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My dad

I have a good father. He has a round face and black glasses. There's a dimple on my left face when I laugh. He is approachable and seldom gets angry. He likes collecting stamps, coins, locks and so on. Usually browse his collection, there are modern and ancient, Chinese and foreign, everything, like a beautiful picture. In my father's patient and meticulous narration, a story unfolded before my eyes, which made me understand history, broaden my vision and increase my knowledge.

I have a good father. I remember one day when I was in kindergarten, I was playing on the balcony. My grandmother accidentally broke a vase when she was pulling the curtain. The splashing debris scratched my ankle and blood gushed out. Grandma was also scared, with cloth pressure my wound, hit me to the hospital. Dad received the phone call, put down the work in hand, and soon came to the hospital. He hugged me, encouraged me, let the doctor stitch my wound, he must also feel bad. After the operation, he touched my head and praised me as a brave child. I still remember this scene clearly until now. It also made me know that boys should be strong. After the operation for a period of time, I can't walk, my father has been carrying me to school, change clothes, dad must be very tired, I really love. During that time, my father paid a lot for me.

I have a good father and we are good friends. In learning, my father is very strict with me. He wants me to study consciously. He said that the knowledge learned is his real wealth. In life, he is a good partner, he accompany me to play games, swimming, playing ball. He said that to live and study, happy childhood is worth recalling. I'm really happy. I have a good father. My father, in many of the works I've read, is a stern character. My father was the opposite.

My family is a traditional Chinese family. Women are in charge of internal affairs and men are in charge of external affairs. From my first day of school, my mother has been tutoring me in my study. Under my mother's guidance and teacher's instruction, my academic performance is excellent. In addition, my writing is not bad. In the school, I have become a famous figure with a lot of fame and reputation. More people know me than I know.

Six years passed by, and I entered Taiyuan Sanli middle school. Because my mother was busy with her work, she didn't have time to go to Taiyuan to accompany me with my study. So I let my father, who had more time, to accompany me.

In the last semester, my father was able to deny his views.

In the past, it was a luxury delusion that I wanted to play with the computer. In the last semester, it can be said that the computer was in charge of me. Every weekend after school, I went straight home, threw my schoolbag, turned on the computer at the fastest speed, and immediately entered the game role. At this time, dad always sighed and said to himself, "maybe it's too much pressure in school?"

Sometimes, when I do my homework and don't want to do it, I pretend to be pathetic and beg, "Dad, I'm so tired to do my homework. Let me play with the computer to adjust." Then Dad frowned and said, "OK, go and play."

In this way, I have been immersed in computer games. I couldn't help it. I talked to my classmates mostly about computer games. I borrowed the game "San Andreas" and installed it in it. In order to master the rules of the game, I didn't think about "books" all day long.

After the mid-term examination, homework increased sharply. I had to do it at 11 o'clock every night. My father kept me company and urged me to do it quickly. Gradually, local block characters were replaced by another type of font, that is, Yang's crazy cursive style I invented. Every time I finish my homework, I enjoy it: the dragon and the Phoenix are dancing, the handwriting is scribbled and nobody can recognize it. But my father "ignored" this, but always said to me: "write quickly, go to bed early, the body is the capital of the revolution, don't be tired of the body." A warm current from my heart spread all over my body.

Every Sunday, when I was in primary school, my mother would wake me up and give me "bombing" education. Now, I open my eyes to my dad's pushing.

"It's time to get up. The sun has been up for two hours after a night's sleep?"

"I don't remember." I half closed my eyes and yawned, and I couldn't help but shrink my head into the quilt.

"I don't want to sleep." He immediately agreed, stroked my head and said, "I'm very tired in this week's study." And then I walked out of my bedroom.

It was only after the final exam that I woke up from a dream that my father was too soft on me. While enjoying my father's love, I had a big fall in my studies. My dad, I have a dad who loves me. He is tall, round face, the most attractive place is his pair of small eyes. When he smiles, his eyes narrowed into a slit. Every time we laughed at him, Dad would say, "what's wrong with a small eye? Although it's small, it's God!"

My father loves our family very much. He loves me and my mother. Once our family went to Nanjing to play together. Because there were so many people on the train, my father gave the only seat to my mother and I. after standing for a long time, I heartily said to my father, "Dad, if you are tired, just sit for a while." Dad said: "it's OK. I'm not tired. You can sit down. I'll be there when I stand a little longer." That day, my father stood for more than an hour. When I turned my face, I saw my father quietly massaging his legs. I thought, dad must be very tired.

