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A few years ago, Houston Airport executives had a tough problem. Passengers complain about the long waiting time for luggage collection. Executives have increased the number of people handling luggage. This is a good idea: the average waiting time is reduced to 8 minutes, far below the industry standard. But there are still complaints.

The executives didn't know what to do, so they did a more detailed on-site analysis. They found that it took only one minute for passengers to walk from the arrival gate to the baggage claim area, while they had to wait seven minutes to get their luggage. In other words, passengers are waiting for their luggage about 88% of the time.

So the airport decided to adopt a new approach. Instead of taking measures to reduce the waiting time of passengers, they shifted the arrival gate to a place far away from the baggage conveyor belt. Despite this, passengers have to walk six times more to get their luggage, but the complaint rate drops to zero.

Richard & middot Larson, an action researcher at MIT, said: 'the psychology of waiting is often more important than the actual waiting time. 'passengers feel that the time taken (walking to the baggage claim area) is shorter than the time not occupied (standing by the conveyor belt). Research on queuing shows that, in general, people overestimate the waiting time by about 36%.

This is why a mirror will be installed at the elevator entrance.

The study found that people are more concerned about the length of the team than the speed of the team's progress. If we choose between a slower but shorter team, and a longer but faster team, we usually choose the shorter team, even if the waiting time is as long. That's why Disney deliberately twists and turns the queue.

Perhaps the biggest factor affecting our sense of queuing is our sense of fairness. When it comes to queuing, the accepted standard is the first come first served principle: for most people, any deviation is unfair and may lead to queuing riots.

But there is also a strange imbalance. If the speed of one's own team is slower than that of the next, people will feel despair, and they will not feel happy when the speed of their own team exceeds that of the side. In fact, in the case of multiple queues, people always focus on the faster teams than themselves, and seldom pay attention to the slower ones.

We can't avoid queuing completely, but a better understanding of the psychology of waiting can help us better accept the inevitable waiting. When all else fails, take a book with you. Waiting is also a kind of happiness. Sometimes waiting is a kind of happiness. The happiness of waiting is always with some unseen sour and sweet

Waiting, a kind of sour happiness. Unconsciously, I have entered junior high school, junior high school, is the place where dreams take off, is the place where the soul soars. In the waiting, I entered the junior high school - Yining City No.6 middle school. This is the most ideal middle school in my mind. Full of hope, confidence, longing, I participated in the entrance examination

The first test was smooth, and I got the admission permit smoothly. Under this, my confidence was greatly increased. The second test came soon, with more hope, confidence and vision than the first time, and finished the test paper. The results will come out the next day. This means that I have to wait for a night, in the long waiting, there is always a trace of unspeakable sour feeling in my heart. But so is waiting Happy. Tonight, I can enjoy the love of my parents and the warmth of my family. Maybe, after 12 hours, I will leave my parents and friends and go to the middle school where I have been longing for a long time

In the evening, many primary school students called. Students have two feelings for me, one is reluctant to give up, the other is to hope that I go to a better place to go to school. In the waiting for students to think about, really very happy

At the moment, waiting is full of happiness. This happiness comes from the care and love of friends. But the happiness is full of heartache. If you don't experience it personally, you can't feel it. All night, I was immersed in this sour happiness

Waiting for a kind of sweet happiness. Recall the happy time in primary school, filled with longing, junior high school, will be so interesting? Loneliness is a kind of noble waiting for 600 words to take off the mask of everyday life and run to the rein of dreams.

In the midnight of pumpkin carriage, change into glass shoes of fairy tale.

Let me enjoy it. I am a lonely rose.

Let me taste this taste, the chaotic world does not understand. --Inscription

These days I gradually learn to be alone. The light alienated those noisy, disorderly people. I see through the emptiness behind the glitz and noise. They fill my brain with too much junk information and interfere with my thinking. Proper solitude can make me sober and look at myself and everything around me from another perspective.

Modern people pay attention to efficiency, and emotion is no exception. No one knows when fate will come. There are my Liang Shanbo and my Zhong Ziqi. But how can I spend my lonely time before they come? People who lose patience will see love as a lie told by loneliness. A good friend is a good friend. Can't stand the knock test. A gentleman's friendship should be as light as water. The more intimate feelings, the more vulnerable. There are a lot of friends who are close to each other in ancient and modern times. Boya zhongziqi, uncle Bao, Guan Zhong, Marx and Engels, their friendship is noble and detached from the secular world and life, so it is eternal. I quarreled with a friend, and the other friend sneered instead of persuading me. What is she happy about? They are intimate face to face, but behind the chatter of their friends. Why not be tolerant and treat yourself and others well.

