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Success comes from failure

Friend, have you ever encountered setbacks and failures. Whether you give up, whether you pursue. People's life does not know how many setbacks, how many failures. I don't know whether you have succeeded or not, whether you know that success comes from failure. When you go through setbacks and go to success, you can look back on the road you have taken and see if it feels good. That is the real success.

People's clearest footprints are to stay on the most muddy road, and the best memories come from the most difficult environment. To be able to come out of failure is the real strong. I really appreciate the boat trackers, who are not afraid of difficulties, sailing against the current and crossing mountains and mountains. Finally, we reached the destination. People must have this kind of spirit, the spirit of never giving up if they don't achieve the goal, and let failure become the cornerstone of success in work.

Friend, I hope you will succeed forever, but don't give up failure. Success comes from failure, whether you have encountered setbacks, encountered failure, whether you have given up, whether you have pursued. Whether you succeed or fail, don't give up. You should know that success comes from failure.

Mountaineering, why can some people stand on the majestic mountain of Mount Tai, while others linger on the mountainside? The same is the ambition, why some people can achieve success, but some people have failed?

In a hot and long summer vacation, my uncle and I went to climb Danxia Mountain. After a long walk, we came to the back mountain. There were no steps here, only soil. The slope was very steep. Compared with the front door, the difference was too big.

I rolled up my trouser legs, buckled my backpack, and was ready to climb. I'm in the front and my uncle is in the back. Maybe it's been raining a few days ago, so the road is very slippery, so we have to climb up. Suddenly, a slip, the body immediately fell down, I tried to grasp the weeds on both sides, but how can the grass control a person's weight, so I was uprooted. Fortunately, I was caught by a tree root, and my body was barely stable. I continued to climb, and I saw that it was about to reach the peak. In front of me was a steep slope with a length of tens of meters and a steep slope of 85 degrees I took out a small self-made climbing hook from my backpack, and tied one of the hooks to one end of the rope and the other around my hand. However, except for a tree root at the end of the mountain, no matter what angle to take it, it was a little less than that. "Jump jump jump" flashed in my mind, so I used my last strength to jump to the top of the mountain to seize the root of the tree and successfully climbed to the top of the mountain.

Students, do you know why I will finally climb the top of the mountain? Because I don't lose heart on the way, I know what success comes from failure.