I love my dad. My father has thick eyebrows and big eyes, a black hair, big eyes, warm and bright. His skin was black, rough and elastic. His face was covered with a piercing and secure beard. Not high or short, just 1.75 meters tall, the body is also very slim, even his mother is very envious of him. That's what my dad looks like. Don't think he's too ugly!

At home, dad is a typical acute, no matter what happens, he is impatient.

My father is also a strict father. He pinned all his hopes on me and my brother, so he was very strict with our academic records. He could not score 90 points in each subject. I remember when I was in the fourth grade, I got 79 points. When I saw this score, I felt uneasy. I usually got more than 90 points. How could I get so low this time. I'm afraid dad will see the score. In the head, like the text over and over again, dad was angry and disappointed when he knew the score. But back home, my father didn't beat me and scolded me, but encouraged me gently, so that I could do better in the next test.

Mom and dad work hard every day, because I have a good living conditions, and good learning conditions. So I want to study hard. When I grow up, I must repay my parents! My dad, I think Dad is a little old. I used to drink a little wine and smoke. Now I'm not in good health. I don't drink any more, except for smoking. My father is a typical Shandong man, hospitable, male chauvinism and loyal.

Dad and I don't look like me at all. He's tall and thin. I'm like mom. But as time went on, I found that genes were the most important determinant of a person's personality. My temper and way of speaking and doing things became more and more like my father.

Like people from that era, Dad experienced all the tragic experiences of that generation, and these tragedies were magnified many times because of the poor composition of my family. Not long after I was born, I started the so-called three-year disaster. I barely survived without food and clothing. Fortunately, he didn't starve to death and ate whatever he caught, so now he didn't eat chicken, duck, goose, bald, mutton, and occasionally fish. When he began to read in his teens, there was another cultural castration. In addition, they should take part in labor while reading and accept the re torture of the poor and lower middle peasants. When it's time to go to college, if you don't have good composition, you can't go to school or join the army. In those days, there were only two ways to change people's fate: joining the army and studying.

When everything is over, I have been working for many years. After all, I also studied in high school, and I was promoted very quickly. At that time, there were two roads in front of him: state-owned units or government offices. The strangest thing about our country is that you never know when it rains or when it's sunny. In addition to the lies full of brain, it is the fear of overturning the clouds. At that time, they were afraid that they could not be promoted because of their poor composition, so they chose state-owned enterprises. In a few years of mixing into the manager, the reform of state-owned enterprises, Dad glorious laid-off. Although he and the unit and the great theme are not recognized.

After years of enduring this woodlouse, I was in high school, and my father insisted that I read liberal arts. In fact, I don't hate liberal arts and science, but I can't bear that he asked me to be a civil servant. Later, my mother told me that he had suffered a lifetime of cowardice and was fed up with it, and wanted to find someone who could stand out. I hated the stupid system. Resolutely refuse to follow. I really want to tell him that they have cheated you for decades. You really believe them.

My grandfather is a typical dandy. He is literate and doesn't know anything. Until he is over 80 now. I often beat my father, so my father vowed not to beat his own children, so I have never been beaten by him since I was a child. Dad is the eldest brother of our surname. Among all the brothers, he is the eldest. In addition, his face is angular. Many children in the family are crying, but they don't cry when they see him. ha-ha.

He doesn't like children very much, and he doesn't like small animals. Think that's what women should do. My brother and I seldom communicated with him when we were children. Now there are more exchanges, but it's not that I can tell jokes with my mother at will, just like my mother. What changed my dad's point of view was my little dog, named Annan, out of prank. At that time, my uncle had a little dog named Huanhuan. My uncle's family name was Li. We called the dog Li xunhuan. With the Secretary General of the United Nations named Annan, my dog is Nannan. The dog was so kind that he didn't learn to bite and bark until he died. When I was seriously ill, I was about to die. When I saw my father, I still insisted on it. I licked my father's hand and died soon. Later, dad thought that animals also had feelings, which changed a lot.

Although my father didn't have much knowledge, he wrote a good hand of Chinese characters. He often told me that calligraphy is a facade. Let me practice calligraphy, although I am not good at writing now. And he has a kind of respect for knowledge, in the most impetuous era, he persistently let us read. Although I have long hated the nonsense of Chinese education, I still stick to it. What's depressing is that he always encourages me to study for a doctor.

Now my father's temper is much better and more optimistic. Sometimes he told me that smoking and drinking bars are OK, and men should be like this. Then I was scolded by my mother and laughed. The happiest time is when I go home. Then full of expectation, I want to have a grandson, and occasionally tell my mother, "let me have a child and let them keep it at home. I will continue to study.". Ha