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If I were God for a week

Now people say that God can control everything, so I have a whim. If I am allowed to be God for a week, not much, as long as one week, I will make good use of these seven days and do a lot of things. Diary grade six diary

If I were God, on Monday, I would first take out a sealed box, put all the diseases and bacteria in the box, and then seal them up so that they will never be in the sky. The reason why I want to do this is because I don't want to see patients being tortured to death by diseases, and I don't want to see the heroic sacrifice of those angels in white who sacrifice themselves to save others. I hope the whole world will be full of joy and forget these sorrows.

If I were God, on Tuesday, I would give everyone a healthy "brainwashing" to wash away the "dirt" in their hearts, so that they can completely get rid of these distractions and become pure. The reason why I want to do this is because of the continuous war, which has made many people die. Ah, isn't it all due to those hateful ambitions and vengeance? I hope the whole world will become harmonious and let the smoke and fire of war completely away from our life!

If I were God, on Wednesday, I would wake up those lazy people with a trace of diligence, let them learn to be busy, learn to use their hands to create wealth, seize the opportunity to achieve a career. The reason why I want to do this is that there are too many people begging on the road. They would rather ask for a few yuan in the street every day, rather than exchange their own labor for wealth, but live on the charity of others. I hope these poor figures will not appear in the world.

If I were God, on Thursday, I would empty all the garbage on the earth, replace all the sewage in the world with clear pure water, and make the earth look new. Everywhere is green and full of vitality, so that the words' desert 'and' pollution 'will no longer appear. The reason why I want to do this is because mother earth's body is getting worse and worse day by day, and the green trees have disappeared. Instead of looking at the endless desert, the air is becoming more and more turbid, and the river water is becoming more and more dirty. All these can not stop the pace of those who destroy the environment. The world I hope is a beautiful and vibrant world.

In the fifth, sixth, seventh, these three days, I will give good luck to those poor children, I will clean up all natural disasters, I will make people equal, there is no distinction between high and low, let the world become harmonious, I will take away all the nuclear bombs, let the world no longer fear this terrible thing.

If it can, the world will be more beautiful, but the fact is not satisfactory, but I firmly believe that as long as we all work hard, these things can be done, because I believe that there is nothing that can not be done, only unexpected things!