I tried to build a close relationship with everyone, but I failed. I found that love really needs fate, there is no foundation, suddenly warming up to inseparable feelings is suspicious. I've been thinking about how great friendship blossoms and bears fruit. Later, in teacher Zhou Guoping's book, I saw such a sentence, respect others, close to each other. I think this sentence suits me very well. The feelings between people are precious and can not be met. As the word cloud, dream to find her thousands of Baidu, suddenly looking back, that person is in, the lights are out. Fate, wonderful.

On the other side of the river of time, a soul stands by the water. Like water years, thousands of sails compete. I cherish my feelings, I believe it is noble, it is the core of my sacred spiritual home, I would like to wait quietly, just to find a sincere feeling, this life without regret. Life is a kind of waiting. In a sense, life is a kind of waiting. 'if you have an appointment, don't come to midnight and knock chess pieces and light flowers' is waiting,' on the willow treetop on the moon, after the evening of the appointment ', it is waiting. Young Helen & Middleton; Kate is waiting for the light of three days, the beautiful Haizi is looking forward to the "warm spring flowers"; baoerji & middot; field is waiting for James & middot; laster's piano in loneliness; Beckett's people are waiting for Godot & hellip; who can bring good luck; Even after birth, everyone begins to wait for the silence of the life that will never be lost.

Some people have calculated that at least one third of a person's life is spent in 'waiting'. Waiting, sometimes long, may consume our life, such as the arrival of true love, the arrival of death; sometimes it is very short, such as the announcement of exam results, the beginning of a new day.

Waiting for a trace of mystery, there is a vision, but it needs patience most. Not all the waiting will come true, not every day will come, so the taste of waiting is often not good. Take people for example, the waiting party is more tormented than the waiting party, just as the left behind party is more desolate than the leaving party. Before the guests arrive, the waiting host is confronted with static time; when one party leaves, the other is covered with empty time. Waiting is exciting because of its expectation, and boring because the process of waiting is not arranged. Therefore, such waiting is a mixture of excitement and boredom. Over time, boredom will prevail. Of course, there are many people who are anxious and eager. They sometimes touch their ears and droop their hair, or use smoking and sighing to soothe their anxiety and irritability. Even those who are calm as loose and whose heart is as clean as a mirror can't shake off the instant tension and haze. Therefore, there is such a direct point to the people's heart: waiting makes life most likely to grow old. Waiting is also a kind of beauty, 450 words I am still waiting, although few people like this word, but we have to face it in many times!

Waiting represents hope!

Because the result of waiting is unpredictable, so we can always tell ourselves that we will have our desired ending, and all the good things belong to us!

If you love or you look forward to the person, give you a wait, will you wait? I don't think so! Because she gives you room to think, because she gives you the possibility of good results, so you wait without regret!

Waiting for the result may be a lifetime can not be obtained, but we can not refuse!

The waiting time may be a lifetime, but the people in love are infatuated!

The taste of waiting may make you feel miserable, but you are righteous!

Waiting can also mean rejection!

Sometimes you can't predict the true intention of the person you love to wait for you, and you can't get it from other ways, then you may have to face a difficult choice!

Waiting is a waste of time and life!

Can you really see the seriousness of the problem?

Sometimes we are blinded by our own enthusiasm or passion, so the result can only be waiting for no result in pain and sorrow! But we can't say that they are ignorant or mentally retarded, because tomorrow you may face the same confusion as them!

Sometimes we are self righteous, always think that they can, their own reason to get favor! This can only be said that they are the kind we really want to sympathize with and despise!

But no matter what, I will choose to wait!

No waiting, no hope!

So waiting is also a kind of beauty, a kind of pain or happiness of beauty, the key is how you look at it!

If you are not good at waiting, then you just choose to pursue!

Finally, I want to say that I will also wait, there is no time limit! If you are the one I wait for, can you give me a hint to make my waiting more beautiful? Waiting is also a kind of happiness. The moment when flowers bloom silently but bloom again; the scene of Limited dawn but sunrise. Happiness at that moment, that scene, why did not notice? Because I have been very happy, waiting for the flowers to bloom, waiting for the dawn, waiting. Yes, waiting is also a kind of happiness.

The flower is waiting to open, and she is satisfied at the moment of blooming. I'm waiting for success. At the moment of success, I'll be like her. Three years of hard study, ten years of sharpening a sword, I worked hard for many years, looking forward to their Epiphyllum in general, there will be dazzling moment. Try and wait. They joined together to form a "union branch". I tried hard in the waiting, hoping to have the fruits of success earlier. Waiting is a kind of silent happiness.

Dawn, the day's first ray of sunshine in my bed, reflected in my eyes. In the endless night, waiting for the return of light, waiting for sunrise. Because only