teddy bear. It's so fat that it's going to explode! Its clothes are very beautiful, and the clothes are colorful, purple, pink, and yellow, very beautiful! Teddy bear's ears are also very cute, its two ears are different colors, one is pink, the other is yellow. It has a piece of paper outside its eyes, like a purple glass ball. Teddy bear's mouth is a cherry mouth, very cute! Its clothes still have a collar, this collar is purple, like a curved moon high in the sky. Its two hands are fat and white, and there is a crystal ball in the palm, which is shining. Every time I walk into my room, it will happily wave to me. You see, the two hands of the teddy bear, one in front of the other, are so cute! The teddy bear's eyes are shining on me! No matter the wind and rain, the teddy bear will smile at me every day. No matter what sad things I have, as soon as I see the teddy bear, my mood will get better immediately! Ah! I really like my teddy bear!

My teddy bear

I have a lovely teddy bear. It has brown fur and big eyes. It is very cute.

Before I do my homework every night, I will put my favorite teddy bear on the desk and let it accompany me to do my homework. When I do my homework, it looks at me quietly, as if to say: "little master, you should do your homework carefully!" After finishing my homework, I will retell all the knowledge I learned that day to bear again!

When I sleep every night, the teddy bear will accompany me every day, and gradually it has become my good friend. Sometimes I can't sleep, just look at it like a pair of pearly eyes, at that time, my heart will feel very warm, unconsciously fell asleep. Sometimes, I am alone at home, the heart is bored, will often find it to chat!

In my eyes, it is not an ordinary teddy bear, but a good friend who can listen to me and encourage me. It accompanies me to sleep, plays with me, and gives me the warmth of hands and feet.

I love my teddy bear.

My teddy bear

I have a teddy bear. This teddy bear is a birthday present from my mother. I like it very much.

The fur of teddy bear is orange, soft and comfortable to touch. It has two small ears on its big head, which is always standing up, as if listening carefully to the surrounding. Its eyes are reddish brown, and it looks bright. Its nose is white, like a small triangle. There are two small black nostrils on the tip of the nose. Its mouth is covered by hair; its neck is covered by hair It also has a bow on it. It looks very energetic! Teddy bear has two short upper limbs, always open, as if waiting for me to hold it!

Teddy bear is not only very cute, but also very brave. When I sleep at night when I am afraid, it always opens its arms, as if to say to me: "Xiaojing, don't be afraid to have me! I'll protect you. " Seeing it, I'm no longer afraid. So every night I sleep with it, it makes me no longer timid.

Whenever I come home from school and walk into my room, it looks at me with its bright big eyes, as if to say: "Xiaojing, you are back, let's play games together!" It is the fatigue that I forget a day.

This teddy bear adds infinite happiness to me. I like it!

My teddy bear

My teddy bear is small and lovely, it has a pair of bright eyes. Its skirt is pink. It has a pink bow on its head. This bow tie makes the bear more lovely.

Since my good friend, Su min, gave me the teddy bear, I can see that it and I are predestined. When I go home, I take care of it in every way, like a newborn baby. In the evening, I sleep with it in the same bed, and at night I often check if it has a good quilt. In my mother's words, "your concern for teddy bears is just crazy!" I've been laughing and enjoying myself.

In the past, I had troubles and didn't dare to tell others. Now, I have a teddy bear. It always listens to me in silence. Sometimes, I will reach it, but it does not fight back, just silently listen and bear.

My teddy bear gives me a lot of happiness. I love my teddy bear.

By the way, Su min, I also want to thank you, thank you for giving me such a good teddy bear!

My teddy bear

I have lots of interesting toys. But among them, my favorite is a furry, particularly cute "naughty" bear.

I also gave my bear a name, ha ha, this name is very cute, that is - baby. Its Chinese name is baby, hee hee, for me, she is also my baby! But her biggest commemorative significance to me is that when I was 10 years old, my mother gave me a surprise birthday gift.

This bear is very cute, it has a pair of round, watery big eyes, bright, small mouth, pursed not too small, showing a faint smile, nose happens to be in the middle of glasses and mouth, not small, just right, it is wearing a blue mini dress, small but just right for it, only put out its two lovely small hands out , feet slightly tilted, very leisurely, very likable

But the reason why I like it most is that this is a birthday gift from my mother. When I hold it in my arms and fall asleep, I will deeply feel my mother's strong love for me